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  1. Thanks for the quick feedback!
  2. Fayth


    Entertain me with offers: Selling or trading my 95b to your ???? (I don't need any AK items)
  3. There's a result code with all of the knockback skills that specifically causes it to do "Your skill has been interrupted" DK, Bagi, Hunter, and possibly a few other classes have this skill result code embedding into the KB skills. The result code is 6100000, but removing the result code then causes user's skills to no longer be interrupted by certain stuns or knockbacks (thus we would end up with people still being able to finish casting skills during and after being KBed by a skill using that result code).
  4. This is a very valid concern, we now have tools to detect if someone is piloting another users account at any time. This will result in both users being disqualified immediately and then there will most likely be further punishment at the Executive Staff Member's discretion. Cheating at this event will not be tolerated by anyone. As for Segnale's, there are currently no specific rules for that class. If this changes, we will make sure that everyone participating in the Segnale Class Bracket is aware.
  5. If someone is "lagging" and wins, then yes they won.
  6. Hello @XX23, This is explained in rule #7 in the article.
  7. Hello Rising-Warriors, The much anticipated 2019 Class vs. Class PVP Tournament is finally here! Registration: If you think you have what it takes to become a true champion of your own class, then REGISTER now before it's too late! Simply send a reply in this thread with your in-game name, level, and class. You MUST be registered to be able to participate. You may register two different classes of your own. Note: Finishing all 12 classes in 1-day is not guaranteed, so we will divide all 12 classes into 2-days. 26th of October - 08:30 AM (New York Time) Aloken, Azure Knight, Bagi Warrior, Black Wizard, Concerra Summoner, and Dragon Knight. 27th of October - 08:30 AM (New York Time) Half Bagi, Incar Magician, Segita Hunter, Segnale, Seguriper, and Vicious Summoner. Rules: Entry level rounds of the tournament will be SINGLE ELIMINATION meaning that you only have to win once to advance. Semi-finals will also be SINGLE ELIMINATION. Finals will be Best of 3. All weapons and all weapon skins are allowed. All matches will be held on the Lurile Channel meaning you can NOT use any types of buffs/fish etc. What if I get disconnected and it's not my fault? You will lose. I am sorry but this can't be proven, and it's highly unlikely that you'll get disconnected in such a short period of time. What if the other guy was lagging? This happens very rarely and cannot be taken into consideration. People can't influence their connections and they're not doing it to gain an advantage. Also consider that their advantage can be your advantage too. You are only entitled to register TWO different classes (yes, we will be checking). Any more than 2 entries will be disqualified before we reach the event. -- Piloting another user's account during the tournament that you did not register for will disqualify you from the tournament. We WILL be checking this as well! Also, creating multiple forum accounts in an attempt to trick us will also result in disqualification. A reminder that many members of the DKR Staff Team will be supervising the event. Hacking or cheating will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification or bans left at the Game Master's discretion. Prizes: 1st Place Prize: 75,000 D-Shop Coins 2x 8% Elemental Damage Gems of your choice Your character name placed on your class statue in Ardeca Champion Wings (365-Days) 2nd Place Prize: 35,000 D-Shop Coins 1x 8% Elemental Damage Gem of your choice Note: Dekaron Rising reserves the right to make any changes to the prizes prior to the start of the event. If adjustments are made, they will be displayed here. Not only are there prizes for this event, but you walk away with the prestige and glory that you are one of the most powerful players on our server. Best of luck to all participants!
  8. Welcome back @HealingTouch12, We were in the S N O W alliance together way back then.
  9. Download and install here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42643
  10. Because Dark Wizard's element on Dekaron Rising is Fire, none of a Dark Wizard's attacks can be guarded against. Attacks and hits never miss, as well as debuffs and other statuses. Their attacks will always land. This is because we are on an modified A9 .exe rather than the most up-to-date A20 .exe that Papaya utilizes.
  11. Create a support ticket if you want to receive another rename seed.
  12. Hello @ry5kford, I merged all of your replies to this post into one reply. As stated in our Forum Rules, refrain from double-posting (in this case penta-posting). You can click on the "Edit" button on a post to add more information if needed. Now moving on to your issue, the patching speed of the launcher depends solely on your Internet Connection. A faster Internet Connection would result in updating the files quicker and more efficiently. Please try directly connecting to the Internet via an Ethernet Cable or use a faster network if possible.
  13. Hello @PlsBeKind2Others, Those are great suggestions to monitor the lower-tier DK Square. That being said, those are some of many tasks we carried out to deal with the abusers in the lower-tier DK Square that we had. The issue we had was that 90% of the users entering the lower-tier DK Square lobbies were doing so to abuse which is what ultimately led us to close them down. If more users were using them legitimately and only a small percentage of users were abusing it then we would have left it open and continued to ban the abusers whenever they triggered our Anti-Cheat Systems.
  14. Click the repair button on the launcher.