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  1. aButt

    [Complete] 2018 Class PVP Tournament

    IGN: aJinx Class: Seg Level: too hun dread
  2. aButt

    Let's work together: DCs/Crashes

    Character Name: aJinx/FrontButt/KumShot/Arbalest Map Location (of DC/Crash/Disconnect): Parca/DKSQ/DF/Rudene Does the client say any message before the game closes? Nothing just closes. Description (what happened? the more detail the better): I crash when respawning, loading into a map, exiting a dg, joining a dksq lobby, respawning in a lobby, leaving a lobby. Can you reproduce the issue? (can you make it happen again?): I can, it is reproduced almost every single dksq match I play. Also if it helps, my pc is running an AMD Ryzen 2600x CPU a PNY GTX 1050ti GPU Corsair 16gb DDR4 Ram on Win 10 64bit OS installed onto a 500gb SSD(whole pc runs off the SSD)
  3. aButt


    She just lvled up IRL @DEV Fayth
  4. aButt

    [Feedback Needed] New Custom Skills

    Seg skill 1 Wretched siphon close ranged skill that stabs the enemies within a 2m range (linear aoe so it can be a pk skill). This skill will do 1k white dmg with a 15% hp drain for 5 seconds while putting a 15% hp regen on the segnale for 5 seconds. Drain your enemies like a vampire. Skill will be 15 second cool down at lvl 10. Lvl 1 is 25 seconds. Seg skill 2 Tendon rot 3m ranged aoe slow. Seg summons a cursed puddle of blood under the enemy(black with red glow) that seeps into the enemy's wounds, crippling their nervous system for 5 seconds. Slows movement by 15% for 5 seconds. Skill does the same amount of dmg as curse field once every second for 5 seconds. 10 second cooldown at lvl 10. 20 second cd at lvl 1.
  5. aButt

    New Idea to bring players

    Solid idea. Channel 3 being everyone having equal gear will make pvps and dksq br/ptm more skill based than gear based. Channel 1 should have same exp, but maybe make quests start at 180 and have them take players through all the maps. Something like farm 10 dragon bone. Collect 3 gold argates. Farm 300 dream powder. Something for each of the farming maps so players know where to go. Also would help the economy since more materials are being farmed. Also exp and dill reward for quests. Something equal to +35% exp at 197+ so players will go grind quests to hit max lvl. Channel 2 bosses and events. I like.
  6. I would have to disagree with this idea. (My main is a seg) If I were to turn pink from buffing or healing, then chaks from summy, buffs from aloken, bagi dmg share, ak pt buffs, mage pt buffs all should make those characters turn pink name. I do agree it is annoying when a geared seg comes to support someone, they become immortal. At the same time, if a seg invests a ton of resources into being properly geared, then I should be allowed to heal and survive your dmg without pink name. Egutt segs in pk wars are dead in a couple skills. Your problem is with people who are properly invested into the class. All this change would do is make me come on seg spam sleep and then relog.