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  1. Sale segu helm/boots

    3b all
  2. Sale segu helm/boots

    3b all
  3. 200 Scythe +10

    Ahh ok nvm btw thanks for reply
  4. {VIP}SexyRexy CLOSE ATM

    Alo tera pm me..
  5. Zeretei`s Shop

    Alo full tera pm me.TY
  6. Raph's WTB/WTS/WTT

    You have aloken tera?
  7. Assassin's Recruiting

    Can i join.?but i dont have tera set right now just armour.but i have dills to buy.just give me 1 weak to complete.btw i have acces
  8. 200 Scythe +10

    You have alo full tera
  9. Sale segu helm/boots

    Segu tera helm 2L hp regen/2L mp regen Segu tera boots random
  10. is anyone having trouble connecting?