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  1. Best update of the year for sure! Balance Part 5 https://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/forums/topic/28513-balance-part-5/ Loving the balance changes, nice work balance team !
  2. Adori

    What's coming to Rising?

    This is so awesome😍, the best update of the year definitely, keep up the good work Rising FTW!
  3. Aún no ha sido diseñada una nueva clase, todavía no tenemos una fecha próxima para el siguiente héroe. Espero que te haya gustado la update .
  4. Adori

    [Guide]: All Pet Information

    Awesome guide to have separately, Thank you Fayth. Our pet system will keep improving for sure!
  5. Adori

    Dekaron Rising Fashion Contest WINNERS

    Nice job everyone, congratulations winners!😍 Thank you for the explanation/justification @Dannyboi about every winner and worthy adversary, it really helps to appreciate the submissions even more.
  6. Adori


    Idol! Best wishes, have fun and take care don't go crazy celebrating, we need you for next update ma´am. Thank you for all your work! OP Dev and Executive !
  7. Adori

    [Class Guide] Seguriper

    You gave a lot of insight Danny, the playstyle of a seguriper can be exciting and rewarding. As I read your guide I can´t help but notice all the posibilities of playing as one, I feel like going back to segu now. The only thing I dislike is getting stomped/stomp-rekt (just like segnales) from 2/3 players with stuns/silences one after another in a nonstop sequence, sometimes there will be nothing you can do receiving stun after stun. Most classes have some form of invulnerability skill that will grant them nearly 100% chance to get away of a deadly situation, I would say seguriper lacks of one invulnerability-type skill per se, but has greater chances of surviving battles IF you are careful of your surroundings and do not overextend in the battlefield. I learned from your guide thank you Danny
  8. Herein lies the legacy of Ximena, thank you so much for this contribution, from the moment I saw your activity at forums years ago I knew you were going to make history in Rising, this guide will improve the game experience of many Incar Magicians. The level of detail in this guide is unreal🤩. Brb creating mage asap.
  9. Adori

    Zenyboi vs Cadzeshin

    I have nothing against the newest ships, in fact I love "El patrón" Zesh, That being said, I will always support/stand by the legend: CannyBoi, to me -Cadyboi- (like more than 5 year old relationship? and still going strong) Goals! am I right or am I right 😂.
  10. One of the best patch/updates ever made, Rising staff team is amazing😍, love you all guys!!
  11. Adori

    Duo Character Showcase Event Winners!

    Congratz to all players, those are some cute pics 😙!
  12. Adori

    New weapons and armor

    I obviously don't speak for Nitex, however he has stated in the past (quite recently) that there are no plans for future sets or obligatory weapons (gear that you MUST have to be competitive) to be added. Personally I agree on this, recently I noticed we are experiencing sets deficit for sale (many people trying to buy gear (with donation)/not enough sellers), it is quite hard as it is to achieve end game equipment, so many things to consider and work for, not to mention skins, it wouldn't make much sense in my opinion to incorporate a whole new set. I believe the right path to go, is in fact to add more ways to get D'shop items (from dungeons maybe??) so non-donators can effectively build their sets.
  13. Adori

    Qune Temple ( Rescue The Hostage Event )

    Thank you for the feedback. I agree, there should always be something extra for the players participating but not winning. We shall see how the teams manage their way through the map, anyway I think this should be a recurring event at Rising, the event is awesome .
  14. Adori

    Patch 15.0: Contents Update

    Awesome update, new DK square arena Also: "Parca Tears are now SEALABLE! " YES!!
  15. Adori

    Why I Never Do Dksq

    I totally understand your point, as an avid player in DK square I have been there before. To counter this, I always try to include D'shop pots/buffs rewards in events, let me know your time-zone, so I can consider it when doing future events.
  16. Adori

    DKR Best PC Desk Set-Up [Forum Event]

    Can I come and play ?, amazing setup to play with friends!
  17. Adori

    Ocarina of awakening

    Yes, that is correct. -Ocarina of Eternity (9,900 coins) = your pet becomes permanent. Just make sure to give the permanent status to your favorite pet, there are many to choose from .
  18. ez guess sir... gold bars of cheese for the winners . !!
  19. Adori

    New Player Guide

    Recommended are: Windows 7 / 2000 / XP / Vista Intel Dual Core / Intel i3 / AMD Phenom 4 GB Nvidia GTX560 / AMD HD7770 Direct X 9.0 But you can do fine with much less than that .
  20. Adori

    Patch 14.2: Winter Contents Patch!

    Love this!! great work guys as always !
  21. Adori

    2 vs. 2 Tournament 2017 Winners

    Congratulations warriors!
  22. Adori

    Need MM for a BIG trade

    Done ! (deal done)
  23. Adori

    Patch 14.0

    Great job guys as always ! so excited for the new upcoming changes.
  24. Adori

    DKR Halloween Screenshot Event [Winners]

    Congratz to the winners! the OP submissions .
  25. Adori

    Patch 13.9

    This is so awesome, amazing job guys as always !
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