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  1. [FIX] 99% Client Crash

    okay ill give it a try man
  2. [FIX] 99% Client Crash

    ive tried everything to fix this, i was playing yesterday but this morning this issue is occurring, there seems to be some issues with this server i see. but never the less im sure youll get them fixed soon.
  3. [Back Online] DDoS/Network Issue

    @Nitex thanks
  4. Lagged out / Cant Connect

    can you review my ticket please?
  5. Lagged out / Cant Connect

    oh see i didnt know it was even down yesterday, i really hope it comes back up soon, id like to start playing again never lucky.
  6. Lagged out / Cant Connect

    i had just fixed some settings so the game would load and i was so excited, right in the feels man. any word on whats going on?
  7. Lagged out / Cant Connect

    is this for everyone? i literally just started playing again and was logging in and this happens