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  1. DKR Fayth

    I need to speak with a GM or Nitex

    I see your support ticket now. In the future, please don't open topics on the forum about the same issues related to your support ticket. We will get to your ticket in a timely manner. Thank you.
  2. DKR Fayth

    cant get info on ticket, this is what i got

    All you need to do to view your ticket is to click here: https://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/support/
  3. DKR Fayth


    Well, the ticket doesn't just vanish, it's still there for you to view it and reply to it if you want. If not, the ticket will be closed due to inactivity. \\Locked.
  4. DKR Fayth

    [Guide]: Mavric and Argate System

    Updated: - Added upgrade rates table
  5. DKR Fayth


    I replied to your support ticket two hours ago...
  6. DKR Fayth

    Patch 19.2: Bug Fixes & Security Upgrades

    We will adjust some aspects of the grand meisters soon with an update. Thanks for the report. Also, I apologize if I missed your other post. I am home from vacation now!
  7. DKR Fayth

    Force Close issue :(

    Hmm I'm fairly certain this is happening because you were banned for hacking. Send me a DM on discord with your character name and maybe we can work something out.
  8. DKR Fayth

    Force Close issue :(

    @Elric, This is a very weird issue and you are not making any sense. Were you recently banned by the anti-hack system for using hacks?
  9. DKR Fayth

    Force Close issue :(

    Try these to see if it fixes the issue. Add DEP exceptions Google "how to add DEP exceptions for Windows ____" --- change the ___ to whatever windows you have, like XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10 Add the following two programs to DEP exceptions: C:/Dekaron Rising/RisingLauncher.exe and C:/Dekaron Rising/bin/dkrising.exe Run as admin Open My Computer ---> C:/Dekaron Rising/ Right click "RisingLauncher" or "RisingLauncher.exe", go to properties, and click "Run as Administrator"
  10. DKR Fayth

    Force Close issue :(

    What % on the loading screen are you crashing? 37%? 84%? 99%?
  11. DKR Fayth

    Force Close issue :(

    What exactly do you mean by "i cant even open it, its was like automatic close." Are you pressing the play button and the client is not opening? Or, are you getting a crash on the loading screen? Or are you having another issue with "client version does not match?" Please be as specific as possible so we can help you resolve this issue. Thanks.
  12. DKR Fayth


    Replied to your support ticket. \\Locked
  13. DKR Fayth

    Discord Status [ONLINE]

    Hello Community, Discord is experiencing server issues at the moment. It will be back up as soon as possible. Note: This issue is Discord's end, not ours. https://status.discordapp.com/ http://downdetector.com/status/discord This post will be updated when discord is operational again.
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