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  1. WTB/WTS List

  2. Buying Gear Guide for Returning players and new players

    Thank you for posting these This is very helpful for new & returning players!
  3. About the SV V3

  4. Skills

    We do not allow skills to go to level 15 on Rising. Some skills max at level 5, some max at level 10, transup max is lv 6 (Level 200) Note: Information on that website is for Dekaron Papaya, it does not reflect the stats, debuffs, buffs, pc damage rates, etc of skills on Dekaron Rising. Many of our skills have been balanced, changed, added new debuffs/buffs, removed debuffs/buffs, and more.
  5. About the SV V3

    SB V3 right now are really strong compared to V2. We do not want big gaps between items, that way players with lesser items can still compete even if their items are not perfect.
  6. About the SV V3

    Speedboots V2 already have +1000 Critical
  7. About the SV V3

    There will be a gear-balance update as soon as we are finished testing. We have been testing the new balance changes for 1-2 months now to make sure that it is perfect. Nothing is set in stone yet, but we might add this to SB V2 to lessen the gap between the boots: +5000 Max PK Shield +2% Critical Resistance +1% PK/PVP Resistance
  8. DKSQ

    You must be in a raid while someone gets a kill or destroys a guard-stone in DKSQ to receive ppoints. DKSQ is mainly for end-game rings and items (like level 200 weps). To be able to compete in DKSQ you should atleast have an Osmium set and Level 180 or 195 weapon for that DKSQ tier (Lv. 189~200). Unfortunately, when a raid becomes full players will kick the weaker players of their team so that they can replace them with stronger ones to get an advantage because they don't want to lose. This is just natural, and we can't punish them for this because it is not against the rules. If players would be able to get points without being in a party or raid, lots of abuse can happen. (Players could just simply AFK in secret parts of the map where nobody goes, AFK at the entrance, or just run around the map for no reason while getting free points while their teammates are getting kills. The best advice I can give you in this situation is to farm some better gear and then come to DKSQ to get end-game items like Squama, Lachrymae, Level 200 Weapons.
  9. Patch 13.8 Halloween, Server Upgrade, Bullion System

    Make a support ticket and we can help you with your account. Please note that Game Registration and Forum Registration are separate.
  10. Thank you for the report, I am looking into this now.
  11. Optionetc.txt fatal error

    In order to change between skill rows, the rows need to be blue like this. If your rows do not look like this, then you can just click on this lock to be able to change them. Once the rows are "un-locked," simply click on the number of the row you want to change. Like this: After you make the changes you want to make, just lock the rows and skills again.
  12. Dekaron Rising

    Ultimately, there is no item in Dekaron Rising that only Donators can achieve. All players can achieve all items. *Note: If you are going to say a server is Pay2Win, atleast provide some reasons why or some feedback for us to make the server better. Don't just leave 1 sentence saying that it is a Pay2Win server without anything to support your claim.
  13. Patch 13.7: Content, Client Upgrade, Server Upgrade

    Here is our game download links. If you need further assistance or have any questions send me a personal message.
  14. Dekaron Rising

    Dekaron Rising has no items locked behind "payment walls" that only donators can reach. Like Danny said, non-donators can get everything that a Donator can. The {VIP} nametags that you see in-game are cosmetic, {VIP}'s do not receive any special gear or items. You can also buy a {VIP} nametag from another player using dil.
  15. [Guide]: Big Trades & Bullion System

    Hello, If you are an old Dekaron player like myself, then you know that back then there were not these big trades over 1 billion dil. And if there was one, it was very rare. Today, 1 billion dil looks like nothing and +10 perfect Crystalline Weapons can cost up to 20 billion dil or more. This guide will show you how to do trades more than 1 billion in dil. _____________________________________________________ Step 1: Exchange your Dil into Gold Bullions You can do this at NPC Sinan located in Ardeca right beside NPC Stacy. When you interact with Sinan you will have two options to pick from. Bullion to Dil: This will convert a Gold Bullion that you already possess into 1 Billion Dil. Dil to Bullion: This will convert your 1 Billion Dil into 1 Gold Bullion. IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only hold a maximum of 4 Billion dil in your inventory at one time. Trying to force the system to allow you to hold more Dil will result in your dil being lost! You will not be compensated for this! Step 2: Once you have your Gold Bullions ready, you can now complete your trade with another player. Gold Bullions do not stack.