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  1. 4v4 Party PvP Tournament [Event]

    Team Name: BLISS 1.Ungodly (cap) 2. HornyDemon 3. 4.
  2. [Feedback Needed] New Custom Skills

    this makes me exited yet nervous at the same time idk how I feel but I guess if nothing new is added the game will get boring so sounds fun my suggestion for new summy skills 1st Tidal abnormal resistance buff 90% block that last 40mins 2nd Super ultra instinct dark avatar this skill will be just like dark avatar except it follow you and hits 40 times jsut kidding about those 2 skills lel but yeh would love to see new skills LOL
  3. Feedback Needed - Potential New Gem Glows

    make it optional plz... what i mean by this my current gems=old glow but add new gems to dshop same stats but diff glow also add them to dksq rewards mix em in with old gems give them diff name too xD like poison gem v2 same stats thou
  4. No need to even investigate his clearly cheating not even trying to hide it. For him to have a k/d ratio of 108.... There is no need to investigate... this is common sense his. he should be perma ban for going this far.. I seen people cheat in ptm/br before but this guy went to extremes like no other look at him if he could revive people with his seg he would load 9 segs and revive each other
  5. DKR Best PC Desk Set-Up [Forum Event]

    My set up Samsung hd monitor with muster sauce 130mhz GTX1910, 18-9000k, 19gb ram with mini electric fan cooling system send price to Ungodly Tyvm
  6. First player to reach Legend rank!

    farm machine pammie enough said
  7. i seeu  lurking com back bae

  8. Patch 14.8: Major Contents Patch

    ohh new ranks lets go whos coming with me??
  9. lol are you one of those elite members that got smashed in spider room?
  10. ???? events are done in shout for everyone? Competitions are monitored by multiple gms lol. All gm accounts are locked during siege?? do you know nothing
  11. All GMS,OPR in this server are volunteers from the community. Just normal players like me and you who became opr then gm. Shouko is not some alt... its her account that she leveled and geared. All gms have personal accounts that they can use as they please. Gm rings are not trade-able lol I believe only the server owner nitex can send them to people. If a GM used a gm ring you would be able to tell lol... Also nitex is very strict about this and has banned every and any staff that abuses its power. If fayth was not a staff member when her friend asked for help she would of came to kill you regardless. When fayth plays on her personal char shes just like a normal player lol. Do you think she has no right to play the game because shes a gm?. This is the reason why most GMS keep their personal characters secret.If it was a gm like Hydeen/Dannyboi who keep their personal acc secret you would have said nothing. Your only complaining because you know thats his char and apparently got killed so hard you think she has a gm ring lol?Fayts personal char has no items that give her advantage over other players.I have killed her personal char in group pk multiple times and I can assure you shes playing fairly. Idk where you got this idea of gm rings
  12. dragon knight

    stuns should get an increase c.d
  13. New Idea to bring players

    terrible idea would kill pk off lol noobs just stupid and don't read the farming guides... and expect to receive perf set after 3 days of farming for 30 mins. Everyone seems to think that parca is the only place where you can farm dil.... even thou farming dragon bone is vastly superior in my opinion. There is also many other methods such as DP, Farming 170 necks making them+9 selling. Making gear crap gems.. Marketing I personally traded random vs set for perf ak then traded back to vs easy lol.
  14. cool awesome would love to see stuff like this for 195 wep I have 1 issue thou.. wut if i miss type the name in mailbox? any way to add something that you just click to mail without typing name?