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  1. DKR Best PC Desk Set-Up [Forum Event]

    Can I come and play ?, amazing setup to play with friends!
  2. Ocarina of awakening

    Yes, that is correct. -Ocarina of Eternity (9,900 coins) = your pet becomes permanent. Just make sure to give the permanent status to your favorite pet, there are many to choose from .
  3. ez guess sir... gold bars of cheese for the winners . !!
  4. New Player Guide

    Recommended are: Windows 7 / 2000 / XP / Vista Intel Dual Core / Intel i3 / AMD Phenom 4 GB Nvidia GTX560 / AMD HD7770 Direct X 9.0 But you can do fine with much less than that .
  5. Patch 14.2: Winter Contents Patch!

    Love this!! great work guys as always !
  6. 2 vs. 2 Tournament 2017 Winners

    Congratulations warriors!
  7. Need MM for a BIG trade

    Done ! (deal done)
  8. Patch 14.0

    Great job guys as always ! so excited for the new upcoming changes.
  9. DKR Halloween Screenshot Event [Winners]

    Congratz to the winners! the OP submissions .
  10. Patch 13.9

    This is so awesome, amazing job guys as always !
  11. Patch 13.8

    Love this update nice job guys!
  12. Weekly Boss Arenas

    Awesome event! so excited
  13. 3 vs 3 Party PvP CHAMPIONS

    Congratulations to the participants! Great tourney [GM]BlazeFury
  14. We have successfully concluded Rising's Screenshot Event! First of all, a big shout out to all the participants and entries, we had many submissions, selecting the top 3 screenshots was NOT an easy task, as the main objective of the shots was to be -aesthetically pleasing- and as such it is subject to personal taste. Rest assured, practically all submissions had a fun side, aswell as having an attractive side. Event Prizes: 1st place: 20,000 D-Shop coins. - Chrystella - Chrystella kept it humble, seemingly uncomplicated, and while each screenshot was taken at a different spot, both of the submissions complimented eachother wonderfully, congratulations! 2nd place: 8,900 D-shop coins. - Shrimp and Shaura - (tie) Shrimp: One of the most graceful skills of a Segita Hunter, and taken at an impressive angle, absolutely beautiful! Shaura: Again an example of two screenshots complimenting eachother, showcasing the mighty loli knight and her dragon, and what better place to compliment her power than one full of lava like Norak. 3rd place: 100M dills. - {VIP}Ynaa and Kyana (estupok2) - (tie) {VIP}Ynaa: We loved this shot, presenting the unity and support of a strong guild, congratz! Kyana (estupok2): An exquisite pose of an Azure Knight, practicing under the scorching desert, beautiful shot ! Note: Will update as soon as all prizes have been delivered, thank you for your patience! Update. All prizes have been sent, thank you all for your patience.
  15. Fayth's [Event] Monster Invasion (Duration 1 week)

    Love this event!
  16. new wep

  17. [Resolved] Rising Server Status: Online

    All good now, all channels back online!
  18. Class Tourney EVER?

    In your opinion, considering we open registration to the tournament in one/two weeks tops, and given enough time to advertise it, mostly ingame (some players do not check forums at all), what would be the best date to start the actual pvp matches? By the way, unlike the guild tournament that was all done in a single day, and took far too long to end, this time I believe we should do it in sections, quarterfinals, semifinals, finals, etc, all on separate weekends, whats are your views on that?
  19. Guild Tournament Summer Season.

    Guild Tournament summer season has arrived to Rising, this event will start on July, 14th, 2017, with the posibility of extension -if needed, although most likely- towards July 15th and 16th. 1. Registration. I request participants, particularly the Leader of each team to send a private message to -Adori- forum account, providing all the IGN members of the team, registration closes Tuesday July, 11. Each party must have 6 members from the same guild [please provide a team leader]. Each party can name up to two (2) extra substitutes from the same guild in case of abandonment/desertion of the main members. All guilds (aimed at bigger guilds) are allowed to submit a Main guild team and a Sub guild team, however guilds using this option will only have the posibility of providing one substitute member for each team. Evidently teams will be fixed, no sharing of players between registered teams is allowed, not even between Main guild teams and Sub guild teams. After registration closes, I will announce the guilds and teams participating. 2. Schedule. As stated above, we begin on July 14th, I will have amplitude of time during those dates to monitor the matches, and will be coordinating with the team leaders to choose the best posible time for the majority of the participants of each match. 3. Rules. Unlike accustomed pvp's events, matches will be held in Ark channels, as such rules will be Korean style - where anything goes - You can use anything at your disposal, all buffs, fish, etc. are allowed. Format in deciding winners will be "Best of Five", meaning - whoever is first to win a total 3 matches, wins. 4. Prizes. First place = 50,000 Rising coins each member. Second place = 35,000 Rising coins each member. Third place = 25,000 Rising coins each member.
  20. Is server down???

    We are aware of the situation, currently working on it. I will update on it ASAP, thank you for your patience. Update: Server is ON, all channels back online.

    Currently online
  22. Server offline ?

    Yes, repairs are in progress, thank you for your patience. Update: Currenly online.

    How about surprise event after server is on, for loyal players . Do it, get an amazing signature too . Me too brother me too.

    Working on it, patience friends .