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  1. @madlucifer, You can view the stat requirements for the level 200 staff in the D-Shop. Just hover over the weapon and it will show you exactly which stats you need.
  2. Hello @nafalabi, You can run Dekaron Rising on any dual-boot system or Virtual Machine.
  3. @jarwin, Did you try going there on Arcane?
  4. This is very true, a lot of users tend to have different variations of the definitions of Pay-To-Win and Pay-To-Get-Ahead. If a game implements a Pay-To-Get-Ahead System but in reality, the users have to play daily for ten years to obtain an item that users that make a real money purchase can get in moments then that can also be considered heavily Pay-To-Win because of the amount of farming time required being too unrealistic. We do, however, offer alternative ways to get lesser boosts like 20%, 50%, 100%, and 200% amulets for free. The 200% amulets do take a while either through Dil or the Daily Attendance Coin Exchange because they offer the highest experience boost. I agree wholly with what you have stated above. The 7% elemental attack gems in the D-Shop store were the same price as they currently are now. The 7% elemental attack gem boxes are still in the D-Shop exchange but nobody purchases them anymore since the cost is too great. I could be wrong on what I am about to say next, but, I don't remember that 7% elemental attack gems were first introduced into the Purchase Point Exchange until much later. If I remember correctly, they were first introduced on Under Crespo Abyss as a 0.01% or 0.02% drop rate from the Hellish Spiders. I could be entirely wrong on this though as this was a couple of years ago. Yes, the prices of the 8% elemental attack gems were increasing before that issue, but that bug is only one of the multiple reasons that could have affected the increase in the price of the 8% elemental attack gems. Other potential reasons include the fact that the DKR-Staff Team is not permitted to reward 8% gems in any events unless under very specific circumstances whereas 7% gems can still be widely rewarded in events. Even in our biggest tournaments, the DKR-Staff Team refrained from rewarding these gems. That being said, I still do not consider the 1% increase in elemental attack damage from the 8% gems over the 7% gems to be a significant enough advantage to describe the gems as Pay-To-Win. If the 8% gems instead gave 10% or more elemental damage, then in my opinion, that would be considered more Pay-To-Win due to the significant and noticeable power advantage. Here is the most important part, which I feel like only a small percentage of users really took away from us adding the 8% elemental attack gems to the D-Shop Store: There was an issue of severe monopolist control over the sale of 8% gems on the server. What we did to benefit the consumer rather than the seller was to add a Price Ceiling in the D-Shop Store that prevents the gems from being sold for more than our set market price; since if a consumer of 8% attack gems purchased a gem for higher than our set price it would be at their own personal loss. This action benefits the consumers over the monopolists which were taking advantage of their superior market power. Now, they can no longer benefit themselves at the cost of others. Monopolists are no longer the only sellers in the 8% gems market. The DEV-Team opened up a second avenue for consumers to access 8% gems in hopes of stabilizing the economy. Adjustments can and will be made in the future as they are deemed necessary. tl;dr: We reduced the monopolists market power and their ability to influence the market price of 8% gems.
  5. Hello @Disty, Everyone is entitled to their opinion of Pay-To-Win, I'm not saying that your opinion is wrong, but I think it can be described a little clearer. I do agree with some of what you said to an extent. Pay-To-Win is when users are able to buy something with real money that is not obtainable in-game and also grants the user significant power advantages over other users that have not made the same real-money purchases. Pay-To-Progress-Faster is not Pay-To-Win. 7% gems were in the D-Shop Store when they were released on DK-Rising, but we tried to hold off implementing the 8% gems into the D-Shop Store as long as possible. Personally, I wrote some statements that the new 8% gems should not be added into the D-Shop Store but my opinion changed over time along with the market prices of these items. Also, there were never any issues in the past with 7% gems existing in the D-Shop Store. Over time, the price of 8% gems appreciated in value instead of depreciating which is what the DEV-Team wanted to happen. There are multiple reasons why these gems appreciated in value and many of them have been improved upon behind-the-scenes. One example that I will notate here is; there was a bug that was causing anyone who connected to the Asia Cloud to immediately disconnect from DK Square, Battle Royale, or PTM upon entering. This issue has been fixed. The primary reason why 8% gems were added to the D-Shop Store is to set a very much needed Price Ceiling on the item. Users will no longer be able to sell 8% gems higher than the market price that we have now set them at. They can be sold for equal to or less than the D-Shop value, but not above our server-determined price ceiling. Ultimately, the consumers looking to purchase 8% gems benefit from this. Furthermore, 7% gems cost approximately 200~240 million dil in the agency and are quite easy to obtain. The 8% gems only offer 1% more increase in elemental damage per gem and cost 6~8 billion dil or more prior to the update that added them to D-Shop Store. This action is not a cash-grab or pay-to-win. This action was simply our developer solution to work towards improving the market surrounding these new gems. Data shows that the cost of many items was affected by these gems by increasing their value much more than what we anticipated for. Thank you. DKR-Fayth
  6. Fayth


    Hello @CountFire, We do not have a Stamina statistic on Dekaron. If you are referring to Mana (MP) which is the Blue Bar located directly underneath your Health (HP) Red Bar, then you can purchase Mana Potions from the NPCs in Ardeca very cheap.
  7. Fayth


    Hello @CountFire, Check out our Pet Guide! This guide has information on how to obtain all Pets and everything else you need to know about them.
  8. Fayth

    5% Gems location

    You can also get All Resistance Gems and Guard Gems from Tower of Spell. All Resistance Gems go into your Armors and Guard Gems go into your Helmets.
  9. You can purchase D-Shop Items with Dil without ever needing to become a "Pocket Warrior". Pay-To-Win is where there are significant advantages locked behind a Payment Wall that you cannot access by any other means other than paying real money, because these items can be purchased with Dil and other game items it does not fall under the definition of "Pay-To-Win".
  10. Make sure your client is up to date, it is working.
  11. Fayth


    Welcome back to Dekaron Rising, I see that you already joined our Discord as well.
  12. Some items were missing from the Agency (meaning if someone was selling them, you wouldn't be able to see them in the Agency). This update adds these missing items to the agency to be viewed and purchased from other users without having to check every shop for the item.
  13. OMG 2.75m per box ! That is like 27+ dks from your timezone, and each one being 15+ min. That is 405+ minutes (7 hours, ps. 1200 minutes is 20hrs not 72 hours) of game time for a box that has a 62% chance of not giving you an 8% gem. So what you are saying is that you have 21 hours to maybe get a shot at one random 8% gem, but you don't have 20 hours to get a guaranteed 8% gem by your calculations? --- 7% gems are still just as competitive as 8% gems and only cost at most 250m each as opposed to the current 6~8b per gem; or maybe the 20b+ for a blood whip with 3x 8% gems than 8b or less for a blood whip with 3x 7% gems.