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    I need to speak with a GM or Nitex

    I see your support ticket now. In the future, please don't open topics on the forum about the same issues related to your support ticket. We will get to your ticket in a timely manner. Thank you.
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    cant get info on ticket, this is what i got

    All you need to do to view your ticket is to click here: https://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/support/
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    Well, the ticket doesn't just vanish, it's still there for you to view it and reply to it if you want. If not, the ticket will be closed due to inactivity. \\Locked.
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    [Guide]: Mavric and Argate System

    Updated: - Added upgrade rates table
  5. [Mavric and Argate (Upgrade System) Explained] This guide will help you fortify your high-level gear to make them even stronger and more effective than before. This guide will be in three parts. It does not matter which part you start with. Part 1: Argate/Fortification Part 2: Mavric/Option Part 3: Rising's Free-To-Play Policy Part 1: Argate & Fortification Before you begin Fortifying your weapons/armors/accessories you must first collect some dil and argates. To learn how to do this go check out Dannyboi's Newbie Guide! There are three NPC's that you can Fortify with (all three do the same thing). There is no difference between them, it is all personal preference. The three NPC's are; Maximus, Axion, and Pablos located in Ardeca. Maximus: 345:53 Axion: 282:177 Pablos: 291:180 Once you decide which NPC you wish to use, you can move the item you wish to upgrade and fortification tools into the menu. +1~3 Requires Copper Argate +4~6 Requires Silver Argate +7~10 Requires Gold Argate With each upgrade, the weapons strength will increase, however, the 'Required Stats' to equip the weapon will always remain the same. While upgrading from +1~+7 if you fail a fortification the item will be returned to +0. If you fail a fortification on an item going +8~+10 then the item will be destroyed if you do not use a protector. You can increase your success rate percentage (%) by using Blacksmith Talisman which can be purchased from Battle Royale and DSHOP coins. These are the most up-to-date upgrade rates: Part 2: Mavric & Options When you are ready to add some options to your gear head to Carmen! *Note: Some items cannot have Options added to them. **Note: It is cheap to make random stats, but can consume lots of dil if you attempt to get only perfect stats. Before speaking with Carmen you will need to farm 3 consumable items and a lot of dil! The items are as follows: Pass Mavrics: Nium Mavrics: Tatum Mavrics: Select '[Option Creation/Removal]' from her list of menus. No matter what item you are adding options to they will always follow this format: Magic Magic Noble Divine Noble As you upgrade your item the Dil Fee will increase significantly from Magic ~ Divine Noble. There is a rare chance of losing the last stat upon failing. There is also a rare chance of losing all stats upon failing. In the third screen capture above you will notice two special items used in the NPC's menu. : Protects your options from being removed upon failing, can be purchased with dshop coins. : Increases your success rate of creating options on your items, can be purchased with dshop coins. Part 3: Free-To-Play! In Dekaron Rising, there are no over-powered items that are locked behind a "Pay Wall". Everything that a donator can get a free player can also achieve through grinding, selling, and trading. Donating is just a way for players to obtain things faster. Imagine it as a tall mountain, all players can climb to the top but some can jump some parts. One example of this is below: At this NPC in Ardeca (Location: 420:65) At Stacy, you exchange Dragon Bones for D-Shop items like Blacksmith and Alchemist Protectors . You can farm Dragon Bones in these maps: Egutt Desert: All monsters have a low drop rate and the seven bosses all drop dragon bones. Draviss Field: Drop from the Juleigh and Cuff Juleigh monsters. See map below for their spawn locations. These monsters also drop Mavrics, Argates, and Dravice Normal Artifacts! There is another Dshop-Exchange located at Parca Temple with NPC Binealle Fairie. There you can exchange Sap Bottles for Alchemist's Will and Alchemist's Protectors.
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    I replied to your support ticket two hours ago...
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    Patch 19.2: Bug Fixes & Security Upgrades

    We will adjust some aspects of the grand meisters soon with an update. Thanks for the report. Also, I apologize if I missed your other post. I am home from vacation now!
  8. Bug Fixes, Security Upgrades, & other changes Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GSFBUgF9Pc46P_J_7ytWnvMNYNwSAEEP/view?usp=sharing [Change-Log] ※ Fixed Backwards Dash for Segnale ※ [Skin Diamond] Velikas no longer appears as [Skin Diamond] yellow ※ Fixed Daily Attendance Coin System ※ [Rare] Snowman Pet Drop Rate has been adjusted from 1% to 0.25% ※ Polluted Shadowakris and Withering Evangelist now have the correct textures ※ Upgrade Glows removed from weapons with the Velikas Skin (Custom Effect Coming Soon) ※ Fixed Screenshake Option in the RisingLauncher ※ Grand Meister Skills now have skill descriptions ※ All Grand Meister Skill Books added to Agency ※ [Rare] Snowman Pet added to Agency ※ [Legendary] Cat Doll Pet added to Agency ※ [Skin Diamond] Velikas added to Agency ※ Fixed [Rare] Snowman Pet not showing stats in description ※ Fixed [Legendary] Cat Doll Pet not showing stats in description ※ Fixed [Skin Diamond] Velikas item description ※ Fixed a bug where Vicious Summoners were able to max their Grand Meister Skills at Character Level 201* ※ Fixed the Segnale Grand Meister Skill Icons, they were backwards ※ Fixed a bug that was preventing players from purchasing 18% Blacksmith's Talismans from the Dream Powder Exchange ※ Decreased the amount of EXP required to level up for Levels 195~200 *You will not be able to use the skill until you are the correct level for that spell level. Create a support ticket with your character name to receive a free Skill Reset + Skill Books. Example: If you are level 202, but have VS Grand Meister Skill Level 10, you will not be able to cast the skill until you are level 210.
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    Force Close issue :(

