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  1. The exchange NPC for B and P coins (obtainable through colosseum recurring events) already has many attractive items, some of them essential for end game players. One of the recent updates Rising DEVS even added a random 100% level 190 accessories box, that I believe is awesome, considering all posible exchange items, in my opinion there is more than enough motivation in that sense. Yet I do agree with the topic that B coins (and P coins) rewarded for newbies that generally die in the first round (11 coins-5 for PTM) is little, and not enough for them to commit to farm those coins (since most exchanges demand a thousand coins), likely they will not be able to kill 3 players and receive the daily quest reward. Could we increase a bit the coins rewards for the first rounds? Another thing, I truly believe that players have to put some effort communicating with friends and guild members, todays recurring colosseum events I noticed how easily the 10 player cap gets filled, it just take a guild leader to call their members, or a particular player to start shouting for friends, and then the rounds get started in a non stop way. As any game, players must communicate with eachother to be succesful.
  2. - Porque seguramente estás intentando entrar al juego con la cuenta que creaste para el Foro. De acuerdo con la información que proporcionas, seguramente es lo que te está pasando. - La cuenta del foro y la cuenta del juego son dos cuentas distintas (por seguridad de los jugadores son separadas). - Puedes crear una cuenta para el juego en el Launcher de Rising, donde dice: "Account Registration". Te invito a que te unas a nuestro discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/Yv6v9cd Ahí nos puedes contactar en forma directa al staff de Rising y te respondemos más rapido respecto de la ayuda que necesites. Cualquier otra duda que tengas contáctanos😉.
  3. You can trust the guides at discord /information/ #guides. - Feel free to DM me, Rising staff is constantly checking discord, we can chat about equipment whenever you can😉.
  4. Try to join our discord, https://discordapp.com/invite/Yv6v9cd you will find awesome guides there, like this one that is related to the things you ask: There is currently a low gap policy between osmium sets and teragrace sets to allow all players to be competitive, the difference can be insignificant, but yes Teragrace has the highest overall stats.
  5. Regarding this question there can be misunderstandings at times: Yes it is legal as long as you translate that "$" into a donation for the server (Ingame you would be paying with Dshop coins not real life currency). Example: player 1 makes a donation $ (Dshop coins) to player 2; and, player 2 delivers dills/items to player 1 as compensation and part of the trade. It can be however ilegal when you attempt to give items/dills to another player (trade) and he pays or compensate with "$" cash (real life currency) to your personal wallet or private account. * Check the following rule: 5a. No Trading for real life currencies: The transfer, rent, sales, commencing/trading, or endorsement of such actions, of ID/account, character or items for real money/currency is strictly forbidden. You will be banned.
  6. Best update of the year for sure! Balance Part 5 https://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/forums/topic/28513-balance-part-5/ Loving the balance changes, nice work balance team !
  7. How's the search going on? Did you try any guilds so far. PS. SYNDICATE is an active guild, english speaking, and welcomes new players, you could try it.
  8. I of course read your whole post, personally it didn't seem salty or rude to me. I am glad you talked about your whole experience as a new player (it's refreshing and very useful), us GMs at times start and play as a new -unknown- character to review the growing process of a "new player" we try to experience directly how hard it really is to reach end game content, and to overall fend for yourself in Rising, this helps to make adjustments. So in that sense your feedback was great, as well as your suggestions, I strongly believe you will enjoy the next update. * About the buying/selling gear process: it's all about patience, and completely random at times, there can be several players wanting to play, example, incar magician (for many reasons, probably is in that moment a top tier class) so there will high demand and few sets for sale, but the next day, all three players are selling their items, and so on. * I recommend being extremely patient, or you will end up buying overpriced items, also there are time zones that have a more proactive trade industry @Dannyboi @[GM]Fayth, so be mindful of that circumstance. * Finally, enjoy the journey, Rising is not a 100% pvp exclusive server, and probably never will, it's all about the journey😉.
  9. Adori

    What's coming to Rising?

    This is so awesome😍, the best update of the year definitely, keep up the good work Rising FTW!
  10. I would say seguriper/then, vicious summoner/Segnale/concerra.
  11. Aún no ha sido diseñada una nueva clase, todavía no tenemos una fecha próxima para el siguiente héroe. Espero que te haya gustado la update .
  12. Awesome guide to have separately, Thank you Fayth. Our pet system will keep improving for sure!
  13. Nice job everyone, congratulations winners!😍 Thank you for the explanation/justification @Dannyboi about every winner and worthy adversary, it really helps to appreciate the submissions even more.
  14. Idol! Best wishes, have fun and take care don't go crazy celebrating, we need you for next update ma´am. Thank you for all your work! OP Dev and Executive !
  15. You gave a lot of insight Danny, the playstyle of a seguriper can be exciting and rewarding. As I read your guide I can´t help but notice all the posibilities of playing as one, I feel like going back to segu now. The only thing I dislike is getting stomped/stomp-rekt (just like segnales) from 2/3 players with stuns/silences one after another in a nonstop sequence, sometimes there will be nothing you can do receiving stun after stun. Most classes have some form of invulnerability skill that will grant them nearly 100% chance to get away of a deadly situation, I would say seguriper lacks of one invulnerability-type skill per se, but has greater chances of surviving battles IF you are careful of your surroundings and do not overextend in the battlefield. I learned from your guide thank you Danny
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