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    1. Adori

      Balance Pt. 17

      Thank you! finally mages getting some nerfs! about time! Ps. Hope to see more slight nerfs on Incar on later balance updates
    2. Congratz to all new staff members, remember Rome wasn't built in a day so take it easy ok? Burn out is very common among new staff members, so chill and enjoy it !
    3. Ripplez idol , best alo in server, after Hellembrace of course
    4. I like the theme, a sort of black knight, nice job
    5. VIRTUS welcome back! that guild was so much fun I remember. All hail idol virtus!
    6. Thanks for keeping us informed, appreciate it. Take care Nitex love you!
    7. Thank you so much for helping Nitex, for being our hero Dev and by doing so providing the best Dekaron experience, I truly believe Rising is the last bastion for the game we all love called Dekaron. Happy birthday all the best in life, don't party too hard big hugs and homie kisses !
    8. He's the one in the youtube video saying: "No comment".
    9. Love the design, love the skills, can't wait for it!
    10. Nice touch on the balance patch reworking the 6 strongest pets for summoners. Adds complexity to the class, very exciting. "We believe that their pets should have more use as they are literally called summoners" WORD! Great job DEV team! Ps. Nerf Zeshin/banZeshin
    11. The quality control of this update is unreal, the professional level top notch. You guys should really consider giving a seminar/educational conference to other servers including the so called ''''officials'''' that have absolutely no clue as to how to deliver a proper, acceptable, genuine new update patch to their loyal player base. Great job DEV team!
    12. Adori

      CS Balance

      My 2 cents . Even though you have obliderated me in a single full stun/combo PvP, which at first I thought was insane, because there was literally nothing I could do to counter, being debuffed - perma stuned/silenced till death. - Considering the overall picture.- In my opinion I do think concerra specifically (not vs) needs a very slight buff to the class. From your suggestions, I vouch or agree with your chakras slight boost, not boost of damage per se/ skins of foreign realm /or pet, because this might direct CS to a god tier class situation, lacking only full invulnerability, but having speed and invisibility, among other abilities to counter. Yet, I understand that this suggestion might go against the past rework of the class, which even though it was not to my full preference, I completely respect and admire the rework, since it was difficult and a huge task to rework it the way it was done. When I mention my personal taste or preference in the rework: I mean that I loved having the circumstantial add of trying to land combos inside chakras (if im using cs or vs) or if I was fighting one, having to try to lure them out, I was thrilled by that aspect of the PvP. Final note: I sense from this post and replies, inconformity with fighting certain classes or circumstantial scenarios, in this case I believe we have to accept that each class will always have situational weakenesses that shouldnt and cannot be overcome. We cannot at any moment hope to have a class that will have the perfect counter for every posible class and scenario, you just have to choose what you love the most and accept the drawbacks of the class. I think we all tend to be lured to this type of thinking that should be avoided for balance purposes. (@MasterD explained this last point pretty well)
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