    Hmm I'm fairly certain this is happening because you were banned for hacking. Send me a DM on discord with your character name and maybe we can work something out.
  10. DKR Fayth

    Force Close issue :(

    @Elric, This is a very weird issue and you are not making any sense. Were you recently banned by the anti-hack system for using hacks?
  11. DKR Fayth

    Force Close issue :(

    Try these to see if it fixes the issue. Add DEP exceptions Google "how to add DEP exceptions for Windows ____" --- change the ___ to whatever windows you have, like XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10 Add the following two programs to DEP exceptions: C:/Dekaron Rising/RisingLauncher.exe and C:/Dekaron Rising/bin/dkrising.exe Run as admin Open My Computer ---> C:/Dekaron Rising/ Right click "RisingLauncher" or "RisingLauncher.exe", go to properties, and click "Run as Administrator"
  12. DKR Fayth

    Force Close issue :(

    What % on the loading screen are you crashing? 37%? 84%? 99%?
  13. DKR Fayth

    Force Close issue :(

    What exactly do you mean by "i cant even open it, its was like automatic close." Are you pressing the play button and the client is not opening? Or, are you getting a crash on the loading screen? Or are you having another issue with "client version does not match?" Please be as specific as possible so we can help you resolve this issue. Thanks.
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    Replied to your support ticket. \\Locked
  15. DKR Fayth

    Discord Status [ONLINE]

