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  1. Patch 13.2 Released

    The green cursor is just abit to green... The old cursor used to have a small design to it, not just a triangle, all it looks like now is this ugly green triangle with no design to it at all.
  2. My thanks to Staff and Players

    The Legendary Chris got taken down #FreeChris2017
  3. Sick of AK's

    If you knew how to play Seg properly you wouldnt die while casting an attack.. You got to learn when to use what skills. It 100% does not need anything changed
  4. Sick of AK's

    I really dont think Segnales need a boost at all. If you know how to play it properly its an OP as fuck class, AKs though are fucked up and need a nerf!
  5. Crack Aza V1

    Thats all he can reply with because he knows Indep is right.. Cant even think of a comeback for himself
  6. Crack Aza V1

    Learn English then sure, come back
  7. Crack Aza V1

    Aza, you must actually be so stupid.
  8. Crack Aza V1

    AzaNezz is 100% the most delusional player ever.
  9. Independent - WTB/WTS/WTT

  10. Roasteed is not your angel or hero

    Just mad your star bagis gone
  11. Roasteed is not your angel or hero

    Now people can see who Roasteed really is and stop defending that idot
  12. Fuck you nitex promise.

    Pretty sure its Roasteed that made the account.
  13. Unban {VIP}Roasteed

    This is why I've made a deal with Nitex and Scarling to make up for the money that were being real world traded. I've accepted to pay back the full amount and got warned for it.
  14. Unban {VIP}Roasteed

    It most definitely is relevant in this case. As a staff member, you're obligated to present cases of real world trading if you've acquired knowledge of a such incident. In this case, you're bringing up a matter of RWT'ing, however, the reason why you're saying it now, is simply to get revenge over a personal relationship in Rising.