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  1. 10b bet then you got DC GG.
  2. Patch 13.8

    i have not see a pumpkin on dksq??? 4) Pumpkin Ghouls Pumpkin Ghouls have crawled out of hiding! They seem to be feeding in only a few maps right now. Locations: Ardeca (few) DK Square (many) Drops: Magenta Candy (+5% Defense) Cyan Candy (+5% Damage)
  3. Patch 13.8

    client version does not match and already did the manual patch sir??
  4. Patch 13.8

    manual patch??
  5. Patch 13.7: Content, Client Upgrade, Server Upgrade

    Noble Lionheart now drops 1x Noble Soul how bout the 181 boss is it still bug?? cant get in game always connection failed???

    same happen to me when i try to open it on bin folder and on launcher this happen
  7. manual patch dont work or is it just me
  8. UP manual patch plss ty
  9. Screenshot Event

    POGRO in RED
  10. WTT

    WTT T armlet +9 4% ice damage 1% Damage 4% poison damage 1% Light 2% curse damage 1%damage Noble need Fire armlet or dills
  11. 33% Client Crash

    can anyone help me 33.3% client crash
  12. Poor Hb

    i got HB set and 2x light wep offer sir