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  1. Hello Community, Discord is experiencing server issues at the moment. It will be back up as soon as possible. Note: This issue is Discord's end, not ours. https://status.discordapp.com/ http://downdetector.com/status/discord This post will be updated when discord is operational again.
  2. Re-uploaded with better quality
  3. 1:50 First Miniboss 3:28 Destroy Fire Fairy 4:26 Second Miniboss 6:25 Third Miniboss 7:55 Fourth Miniboss 9:19 Tyrant Rudene ----- Big thanks to HoeWithBlades & ScykkGnOm for helping me create this full run video of the dungeon! Objectives to complete a perfect dungeon run: Kill all Monsters / Bosses to unlock the next portion of the InDun. Destroy the Fire Fairy to gain immunity to all Fire HP Drains for 5 minutes, crucial to defeat the mini-boss. Applies the buff to all alive party members. Avoid the tornado's summoned by Nymph. Avoid the ring that Selaena performs. (WARNING message at top of screen). Avoid the Lava Pools that are spawned by Rudene. The safe zones move periodically and are displayed with Blue Lights. The space between the Blue Lights are safe from lava. Rudene's 20 second stun can be removed by a Segnale or a Seguriper. Make sure this stun is removed often for max DPS. Designate one character to tank the boss. Must have a high amount of HP. Must have gear that allows them to tank better than the rest of the party and is supported by other members of the party. Mablray Seal or Dragonic Squama +9 Fire Necklaces or Parca Tear's Classes that are good for tanking this boss: Bagi Warrior Half Bagi Azure Knight Bring consumable buffs, these are very important to make the dungeon easier. Even if you don't have D-Shop buffs the normal candies are just as powerful. Malakites Half-Cooked Laker Steak Clear Mullet Stew Greasy Smoked Carmin Crisp and Pure Water of Avalon Ice Mushroom Ice Flower Anima Secret Remedy Aged Loam Cheese Soft Farie Cake Fried Crunchy Mantis Clear Parca Holy Water Depellium Saint Lana White & Dark Valentine Chocolates
  4. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask!
  5. Fayth

    Dekaron Rising Rules

    Hello, Playing the game with multiple accounts at once is allowed everywhere except for these areas: BR PTM DK Square
  6. Hello @Ceres, I believe you need a minimum of 6 SPR to equip the lowest staff. You need a low-level staff to cast the chakras and debuffs.
  7. Hello Community, The Shard that our Discord server is hosted on has crashed. It will be back up as soon as possible. Note: This issue is Discord's end, not ours. https://status.discordapp.com/ This post will be updated when our Shard is back online.
  8. Fayth

    [Guide]: Wings System

    They are level 102 wings, not level 121, and they are available from NPC Hosea found at the entrance of Egutt Desert who is right beside the teleporter that you use to level up from level 60~180....
  9. Fayth

    [Guide]: Wings System

    I am not sure what you mean, we never had any wings available at level 121... the guide is up to date so check it out for all information regarding the wings system.
  10. Welcome to Dekaron Rising! 1.) Once you reach level 190, Parca Temple and Cherubim's Nest Dungeon are the best locations to level up from 190~200. In Parca Temple you will want to lure the monsters in the Right Wing and kill them. Parties are very helpful here as the monsters are balanced towards Osmium Sets and +10 weapons. The Cherubim's Nest Dungeon requires a minimum of 4 players to start and gives high EXP. 2.) Ideally you want to get the Ring that drops from the last boss in Tower of Spell and upgrade it fully using 1x Dark Stone and 1x Mana Crystalline. You also want to use Necklaces over Floss Rings because they are much more powerful. If you grab some Gold Argates from Tower of Spell, spam those on your +7 Geiz Necklaces to try and make some +8 and +9. Doing this will give you a little more Vitality and magical resistance against specific elements (More Vitality = More Damage from Critical Strikes) Once you get geared up a little, head into DKSQ and farm enough Purchase Points to get yourself a Dragonic Squama. This is a ring that will make you tankier in both PVP and PVE. After you get a Squama, then go back and work towards a Lachrymae (damage). You can't wear both at the same time. Because DKSQ is fully PVP, it will be hard for a new player to get kills. However, that being said, you will still gain PP as long as you are in the party/raid and are ALIVE when someone else in your party/raid gets a kill. Supporting your team with buffs, heals, etc is good. If you die very quickly, I would even recommend you to just run around and destroy the enemies Protection Stones while your stronger party members fight the enemies. Destroying Protection Stones will grant your team members with a buff while applying a debuff to all members of the enemy team. 2 a~c.) Focus on farming Dream Powders, Dragon Bones, Gold Argates, Tatum Mavrics, and Sap Bottles. You can sell these for dil to other players and use the dil to buy items from other characters. I do not recommend crafting gear unless you have collected lots of resources and ready to break some items. The same goes for upgrading +7 Geiz Necklaces. You need to collect many necklaces to spam argates on to get +8 & +9. Once you get some dil by selling exchange items, you can use that dil to get yourself +10 lv. 180 weapons, 195 weapons, osmium parts, teragrace parts, and other stuff. 3. This is tricky because it all depends on what you can find and who is willing to sell their items for donations. Personally, I would sell donations to dil to other players. $10 is around 1,500,000,000 dil or more.
  11. Fayth

    Launcher problem

    Join our Discord Server and send me a Direct Message or ask in the #support channel.
  12. Fayth

    wanted class

    Segnale is pretty powerful, has great healing, and very important for dungeons/boss hunting/parties.
  13. Fayth


    Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💞💖💝💗💕 🍷