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  1. It's usually a low-level character that uses the hack, and then the DKR-Staff Team proceeds to ban all of the associated characters. Example: Assume I created a low-level character and then hacked with it. We have the tools to trace this kind of the behavior and ban the users main character(s) as well as all other associated characters, vend characters, etc. Hackers try to act surprised and make statements like "Show me where <insert_char_name> used hacks". They say this because they know that they didn't use the hacks on their main character, that they used them on an alt instead. What they don't realize is that we can this with our beefed up anti-hack system.
  2. What? I never unbanned you because of a glitch in the system. I unbanned you because I was feeling nice and let you off with a warning. Please don't take that support ticket out of context....
  3. Fayth

    Rising 2020

    I thoroughly enjoy working with the Dekaron Community to keep our favorite game running as smoothly as possible. We wouldn't be able to make any of this happen without our amazing supporters! A lot goes on behind the scenes to maintain the fairness and preserve the fun of the game. The entire Dekaron Staff Team is dedicated towards this mission and are excited to bring even more amazing content to everyone in 2020. #DKUprising #DKRising
  4. It's a wonderful idea, but sadly there will be users who will heavily abuse it. And when I say heavily abuse it, I'm speaking in terms of millions of purchase points. Boosting was a massive issue in the past, which is what led to the removal of the lower tiers. We even had to remove the REALLY low tiers because people abused those as well when we removed the higher ones!! One day we may add them back when we have a reliable solution to the cheating on that specific issue, but I don't realistically see this happening in the near future. (Just being honest). Open to ideas for solutions for the boosting if anyone can think of something creative (that we haven't tried already).
  5. Awesome event! Can't wait to look at all of the submissions!!!
  6. Fayth

    Gone Forever

    lol i love this pic
  7. We have this working on our server but never implemented because we would rather just make it a free thing for all characters to have than make everyone pay for it. That being said, we ended up not adding it due to the potential of some users being able to bug abuse it. EDIT: Keep in mind it doesn't work for binded items.
  8. Are the monsters in Python Castle, Doomed Maze, Deadlands, and Mitera too strong for you? I suggest getting to level 150 before trying to farm Dream Powder.
  9. Is this real life? Someone actually made a reasonable thread outlining some potential changes?? I must be really dreaming. But on a serious note, thank you Keith. I've been extremely busy with working full time and my recent engagement. When I have some free time to DEV I have some ideas to implement soon in regards to the market, PVE, and a few other things.
  10. naive if you think people will actually read and understand this. 1.) already increased upgrade rates 2.) lowered price of gems drastically, possibly even more in the future 3.) removing half of the akris from parca temple soon ultimately players just need to craft items, i spent just a few days on the server a few weeks ago and made a full mage set perf. tl;dr people will complain 24/7 but will not offer any reasonable changes "gm plz fix <insert issue>" "what do you propose?" "idk but GIM plZ FIX"
  11. Oh I understand what you are saying now. Thanks for clarifying, because I was about to say that Nitex and I never mentioned anything about VIP giving players better stats. o-o
  12. Thanks for the report, we'll look into it.
  13. I have a couple of other AK videos on my channel, but please take note that these are videos from before the OP grand meisters were added. My AK using non-perf set and level 195 weps. Lach switching is also really good for AKS (extremely difficult to master as AK's already have to switch between 3 different weapons and necks/tears). There is a little bit of lach switching in the video. As Danny said, once someone takes the time to really master AK it can win against majority of classes of equal gear if not all classes. PS: I'm not even that good on AK, there are many AKs far better than me like Zeshin and Akhazikos.
  14. You should still be able to donate for VIP using a Debit Card if I'm not mistaken. Please try to use that method on our donation page and if it doesn't work please create a support ticket for additional assistance.
  15. No problem! They are definitely possible to make, and if I remember correctly I think you can also make Full AR swords. xD OP against magical classes!
  16. Hello @valkirionz, To cancel your VIP subscription all you have to do is log into your PayPal Account and enter the "Recurring Subscriptions" section of your account. Once on that page, you will cancel your monthly VIP subscription to RES Server Hosting or Dekaron Rising. PayPal's API handles all of our subscription services so that's the best way to cancel your subscription without problems. If you need additional assistance please create a support ticket, Thanks!
  17. Deadfront is disabled on C2, the reason why Lurile kept crashing is because users were attempting to do Deadfront on that channel and when they entered it made the server crash. We removed the option to apply for Deadfront on Lurile with the latest restart to stop people from trying it and crashing the server. Deadfront is only available on Arcane to promote competition. This is the way it was supposed to be for the past year.
  18. \\Locked Thread is here:
  19. Like Dannyboi said, a lot of players seem to value AR shields more than Block so you'd be pretty hard-pressed to find one that is all Block. Personally I used an AR shield because I couldn't be bothered to make a full Block shield.
  20. Sorry for double-posting but I agree with you, I have not heard from a single person other than this jerk-off that the skills are not working.