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  1. {易碎}l4fragile left Positive feedback   

    sold him a pre made +10 item ....this guy is patient...i was too busy....he waited 3 days for the item...good buyer and trusted... and also a nc guy...

    {VIP}Voudou was The Seller

  2. Dwayne Wayne left Positive feedback   

    bought many things from this guy, extremely trusted seller and fair prices!

    {VIP}Voudou was The Seller

  3. Raph left Positive feedback   

    Easy and faster trusted seller/buyer

    {VIP}Voudou was The Seller

  4. haziqzas left Positive feedback   

    +1 trusted seller/buyer

    {VIP}Voudou was Trading

  5. Nitex left Positive feedback   

    Trusted seller I've watched in-game before.

    {VIP}Voudou was The Seller