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  1. Why my last thread being closed? Why one sided? Did the [GM] already give some PROOF, or is it just "he said" "she said" kind of thing... First of all...i UNDERSTAND completely about its HARD to tell a different between playing smart as a strategy and teaming up.. Thats why in my last thread, im telling you guys that "I BACK OFF", from the fight when GM give thesecond and last warning.. The one that i CANT understand is, as soon as his friends complains about it...then GM immediately give warning without any observation first.. How come? And second of all...i NEVER ask about "NO PUNISHMENT FOR ROAST & etc" like u told about in ur side of a story..i dont care about that. we are having a healthy conversation...we have a different opinion...u asked to explain my opinion...then suddenly i got kicked out from event.. WHAT IS THAT? Please ENLIGHTEN me about which part of our conversation that i asked about punishment for roast.. i simply doing a conversation with GM and its a healthy conversation... im asking about GM action that give warning in a split second as soon as his friends complains about it...without doing any observation... THEN I GOT KICKED OUT FROM EVENT..really? is that how we doing it now here in rising? Players also need to be heard... so we as a player CANT asked about staff or GM action? even with a healthy conversation? if we do that, we can get punish like kicked out from event..really? is that how we doing it now? Please dont abuse ur power...i never have any objection about your EVENT RULES.... read my story from the first thread carefully...I BACK OFF, as soon as u give the second and last warning... here is our conversation so u can remember it better....please ENLIGHTEN me.. Thank you.
  2. OPEN LETTER FOR [GM]Dannyboi

    So, today i apply for LMS event by [GM]Dannyboi... To make the story short, everyone is dead...and its just 3 players now.. Slitherpuss (Me), a summy and Roasteed... i see Roast goin 1 on 1 with summy...so my strategy is kill Roast first..because idk his element (idk what resis neck to wear)..and its hard to kill roast.. summy is poison, i can wear 3 poison neck and face summy last...better chance imo.. so im going for roast, but roast complain..then GM give me a warning, but im still doin it...coz i think thats logic... i have better chance in facin summy.. the GM give me last warning... so i back off... finals, its me vs roast...kinda angry + upset + lazy and etc...its a mixed feeling... so i keep running around while waiting for my trans cd... but then..its a warning again... then when my trans is up...we fight..i lose... then its LMS round 2.. i apply again, then i talk to GM about what happen last time.. the difference between playing smart and teaming up.. hey, i dont even know the summy...i rarely play nowadays...rising player knows that...kinda busy with sumthin.. i tell my logic to GM, that its not teaming up..why giving a last warning... but in GM logic..its easier killing the summy first, because roast is focusing on him... then i said "exactly...Roast focusing on summy..so its a free hit for me to kill roast...but idk, if its involved ur friends then when ur friends complain about it, then give warning" Then GM kicked me from event.. as a GM, i think u need to listen about the players...this server is here because of the players also... players also need to be hear out... Do GM push on their own logic to all players? so if there is a player that have a different opinion or diff strategy or etc...then its wrong... i dont break any rules...just talking...then got kicked out.. thats arrogance beb... i think old players here knows that i never complains about staff/GM/OPR behaviour ..this is my first time... so immature danny... i have been in rising for a long time... and i also know that this kind of open letter for Staff/GM is useless...(well, i hope not) btw, thank u for reading... Cheers...
  3. The Notorious MMA

    Champion.... #Respect
  4. Djloa Bloopers !

  5. GoZiLa's Shop

    busy la beb. wkwkwk... trade lo.. so i can start rekting people fabulously when i can get ingame
  6. GoZiLa's Shop

    Beb...trade ur seggy set and whip to voudou's... I will add... Name it, u will have it... I dont have time to perfected voudou's again... Dont make me start begging.. Kote!
  7. [Patch 13.3] Balance Pt.1

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  8. Guild Tournament Summer Season.


    follow our Social Media Account for more info.... Thank u..
  10. Guild Tournament Summer Season.

    Majapahit only have a little member...but they all a loyal true member beb... i will see if we can join in... this will be fun...dshop rules...buff up guys!!!
  11. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!

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  12. Class PvP Rankings

    #1 Aloken #2 Segu #3 Concera Summoner #4 Azure Knight #5 Bagi Warrior #6 Segnale #7 Dragon Knight #8 Dark Wizzard #9 incar Magician #10 Half Bagi #11 Hunter #12 VS
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    wow... Thanks a lot beb..
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  15. Seou's Patch Preview

    Dont worry beb...There is no op guild that can do siege atm.. None..