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  1. Hello @ry5kford, I merged all of your replies to this post into one reply. As stated in our Forum Rules, refrain from double-posting (in this case penta-posting). You can click on the "Edit" button on a post to add more information if needed. Now moving on to your issue, the patching speed of the launcher depends solely on your Internet Connection. A faster Internet Connection would result in updating the files quicker and more efficiently. Please try directly connecting to the Internet via an Ethernet Cable or use a faster network if possible.
  2. Hello @PlsBeKind2Others, Those are great suggestions to monitor the lower-tier DK Square. That being said, those are some of many tasks we carried out to deal with the abusers in the lower-tier DK Square that we had. The issue we had was that 90% of the users entering the lower-tier DK Square lobbies were doing so to abuse which is what ultimately led us to close them down. If more users were using them legitimately and only a small percentage of users were abusing it then we would have left it open and continued to ban the abusers whenever they triggered our Anti-Cheat Systems.
  3. Click the repair button on the launcher.
  4. @hana, I see that GM-Zennou has responded to your support ticket about this issue. Please keep further correspondence about this ticket in the support request that you have already generated. We need your character name in the ticket in order to proceed. Thank you, DKR Support Team \\Locked
  5. If the issue is happening 100% of the time then I suspect that your client is not fully up-to-date and it missing something that is causing you to crash 100% of the time upon getting close to an object or animation that isn't in your client. Try clicking on the repair button in the launcher or using the manual patch to see if that fixes the issue. (Re-patch fully to make sure nothing is missing)
  6. is this issue 100% reproducible?
  7. I wrote a wall of text, but of course nobody wants to talk about the real issues. Let's instead talk more about the tiniest *forum* rules possible instead of the staff member abuse accusations and other more serious allegations of staff members not enforcing rules of "blatant cheating in br" -- Which is coming from the same people who were temporarily banned for a week for "blatant cheating in br" Ironic. (Users sent me three videos of the blatant cheating on your behalf, but ya'll just expect me to ban people that you want banned with no evidence.) >> Didn't expect anyone to quote me on the original subject anyways. \\Locked, reason: topic was de-railed to discuss misdemeanors rather than the original subject after already warned to keep the thread on-topic.
  8. " When you going to learn that i dont give a fly about what you think? lmao Also stop qq about every post i do, if u dont like what i type theres a block/ignore function for a reason. Wont answer u anymore so dont waste ur time again quoting Have a nice crashes " Nothing that he said violates the Terms of Service, so no, he won't be receiving a warning. Let's keep this thread on-topic and with less flaming of one another so that we can move on. Otherwise, I'll have to lock this thread.
  9. Hello @Annoyotron, I apologize on behalf of the DKR-Staff Team for the miscommunication. We are a private-server and therefore do not have the optimizations that the official version of the game has. The DEV-Team has been working diligently to resolve the DK-Square crashes for over a year - with no luck after testing several clients. The reason why GM-Zennou recommended downgrading your Operation System is because users on Windows 7 have reported have little-to-no crashes; whereas Windows 10 users are primarily the users being affected by the crashes. GM-Zennou told me that he explained this to you privately and assumed that you understood since you didn't continue the conversation further. Furthermore, it is apparent that you either don't play here or are a new player because all of the long-time users on DKR know the truth surrounding crashes, staff abuse, and more. If you DMed me on Discord about players cheating, you did it under another alias because I don't know who you are. If you created a support ticket about players cheating, you also did it under another forum account but I don't recall speaking with you about any users cheating. Recently, a handful of very geared players were temporarily suspended for cheating in BR/PTM when another user sent us video proof of the claims. These players know who they are, and their friends also know who they are. (Which also intrigues me, because majority of the Dekaron Community knows I swing my ban hammer easily). The baseless accusations and insults against the DKR-Staff Team aren't going to be tolerated. If you have evidence that supports any of your claims, then you may submit an abuse report to me and we'll handle it accordingly. Please be aware that if you accuse any staff member of abusing their powers without proof then you could be punished for making false accusations. On top of that, if you accuse *any* user of violating the Terms of Service without supporting proof then you could still be punished for making false accusations. Regardless of status, anyone accused of violating the Terms of Service is always fully investigated by myself and/or other staff members to unveil the truth. This will be your formal warning. We aren't forcing anyone to play Dekaron Rising, everyone has the freedom to play whatever game they want and whatever private server they want. If you truly don't enjoy the experience here, then we encourage you to find something that makes you happy rather than stress you out and create such an issue in your life. Thank you for the feedback, and please be sure to create a support ticket or DM me on Discord if you have any evidence supporting your claims so that I can make the necessary sanctions if deemed necessary. Hello @kritllsj, I replied to your support ticket 2 hours after you originally created it on Friday at 08:13 PM. Your next reply to the ticket was Yesterday at 01:19 AM. We state that all support tickets are typically responded to within 24~48 hours, and at reasonable hours. I just arrived from home from Church and answered all tickets awaiting responses before opening the forums and reading this thread. I saw on my iPhone that you updated your ticket at 1:19 AM but I was already in bed and decided I would reply to your ticket when I was back from Church today. I apologize if I offended you in any way, it wasn't my intention but it seems our active times are different.
  10. A bride feels nagging remorse, but a botched cigar admonishes a dissident. A pocket goes deep sea fishing with the labyrinth. Unlike so many impresarios who have made their rhetorical piroshki abhorrent to us, snows remain unseemly. A cleavage, the snow for the mirror, and a wily tea party are what got Jespera into trouble.
  11. I do not understand your question.
  12. Fayth

