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  1. $€££

    ko re wa nai zi nyo xio...
  2. hory crap! you so diligent! i use launcher if connection is good but some times it fails....and manual patch if poor connection and also fails sometimes...then i repatch....then if i use manual patch , sometimes success but cant launch through launcher but workin if i use bin...sometimes all not working then i reinstall... many sometimes
  3. usualy player dont kill the last big snake boss ..they say because it does not give exp so there are few player completing the whole df for the pvp and they scared to be raped because they dont have op items...
  4. those wings are cool!! talisman at last working and party exp nc nc! the anti hack ....hmmm...... well ...the new df it would be awsome if there are more players participating...
  5. Pets and Emblems

    i think its cool if pets can equip the emblems or if there is an extra slot for 3x emblem + pet and mount...so that emblems are used at the same time a pet or a mount is summoned...
  6. Chakras & Pet

    im not saying this is about lag......i was saying this might be cause of lag or connection problems that was not noticed....but nvm...
  7. Chakras & Pet

    yep sometimes people miss understood... what i mean is... if a player is experiencing too much laggy...the dmg you recived is more than you can see ...i experienced it when the ms gets too high usually on dksq....i dont see much dmg from the enemies skills but my shield and hp depleted in like 5-8 secs.(because of delay) compared to when i had a good ms....(just might be)/(possible). you will notice it if you experienced both good and poor connections.. pls forgive me for mis understanding. peace ^^V
  8. Chakras & Pet

    i think your just lagging much.....its like frame skipping...you wont notice the incomming dmg..... its not important if you know me or not.....the thing is your a loser!!!!buhuhahahaha!! but the 150m was appreciated...
  9. Chakras & Pet

  10. uhhmmm......yeah..your right bro ....me too i bought it because of the given stats on dshop wings and also the fashion for now nitex made it same stats for the normal wings....but people who like the fashion of dshop wings will buy them but less.... and because it doesnt expire like the costum santa and the bear they never expire and i have friends buy 5 costumes 5 wings...donators and none donators .....but its good to put it on dshop and also fine if not...for the newbies.....its up to nitex
  11. $€££

    ore wa ore no sase nai...
  12. to appreciate the diffrent designs of wings there are people who bought many wings and many costum on a single char....
  13. Spam same name different acc |VIP|

    i know ... buhuhahahaha!! my ign is {VIP}fragile later i add you when i see you around
  14. Spam same name different acc |VIP|

    make it vip so you could have 2 same vip name i got 3 {VIP}fragile char i was adding you to fl last night b4 seige but you ignored me
  15. buhuhahahha!! everyone mad