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  1. Patch 14.2: Winter Contents Patch!

    finally can get dshop pots.
  2. Pet multiple possessions desire

    like he said you can have as many eggs as you want... but only one pet out at the time. Are you asking is it possible to make it so you can have 2 pets out at the same time? Yes it is possible but probably a lot of difficult coding and stuff
  3. wizard is already one of the best classes having a heal would be op. As for mag its prob the best mass pvp class. It's also very tanky...
  4. Current state of PvP'ing

    buy my tears so many I can't hold them back
  5. Tech Issue

  6. Current state of PvP'ing

    too many letter for me too read you must be smart. I like ur post then.
  7. ! WTB 2% poison armlet=2b

  8. Dekaron Vs Rising

    Too many questions I too lazy to type.. ill give you the players perspective. I recently came back around a month or so. I can tell you this the best p server I ever played on. No one will treat you diff if your not vip lol. To get gear so your able to compete it will take you around 1 month. However to get the best gear around 2-3months. Making your gear involves A lot of RNG however you can farm talisman and db to make protectors which decrease RNG severely. I can get to level 190 in 1-3 days 200 in 1 week. About the content no idea xD ik we get all skills which is awesome. When it comes to pvp id say its mostly balanced however be prepared to get ran over by dragon knights lol. Dragon knight is the strongest not segu. Segu is really good in 1 on1 fights. Issues fixed extremely fast and efficiently. Events which you can get dshop items are almost here everyday. A lot of this events are hide and seek so any noob can win. I'd rate the server 9/10
  9. please fix this

    task manager and set to above normal i crash 50% less like this
  10. terra armor/ 195/200 weps idea

    So I really loved how osm 180 +7-10 changed looks when you upgraded it. I don't like how terra armor stays the same. or 195-200 weps. Just an idea for example for 195 weps the gold could be removed until it reaches+10. Im not really a fan of how +0 gear looks like +10. Just my thoughts id like to hear you guys opinion on the subject
  11. Siege Participation Rewards

    lol i just saw lol in that link I saw a post that said cosmetics don't motivate pfffff add wings/costumes and i'd be farming dragnoid like crazy
  12. [Preview] Dark Wide Rework

    can we get a preview of dk plz
  13. ! WTB 2% poison armlet=2b

  14. ! WTB 2% poison armlet=2b