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  1. Azure Knight 2H Axe skill tree

    Gonna consider this an opportunity to show my Paint skills once again. All the skills I've highlighted are the ones you should fully max. As for the remaining skills, I personally don't use them since I don't do any PvE, so you'll have to feel for yourself.
  2. Segu SB "V3" All Resistance Value

    BUMP Seems like the issue is on CS also (friend tested 12 different AR, nothing above +130.)
  3. Current state of PvP'ing

    Huge +1 Rising really lacks PvP events, I agree completely. While I understand it's a good idea to host events that any player can participate in like Hide 'n' Seek, it shouldn't be at the cost of competitive PvP events. It's sad knowing some friends won't play this game anymore simply due to the lack of this. In addition to what Kianni said, I suggest trying to recruit staff that would exclusively aim to throw competitive events like there was in the past.
  4. Independent - WTB/WTS/WTT

  5. Independent - WTB/WTS/WTT

  6. FPS?

    I've experienced it multiple times myself where it gets stuck at 1 ms permanently and the FPS becomes completely unplayable. What does the trick for me is - 90% of the time - restarting my PC. If that doesn't help, I reinstall the game and then everything turns back to normal. You've probably already tried that, but if you haven't then it's definitely worth a shot I guess.
  7. Independent - WTB/WTS/WTT

    Updated. 4b for +0 Aloken MC if anyone can get one within 24 hours.
  8. Segu SB "V3" All Resistance Value

    Appears to be V3 only as Zila also said
  9. Segu SB "V3" All Resistance Value

    Bump - Both me & GoZila asked around and even made several AR options ourselves on the Segu V3 just to test. It really does seem like it's bugged. We've asked other segus what they had, and no-one has above +142 I also just got +142 twice in a row. Simply just asking if someone in staff could test this out on a GM character or somehow see if something went wrong when the boots were implemented or whatever. I've never seen anything like this on any other SB and I've made more than enough AR options on boots in my time I'd say
  10. Loading Poll

    51 seconds Windows 8.1
  11. New player questions

    Welcome For levelling, I recommend doing Cherubim Dungeon from Lv. 190 - 200. If you click M while in Ardeca, you'll see "Cherubim Raid" on your map in the south-western corner. You can also try Dannyboi's weekly EXP Roulette: Additionally, there's an EXP event on the 5th of November by Fayth; As for farming, Dannyboi made a guide on that too (it's updated);
  12. WTT AK = Aloken / BW

    Don't listen to this topic, he's making biggest mistake of his life sir very much dislike
  13. Independent - Balance Application

    Q. What is your IGN? A. xIndependent Q. What is your Discord name? A: Independent#4082 Q. What class do you play? A. Aloken, Azure Knight, Half Bagi, Incar Magician, Black Wizard & Segnale (currently geared, however I've played all classes aside from Bagi Warrior & Dragon Knight) Q. What timezone are you in? A. UTC +01:00 Q. For how long have you played Dekaron Rising? A. I've played Dekaron Rising since early June, 2015. Q. For how long have you played Dekaron in general? A. I've been playing Dekaron since the old 2Moons days. Q. Why do you want to be part of the Dekaron Rising Balance Team? A. I want to become part of the Rising Balance Team because I know I have the knowledge to assist with inputs on almost all classes. I'm also very active in-game PvP-wise hence I get a feeling of what classes could benefit from a change. Q. Why do you think you are suitable for this role? A. Because I'm capable of bringing inputs myself while also taking other's into consideration. I'm aware that my opinion isn't necessarily everyone else's, and I respect that. At the same time I'm not afraid to speak my mind if I disagree with something balance-wise. Q. Have you ever been part of a Balance Team on any other Dekaron server or even any other games? If so, which one(s)? A. I've previously been part of a balance team on Rising consisting of Roasteed, Bon3crush3r, Danny, Riku & more. Q. Can you give an example of you making a positive contribution to a team and what the outcome was? A. When we released the patch we worked on in the past, we made sure that the balance changes we implemented was not only based on our own opinions, but also opinions from multiple other active players in Rising at the time being. Q. Taking a look at Vicious Summoner in game. If you could change something about the class, what would it be and why? A. I've noticed people complaining about Vicious Summoner's ability to tank damage. Personally, I don't have a major issue with that, primarily because Vicious Summoners are forced to stay inside the range of their chakras. That being said, I believe the damage that comes as a result of chakras should be nerfed, this goes for almost all skills but Dark Avatar is more noticeable than others. Q. Taking a look at Dark Wizard in game. If you could change something about this class, what would it be and why? A. From personal experience of playing as - and against - wizards, I believe that the skill "Dark Wide" should receive a nerf. Dark Wide itself does major damage, and when it's empowered by Dark Soul the end-damage peaks insanely high considering how many times it hits. The entire damage per second becomes so hard to defend against. Another workaround would obviously be - as many others mentioned, - to make Wizard's damage guardable. Q. If Aloken was to recieve a new buff to a skill, what would it be and why? A. Currently I wouldn't buff Aloken in any way, since its a very solid pick for both single PvPing and mass PvPing. If I HAVE to add something, it would be to perhaps increase the damage on Dazzling Weapon since the skill itself is useless 99,9% of the time due to it's long skill animation. Q. If Dragon Knight & Segeuriper was to recieve a new debuff what would it be and why? A. There's a reason I, and everyone else, struggle against those classes. They simply shouldn't receive a new debuff in any way. Q. If Aloken was to recieve a nerf what would it be and why? A. Firstly, I would prioritize nerfing the skill Damage Decrease, because the buff makes Aloken one of the best tanks in the game (if not the best). That being said, the skill "Judgement Sting" has insanely high damage (especially the last two hits) in comparison to other damage skills. I also wouldn't mind cutting La Defense's duration by a second or two since La Defense should be used as a safety skill to regain control of a situation in a PvP and not something you can camp for a longer time. Q. If Segeuriper/Dragon Knight was to recieve a buff what would it be and why? A. As for Segeuriper, I would add a second on their self-heal. Additionally, I would make a change to the skill "dopios" because the debuff is some of the most insane shit (sry lol) I've ever seen while the skill itself barely has any cooldown and deals HUGE amounts of damage. As for Dragon Knight, it's one of the two classes I have never played myself. I was the one who initially brought attention to the speed buff cooldown issue being 10,5 seconds, however, I also believe that there should be done something to their current stun-combo (or atleast make the opponent be able to defend against it in some kind of way.)
  14. DKR Halloween Screenshot Event

  15. Patch 13.9

    Item optioning prices have been reverted to the what they were before.