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  1. Patch 13.1: Valentine Update

    fantastic, bombastic, super ultra mega galactical update. very nice sir, very nice^^
  2. WTB Perfect Hunter Osmium set +10

    i have perf hunter osm set..
  3. Sir Nitex I have a friendly suggestion in this coming update. first, why dont you put a new NPC containing D-shop items like, costume, wings, and so on. now how can we purchased those? make those an binding items just like the items on ishtar. maybe narukes for those or a quest must be done in order to claim those items, imagine if you do that, egutt dessert will be alive again pk and war will be done every single hour (just like what you want). im hoping for your kind consideration sir.
  4. It was a nice update indeed but not totally awesome sir. I think putting 171 +9 armlets and belt on egutt was not a good idea after all. Maybe 160 belt and armlets +9 will work but not 171 +9. But the rest of the update are awesome.
  5. [FIX] Slow Loading Issue

    i already did that twice,, either it will stuck at 82% or crashed at 26% i also tried the manual patch but nothing happened,, this is bullshit QQ
  6. [FIX] Slow Loading Issue

    mine is always crashed at 26.2% loading screen
  7. still nothing happened,,, stuck again at 82.0 loading screen...
  8. Im stuck at 82.1 loading screen, i already do the manual patch QQ
  9. sir nitex im not recieving any attendance coins since january first coz of long ign,, can i have atleast 20 coins to reset my name?  my ign is LightningStormQueen..   thank you sir GM, im hoping for your fast response,  hail rising