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  1. Awesome guide @Ximena really damn helpful, not gonna lie I really hope you get well rewarded for this one
  2. As per request, a more detailed 'no' Any class balance done until now will be completely ruined. You'll be starting from scratch, once again. Additionally, judging by the 'yes' votes, people tend to forget that an accesory like this does NOT benefit all classes the same. Some classes will receive huge power spikes from this, and others won't. Take Segu as an example. I get the point that not everyone can do accesory switching due to their 'high ms' - apparently accesory switching is now required to win, or did I miss something? I know tons of players who can still be competitive without switching Lach & Squama. It helps, but it's not necessary, I don't know who got this so damn twisted. Don't punish end game players who actually spent time practicing this and consider it part of any PvP. Don't remove one of the FEW skillful aspects there are in PvPs. It's like everyone's aiming for shortcuts to make the game as easy as possible. Lastly, you'd have to be joking if you consider something with these stats a good idea, jesus fk ↑14% Monster Damage Tolerance ↑14% PK/PvP Damage Tolerance ↑350 Block ↑350 Guard ↑12% Critical Resistance ↑12% Damage ↑12% Ranged Damage ↑12% Magic Damage ↑450 Hit ↑450 Critical ↑350 Vitality I'd be very sad seeing this implemented into the game.
  3. Hell no, please don't ever bring this to the game
  4. That could definitely be fun in the long run so we don't see the same teams over and over, +1
  5. Hello, I've been wondering if we could possibly see some more PvP events in the future? It's been a while since the official class tournament or any official PvP tournament for that matter. I respect the effort from staff hosting Last Man/Party Standings/DKSQ events, but it would be so nice to see some more 'prestigious' events - no offense - again. Personally I don't, and lots of my friends that I play/used to play Rising with, doesn't really log in much anymore because of this reason. I'm sure the majority of end game players miss the excitement of looking forward to a PvP event - it actually makes you want to login to the game to practice PvPs, especially for a class vs class tournament - just an example. Back in the day, Rising used to be packed with PvP events every single week which by far was the best time of Rising for me atleast, I'd love to see this again in the future. Not saying we need weekly events, but just a bit more often that it is currently. I hope Staff will take this into consideration, thank you.
  6. Turned off bloom for @Dannyboi
  7. Tested this, and all I can say to everyone who hasn't tried it yet - gameplay feels so much more smooth both in PvE & PvP with the effect turned off. Never re-enabling this effect, hell no
  8. Team Name - H. D. N. W. Team Members: xIndependent - Aloken (Team Captain) Delac - Dark Wizard Maestru - Dark Wizard Kianni - Azure Knight
  9. I'm also 100% against this. Can't even begin to explain how much. First of all I don't like the idea of custom skills at all - it doesn't fit the game, it's just weird. Secondly from a balance perspective I just don't wanna see more skills added to the game. We definitely don't need more skills, we need to keep balance the already existing ones. Would be really sad to see this implemented, just my opinion.