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  1. Hello Heroes, AFK Farming is no longer allowed on our server. AFK farming as a Vicious Summoner/Concerra Summoner is very detrimental to our economy. This is now a bannable offense, updated in our in-game rules in conditions. You can find a link to the full list of rules in my forum signature below. You can report AFK farming or other suspicious activity to us on our discord channel or on forum and abusers will be punished accordingly. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. ~Dekaron Rising Staff Team
  2. Patch 14.2: Winter Contents Patch!

    Yes, manual patch i posted at the top of this article. NPC Nasal in Doomed Maze. The door is currently bugged and will be fixed soon. The only way to get inside the room at the moment is with Summy/Concerra recall.

    Servers are up in 10 minutes as promised! <3 //Locked

  5. Patch 14.2: Winter Contents Patch!

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/rj9lcbr78qdt5hu/Default+glows.zip Default Glows The new Parca Tear's Accessory is an Angelic Soul Upgrade, a very powerful defensive ring however provides no offensive capabilities like 170/180 necklaces give. (No vitality stat)
  6. Autopots without buying in DShop

    Patch 14.2 will be released shortly and comes with many changes to various exchanges in-game. You can also obtain autopots by buying them from other players with dil.
  7. 3v3 PvP event

    New event time: Sunday December 17th at 4pm GMT+1 10pm PHL time, 10am Eastern USA time.
  8. Pet multiple possessions desire

    You may have unlimited pet eggs, however you may only have 1 active pet in your inventory at a time.
  9. DKR Holiday Screenshot [Event]

    Yes entries can be changed before the event deadline, if you would like to change your entry send me a PM on forum or discord with the new imgur link.
  10. DKR Holiday Screenshot [Event]

    As long as it is a screenshot
  11. DKR Holiday Screenshot [Event]

    Preview of the Slime Pet:
  12. Segu SB "V3" All Resistance Value

    Thank you for this information, we are looking into this and if there is a bug it will be fixed on Patch 14.2 If you discover any other bugs with the SBV3 let us know
  13. December 2017 Event Calendar

    We will open a post tomorrow with the full details of the screenshot event
  14. Tech Issue

    Resolved \\Locked
  15. Current state of PvP'ing

    Keep the thread on topic please.