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  1. Patch 13.9

    This is so awesome, amazing job guys as always !
  2. Commotion At Mellias Spot 10/08/2017

    Nice action video love it Ybarro
  3. Patch 13.8

    Love this update nice job guys!
  4. Weekly Boss Arenas

    Awesome event! so excited

    Thanks for sharing this information, they will be most welcome .
  6. Its been awhile :)

    As long as the mail linked to the account belongs to you, then yes, make a support ticket just like Nitex said. Welcome back.
  7. 3 vs 3 Party PvP CHAMPIONS

    Congratulations to the participants! Great tourney [GM]BlazeFury
  8. Welcome friend! I would recommend SNOW guild since it has both spanish and english speakers, anyway if you need more assistance make sure to join our discord channel, we currently have a #spanish channel there, it would make it easier for you to incorporate into the community.
  9. 3 v 3 Event By [Exec]Riku 09-02-2017

    As usual love your video Rexy, I was at work when this event took place. Thanks for sharing bro !
  10. @w@ Interested in Rising @w@

    That was a nice intro , made me recall Sailor Moon. Anyway, take it easy Galactic First Lady Superstar McSexyville because you have a lot to learn, even tho Rising try to keep it simple, we have many features that need to be learned in order to use for your benefit! See ya ingame.
  11. Things and stuff

    D Y I N G Love it bro !! Ps. Best surprise ever, made my day .
  12. 3 vs 3 Party PvP Tournament

    " You can register up to 5 (FIVE) DIFFERENT classes in your team. You can substitute at any point of the tournament having said that you can NOT substitute during the battle, and; " The tournament is indeed 3 vs 3 format, 5 members are for substitution purposes.
  13. Back To Dekaron

    Welcome back! If you took a break at the Osmium era then yes! you have a lot to catch up, take your time and have fun in Rising . PM me if you need assistance, also make sure to join us at Discord:
  14. Things and stuff

    Mad OP skills, love those signatures, the best! Ps. Disregard Danny, no siggy for Dannyboi until he commits to a single class, make me one instead pls, halp, if you read this far you are bound to make one -you too raph-.