    Sealing angelic souls

    SlashX is correct. You cannot upgrade an item while it is sealed.
  13. For belts and armlets you need to use both. For example: +1 -> +2 Teragrace Belt will require 1 Copper Argate and 1 Colosseum Argate in order to fortify. Noble -> Divine Noble Teragrace Armlet will require 1 Tatum Mavric and 1 Colosseum Mavric in order to option.
  14. Fayth

    Sealing angelic souls

    Hello @2g00d4u, Sealing an Angelic Soul will cost 10 Sealing Powder. Sealing a Parca's Tear will cost 50 Sealing Powder.
  15. Manual Patch: <https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GSFBUgF9Pc46P_J_7ytWnvMNYNwSAEEP> Performance and Quality Updates ※ Minor improvements to our network, cloud services stability, and latency. New Content ※ Mystic Unicorn Mount Cost: 12,600 DKC ※ Evil Unicorn Mount Cost: 12,600 DKC Increased Upgrade Fortification Rates ※ Fortification success rates have been increased slightly. ※ The success rates have been increased for these items: Weapons, Armors, Necklaces, Rings, Belts, and Armlets. ※ These are the upgrades that now have higher success rates: +4, +5, +6, +7, +8, +9, and +10. ※ These are the upgrades that were not changed: +1, +2, and +3. ※ Removed upgrade success rates from in-game NPC descriptions. Increased Upgrade Fortification Cost ※ All fortification costs have been increased by 400%. The table below reflects these changes. D-Shop & Purchase Point Price Adjustments ※ Renamed the 8% Attack gem Randombox to the Special Gem Randombox in the D-Shop Store and Purchase Point Exchange. ※ Added +300 HP Gems to the Special Gem Randombox. ※ Decreased the cost of the Special Gem Randombox in the D-Shop Store from 34,200 DKC to 13,680 DKC. (60% reduction) ※ Decreased the cost of the Special Gem Randombox in the Purchase Point Exchange from 8,250,000 PP to 3,300,000 PP. (60% reduction) ※ Decreased the cost of the Ultimate Gem Randombox in the Purchase Point Exchange from 2,750,000 PP to 1,100,000 PP. (60% reduction) Agency Update ※ Added [Skin Diamond] Siege ※ Added [Legendary] Friendly Soul Pet ※ Added +120 HP Gems Bug Fixes & Other Changes ※ Set the next siege battle for 7/27/2019. ※ Fixed the server that handles Password changes and Password resets. ※ Fixed a typo for the D-Shop Item Wings of Raph. ※ Increased the HP of Deux Marble by double. ※ Decreased the amount of Sealing Powder required to seal an Angelic Soul from 30ea Sealing Powder to 10ea Sealing Powder. ※ Fixed a spelling error in the temporary ban message displayed at the login screen.