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    1. Name: Kianni Class: Azure Knight
    2. Kianni

      3v3 PvP event

      Since I'm the one hosting the event, I really don't see why you didn't just PM me in the first place. I can understand your thought process though, however since there is no obvious reason for you guys to leave Royal besides to participate in the event.The request you made for you to quit the party and them finding a new party member is totally fine.
    3. Kianni

      3v3 PvP event

      I'm gonna have to disqualify this team, since both D4rk4ngel and Deebyl both have been in Royal for a long time in the past. Deebyl and D4rk4ngel left Royal very recently, which makes it seem like you are trying to sneak past the rules of the tournament. You guys are welcome to create a new team with new party members, however with members that are not a part of Royal nor have been for a really long time
    4. Kianni

      3v3 PvP event

      Hello Dekaron Rising warriors, I hope you have sharpened your swords because you’re going to need to be prepared for this one! This event is gonna be a special 3v3 PvP one. Read the rules on more info on why this is more special than the other 3v3s The fights are going to take place at Karin on the Lurile channel the 29th of December at 4pm GMT +1 For every event, of course there has to be some rules, and they are as following: You are not allowed to team up with anyone from your own guild - This rule is special, this challenges people to g
    5. For this year we are adding a new rule:you can REGISTER 2 DIFFERENT CLASSES OF YOUR OWN. DIFFERENT DIFFERENT
    6. IGN: Kianni Class: Azure Knight ------------ IGN: SHES13 (lol) Class: Segita Hunter
    7. For bagi Gideon is still unchanged This is only the case for PvE, the PvP dmg has been changed correctly - good job For vs Poison sword is still 10 sec Nitex was a babe and fixed this immediately Also the new UC map you spawn in the middle of nowhere and u cant use Scrolls or Portals to get out of there. So i guess @Nitex is gonna have a whole lot of tickets coming his way lmao
    8. Azure Knight: Kianni (gotta have that self-confidence) Concerra Summoner: PoisonFlora Vicious Summoner: Murmaider Segita Hunter: ItsShaman Segu Reaper: NightBlue Bagi Warrior: Bon3crush3r Dragon Knight: {VIP}QueenInori Half Bagi: SexyRexy Aloken: xIndependent Segnale: {VIP}Chrystella Incar Magician: Bon3y Dark Wizard: {VIP}Delac
    9. @Roasteed you look great in that second picture <3
    10. I would just like to simply know whether or not I should quit. After this recent patch everything has just gone downhill. Basically what you have done is, you've moved the problem from one place to another. Not only this, there are still some people from Taiwan or PH that still have high MS. I don't know if you can see this in your little server statistics box, but I can tell you this much; it has not contributed to the server in a very positive way. If you just take a short trip to Parca/Hell temple you will see that there is not PvP/pk action going on anymore. No one is really fighting on Lu
    11. Finally, people will be knowing wtf they are doing instead of just running around like headless chicken. Huge +1 now that im thinking about it, there is probably still some dude who is gonna run around not knowing wtf to do LOL
    12. I can predict that the next couple of days are gonna be satisfying

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