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    1. VIRTUS welcome back! that guild was so much fun I remember. All hail idol virtus!
    2. Thanks for keeping us informed, appreciate it. Take care Nitex love you!
    3. Thank you so much for helping Nitex, for being our hero Dev and by doing so providing the best Dekaron experience, I truly believe Rising is the last bastion for the game we all love called Dekaron. Happy birthday all the best in life, don't party too hard big hugs and homie kisses !
    4. He's the one in the youtube video saying: "No comment".
    5. Love the design, love the skills, can't wait for it!
    6. Nice touch on the balance patch reworking the 6 strongest pets for summoners. Adds complexity to the class, very exciting. "We believe that their pets should have more use as they are literally called summoners" WORD! Great job DEV team! Ps. Nerf Zeshin/banZeshin
    7. The quality control of this update is unreal, the professional level top notch. You guys should really consider giving a seminar/educational conference to other servers including the so called ''''officials'''' that have absolutely no clue as to how to deliver a proper, acceptable, genuine new update patch to their loyal player base. Great job DEV team!
    8. Adori

      CS Balance

      My 2 cents . Even though you have obliderated me in a single full stun/combo PvP, which at first I thought was insane, because there was literally nothing I could do to counter, being debuffed - perma stuned/silenced till death. - Considering the overall picture.- In my opinion I do think concerra specifically (not vs) needs a very slight buff to the class. From your suggestions, I vouch or agree with your chakras slight boost, not boost of damage per se/ skins of foreign realm /or pet, because this might direct CS to a god tier
    9. Adori

      Rising 2020

      So much this my friend I completely agree with you, forever grateful to Nitex who made our favorite game available and within reach to all of us, much love to the developers team also, they truly deserve our appreciation. - About the sets you mention, from the context of the post I believe they are entirely cosmetic oriented (just like skin weapons). - Thanks again for the clear ideas and suggestions NieteSepaphi .
    10. So many things I would like to say and cover here, I will do it as follows: Official Staff members and their participation as players. The main issue you bring to attention, has been up to discusion in the past year, and we already have a precedent that came from similar reports, Nitex essentially stated and ruled that it is both unfair and unreasonable to expect developers/staff/Gms/Oprs to refrain from participating in the game as a normal player, they are not in anyway forbidden to be a part of the community both as regular players (with all that entails) and as official
    11. Absolutely agree with DK and HB being slightly above in the overall state. yet, the balance team did a tremendous job this year, honestly we should all be thankful, we can enjoy the game so much thanks to their devotion and hard work, among other staff members that developed and integrated new mechanics to the game. Now, what I perceive from the starting post and OP intent, is that he wants his main class (and it's understandable) to be proficient at every role and situation, which I must say is not consistent with Dekaron gameplay. This is a problem with players getting furious
    12. Just wanted to add that: - Yes you need to finish Nest of Cherubim dungeon to get a chance to get a level 140 spell, among other items that you can find in this dungeon, depending on how you want to complete it (there is an optional boss). But, having 5-6 people max geared is NOT a requirement, it has been proven many times by starting guilds, and players in general with at least some level of determination and skill, that the dungeon can be completed even with osmium +9 and +10 and above, I remember there was recently 2 guilds that organized raids with newbies in 170+9 sets (having
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