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    1. These prices do not need to be discounted, just have an option to buy them 10 at a time. This will save time from entering a password hundreds of times. D-Shop > Foritfy tab Alchemist protector x10 = 10,000 deka coins Blacksmith protector x10 =17,000 deka coins Ossuary of Blacksmith x10 = 19,000 deka coins Ossuary of Alchemist will x10 = 17,000 deka coins Craftman's Talisman Treasure x10 = 26,000 deka coins D-Shop buff durations changed to 30 mins. They are mostly used inside PTM, BR, DKSQ. Item use cooldown of D-shop changed to match the quick use time of Candy buf
    2. Character Name: aJinx/FrontButt/KumShot/Arbalest Map Location (of DC/Crash/Disconnect): Parca/DKSQ/DF/Rudene Does the client say any message before the game closes? Nothing just closes. Description (what happened? the more detail the better): I crash when respawning, loading into a map, exiting a dg, joining a dksq lobby, respawning in a lobby, leaving a lobby. Can you reproduce the issue? (can you make it happen again?): I can, it is reproduced almost every single dksq match I play. Also if it helps, my pc is running an AMD Ryzen 2600x CPU a PNY GTX 1050ti
    3. This is a step in the right direction. Give some endgame players and new players alike something to work towards. Also Great idea requiring squama and lach for normal & upgraded versions for upgraded perp. This will also bring some players from Global and other P-servers here if we can get one of the Endgame items from Global and Korea working on DKR.
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