    Hello Community, Discord is experiencing server issues at the moment. It will be back up as soon as possible. Note: This issue is Discord's end, not ours. https://status.discordapp.com/ http://downdetector.com/status/discord This post will be updated when discord is operational again.
  16. Hello @xMajjic @wid0mz, Join our Discord server (link in my forum description below) we have a channel there where I post and keep the most up-to-date guides.
  17. Major Update 19.0 Overview ※ Server Upgrade ※ Shangri-La (New Field) ※ Grand Meister Skills ※ New Skin Diamond ※ Winter Holiday Contents Manual Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GSFBUgF9Pc46P_J_7ytWnvMNYNwSAEEP/view?usp=sharing Server Upgrade (Part 1) Server hardware capacity has been doubled. Faster processing speed, better response time, and much more. This is only part 1 of our server upgrade process. Part 2 will include uplinks all over the world, including Asia and Australia. Shangri-La You Dekarons and your greed. Striving to find the lost skills that are feared even by the 12 Incar Gods. You decided to look for Velikas as it is rumoured that he is capable of replicating ANYTHING. You want him to replicate the lost skillbooks of the Incar Gods for you? But are you willing to pay the price that comes with such power? Make your way to the lost realm that is the small world of Shangri-La, created by Velikas and find what you seek. Are you willing to die for what you seek? Because dying you most certainly will. ※ Level Requirement: 200+ (Max level has been increased to level 210) ※ Dil Cost: 500,000 (Portal located in the bottom-left corner of Ardeca) ※ Channels: Arcane Only (No monsters spawn on this map on Channel Lurile) New [Legendary] Cat Doll pet! Drop from Velikas! Fighter Doll - 100% chance of dropping 1x Book of Magic Axolotl Doll - 100% chance of dropping 1x Book of Magic Hirsh Dolls - 50% chance of dropping Velikas Token Pass Doll - 100% chance of dropping 1x Pass Mavric Nium Doll - 100% chance of dropping 1x Nium Mavric Tatum Doll - 100% chance of dropping 1x Tatum Mavric Guardian Doll - 100% chance of dropping 2x Velikas Token MonsterHead Doll (miniboss) - 100% chance of dropping 14x Velikas Token Mavric monsters spawns randomly throughout the map every 20 minutes Grand Meister Skills ※ NEW Two Skills per class ※ Level Requirement to learn the Grand Meisters: 200 ※ Each Grand Meister can be upgraded to Skill Level 10 for 0 Skill Points, but you will need to level up your character each time. Example: Max Level Grand Meister Skill unlocks at Character Level 210. ※ NEW Exchange: Grand Meister Skill Book Exchange, you must bring NPC Aneela 1000 Book of Magic and 500 Velika's Token to receive 1x Grand Meister Skill Book of your choice. NPC Aneela can be found at the entrance of Shangri-La. The Grand Meister skills are balanced so one is mainly for PvP and one is mainly for PvE. This makes PvP more balanced and also makes it easier to balance the skills in the future. This also adds more variation to the endgame as we are aware that some people play for the PvE aswell. This does not mean that the ones mainly balanced towards PvP are useless in PvE and vice versa. All the following Grand Meister skills are mainly PvP skills: 1. Rapid Blaze 2. Soul Burn 3. Sharp Detonation 4. Doom Spiral 5. Seal Kaiju 6. Dragon Roar 7. Final Punish 8. Meteor Blaze 9. Astral Darkness All the following Grand meister skills are mainly PvE skills: 1. Vanish 2. Hurricane Assault 3. Explosion Crusher 4. Curse Sanctuary 5. Curse Cloud 6. Flare Bloom 7. Genesis Spear 8. Earth Eruption 9. Nightmare All the following skills are both PvP and PvE skills: 1. Infinity Evil 2. Moon Shining Storm 3. Fury of Venom 4. Spiral Poison Note: Book of Magic & Velika's Token are binded items. However, the Grand Meister Skill Books are not binded. NEW Skin Boss — Velikas Dollmaster Velikas You have managed to find your way to Doll Master Velkas' realm. A small world created by him. You seek the power of the Gods and believe Velikas is able to replicate the skills that even the 12 Incar Gods fear. Difficulty: Very Hard Drops: - 4% Chance of dropping 1x [Legendary] Cat Doll Pet - 33% Chance of dropping 1x [Skin Diamond] Velikas Respawn Time: 4 hours Map: Shangri-La Channel(s): Ark HP: 180000000 Attacks: 1) Normal melee attacks that damages the player on impact 2) Velikas copies the powers of Cherubim and places a rune that explodes for extremely high damage after 3 seconds 3) Velikas copies the powers of Umbar and summons war lanterns that hits a target while also inflicting a BLOW 4) Velikas copies the powers of Niniel and shoots a ball of energy at a target that deals damage and increases all skills MP cost for a few seconds 5) Velikas copies the powers of Neo Deux Marble and strikes all surrounding targets with magical energy which also slows the movement speed of all targets by 50% for a few seconds 6) Minions: Velikas summons two Qilae Dolls to assist him in battle. 7) Velikas copies the powers of Tritone and summons a giant pool of water to crush anyone caught within range 😎 Passive Ability: Velikas constantly summon minions random places in his arena. Tread carefully. Tactics: Try to keep the fight at the center of the arena. Velikas constantly summons Dekaron- and various boss Dolls around in his arena. These can heavily impact the fight if aggroed. Try to kill the Qilae Dolls before fighting Velikas. [Skin Diamond] Velikas Winter Holiday Contents & Dream Powder Exchange Update ※ Frost Glow Applied ※ Winter Ardeca Theme Applied ※ [Rare] Pet Snowman drops from the Snowman in Ardeca — 1% Drop Rate ※ [Rare] Pet Snowman added to the D-Shop for 8,900 DKC ※ Free Santa Costume mailed to all characters that logged in within the last 30-days The following has been added to the Dream Powder Exchange: ※ Santa Girl 15pcs = 150 Dream Powder ※ 18% Blacksmith Talisman = 3000 Dream Powder Agency Added the following items to the Agency Marketplace: ※ All Grand Meister Skill Books ※ [Skin Diamond] Velikas ※ Pet Cat Egg ※ Pet Snowman Egg Miscellaneous Changes ※ EXP Revamp, +200% EXP Amulets will no longer bug your EXP Gain. ※ Fixed a minor visual bug with the mixed gem glow. Balance Part 5 https://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/forums/topic/28513-balance-part-5/
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    Where to get Meister-Skills?

    Please read the guide that Danny attached into this thread above. Thank you.
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    Patch 19.2: Bug Fixes & Security Upgrades

    Click on the "? info" button on the top right corner of the launcher.
  20. Here you can view all weapon skin previews for all classes. This post will be kept updated when new skins are released. Sap Skin: https://imgur.com/a/fmeULvt Sun Skin: https://imgur.com/a/wSGQiNi Tech Skin: https://imgur.com/a/ZEpUSIL Maelstrom Skin: https://imgur.com/a/r574iBW Red-light Skin: https://imgur.com/a/EPMku9q Cursed Skin: https://imgur.com/a/WUG8ZJs Velikas Skin: https://imgur.com/a/u0gQ4Qd
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    [Guide]: All Class Weapon Skin Previews!

    I'll update this guide soon. https://imgur.com/a/HqDnlSl
  22. DKR Fayth

    Where to get Meister-Skills?

    No problem, if you have any further questions feel free to ask. Also, join our Discord! The link to our discord is in my forum signature below. I am randomly giving away free items on Discord until Christmas.
  23. DKR Fayth

    How to change my in-game password

    Update: I just saw your Support Ticket and responded to it. Please check your support ticket because I am waiting for your reply. \\Closed
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