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  2. Added Aloken New Parts For Sale. PUSH
  3. Because tears doesnt exist at that time...pay attention on the SS...Wkwkwkwk...thats an old SS....when chrystella and fisty still around...lol
  4. Its for pve purposes beb... Im a pve player, loved to farm and collecting stuff...i loved to have it upgrade, since i already have it in my char...it will be awesome to solo bosses and tank with it.
  5. the harsh reality of the server...midgeared player will get a hard time asking for party in dksq, df, or hellion to get points...they need to be strong, so they have the rights to do it. (and to be strong, u need squama also) i thought the point of joining private server is to be able to get an access more easier to all the aspects of the game so that players can have more joyful game experience. because, even IF the points get boost A LITTLE TINY BIT.... a hardcore players will needs a commitment and dedication to do that repetitive grinding, to be active daily ingame and MONTHS (like 6 months) to get from NEWBIE to Legend Ranks...and i bet that no one will ever gonna do that... i considered my self one of the solo hardcore farmer in this server, even i cant imagine myself doing it...getting a 900k pp is doable, but tryin to farm MILLIONS of points to reach legend rank, i dont think so. i only suggest to boost it a little, so it can be an alternative way for players to rank up so they get points then they can buy good accessories (squama, lach, etc..and be strong)...NOT to get legend ranks fast. but if thats cant be done...no problem. and no other solution, no problem also. i will tell them to try buy dshop costum and dshop wings to hide their mixed geared, so at least they have a little bit of hope to be adding to a party in dksq....and i hope they will agree, spending the dills that they farm so hard on cosmetics things...while the gear is still messed up. anyway, at least i already speak my mind about this. thank u so much for the reply. cheers.
  6. If boosting a little points its not doable... Then please do another solution for newbie players....coz they cant even do a proper dksq, coz no one gonna add them... even me myself need to think twice before adding some mixed gear players in dksq... i have friends that played for 3 months, and doesnt have squama yet... coz he doesnt have enough points to buy.... And the only way to have that is to rank up and get points... So, need a better solution ... because the harsh reality ingame is, those newbies will never gonna progress if we just tell them to do dksq...its gonna be 1 in a million chance that the leader gonna add them in to a party....
  7. @Dannyboi beb..i dont care about my ranks... im online in active timezone, and my ranks always been a prince rank since the old days..coz i dont care..because im not really a pvp players....i spend my time in collecting stuff, like legend set.., farming stuff then selling... i have guildies...and more indonesians come to play...we have newbies...like i said, with mixed gear nobody will party them in dksq..and nobody will party them in df....so, how they will get points? How they will buy squama? And etc etc...even in dksq event, both side dont wanna party them...so, how they can make progress? Helion event? How they gonna compete with all that OPs in helion event....wkwkwkwk... And how about players that online in a dead timezone? And etc etc..like i said before...dont need to make it back like the old days... Just a little boost...so players can grind there an have an alternative way to farm points.
  8. rude.. why is it dumb? man, the attitude...really? thats how you handle a suggestion from the community of this server? community cant have a stand about this at all? well, its not dumb before...when MOSTLY staff personal char and his friends killing all the bosses to get max rank fast...why not nerfed the map? they know it makes dksq dead...because, lets face it...staff member using personal char..they cant get that much active ingame and spend hours, days, weeks, months just to leveled up or maxing ranks. almost all players knows it...infact, we often bumped each other in under crespo before...BUT, after MOSTLY staff personal char and his friends get legend ranks...THEN next update, BOOM...under crespo bosses is gone...the map get nerfed...so awesome. im not saying about PUTTING UP a boss that give huge points like before...i already said, DONT put bosses. im saying, boost the points from the monster a little...like spiders, and etc...a little boost that make under crespo map can be an alternative way to boost ranks...BUT not as big as doing dksq. i already said, AN ALTERNATIVE WAY. EXAMPLE : u can leveled up from 200 - 210 by grinding at Parca (BUT ITS NOT THE BEST WAY)...the faster way is at Shangrila...Parca temple is just an alternative way for players that doesnt have full gear to leveled up, coz the monster doesnt do high damage, but give decent exp. DKSQ is the best way to rank up..sure..BUT how about players that can active much ingame? and players that active at a dead time zone? and players that cant spend much ingame? and players that dont have full gear yet? please dont tell me that players will add other players with MIXED gear at dksq, so they can get points...EVEN staff personal char never do that...egut mixed osmium is trash. sure..theres DF for it...BUT, if theres no people to party, DF cant start... under crespo can be an alternative way for players to spend time grinding for ranks, when dksq is dead...or DF not begin yet... after the nerfed, each spider monster only give 12 points and spider queen only give 100+ if im not mistaken...before the nerfed, they usually give more than that..spider queen is giving about 400 and spiders about 130 if im not mistaken...GRINDING is boring, leveling up, or ranking up...but it can be a alternative way for players to spend 1 or 2 hours to ranking up....and collecting points.
  9. Damn...the requirements for elite savior rank... this will make a huge gap between players that cant be active at a crowded timezone for dksq... @Nitex Please make an alternative way to upgrade ranks...like under crespo as a grinding map... DONT put bosses with huge gp like before...where players can achieve legend ranks fast just by killing all the bosses everytime they spawn... But at least boost the monsters a little, like spider, spider queen and etc...so its can be an alternative way to boost rank... PS : Thank u for the awesome update.