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  1. -Independent-

    [CLASS GUIDE] How to Play Incar Magician Like a Pro

    Awesome guide @Ximena really damn helpful, not gonna lie I really hope you get well rewarded for this one ❤️
  2. -Independent-

    Buuchan Denebe

    buuchan legend @@
  3. -Independent-

    Verdia Uniform

    Bloom is life
  4. -Independent-


  5. -Independent-


    Turned off bloom for @Dannyboi
  6. Tested this, and all I can say to everyone who hasn't tried it yet - gameplay feels so much more smooth both in PvE & PvP with the effect turned off. Never re-enabling this effect, hell no
  7. -Independent-

    4v4 Party PvP Tournament [Event]

    Team Name - H. D. N. W. Team Members: xIndependent - Aloken (Team Captain) Delac - Dark Wizard Maestru - Dark Wizard Kianni - Azure Knight
  8. -Independent-

    [Feedback Needed] New Custom Skills

    I'm also 100% against this. Can't even begin to explain how much. First of all I don't like the idea of custom skills at all - it doesn't fit the game, it's just weird. Secondly from a balance perspective I just don't wanna see more skills added to the game. We definitely don't need more skills, we need to keep balance the already existing ones. Would be really sad to see this implemented, just my opinion.
  9. -Independent-

    Feedback Needed - Potential New Gem Glows

    Prefer the old ones tbh, nice idea though
  10. -Independent-

    dragon knight

    Or just remove their ability to stunlock the opponent for 126123141 years, feels like nothing changed since the patch So mfing frustrating being on HP while knowing you can't do anything to prevent the next combo of bullshit
  11. -Independent-

    Braiken Castle Guild Wars

    +1 Great idea - not only do I believe it would be a whole lot of fun to participate in, it would also be a really nice addition to create more competition between guilds. Currently Siege is the only 'real' guild achievement in-game, and the issue about Siege is that - in my experience - both new and experienced (!!) players are completely clueless of what to do while the battle is going primarily due to not knowing what pendants & Juto communication is used for. This idea is simple; kill or get killed. I don't see how it possibly could confuse anyone - and the less people that are confused, the more fun it'll be for everyone participating.
  12. -Independent-

    New Idea to bring players

    That's gonna kill the PK scene. You'll get a result of a split up server - one with even more afkers than now, and the other one being strictly used by farmers.
  13. -Independent-

    1 Vs 1 Overall Best Player Tournament

    Name: {VIP}Zadyz Class: Azure Knight
  14. -Independent-

    [Major Update] Rising 2018 Patch

  15. From a personal perspective, this would definitely create incentive for me to do BR/PTM. The issue for me and many other "end-game" players is that once you've got everything worth getting from P/B-coins, there isn't much of a point doing PTM/BR after that. I'd love to see this being implemented in-game, and it's definitely a step in the right direction to create more competitiveness (I hope that's a word) among players. Slightly off topic; I suggested DKSQ ranking tables a while back, and I'm still hoping so much that it would be a thing in-game at some point. Still wondering if it would be a possibility?