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  1. New Forum Signature [Event]

  2. Signatures?

    I can make one! Tell me what to put on your siggy! ~ via pm pls
  3. Torrent download

    Bumpie ~
  4. New Year's Special Event

    rofl. Thanks bunny!
  5. New Year's Special Event

    Hey son! I missed you! See ya ingame ! .
  6. Hey ! ~ Happy Holidays. how are you? c:

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    2. Atlanti


      I can see it on your pic :P good to hear that :)

    3. Snowinkle


      see ya ingame soonest. haha the nabest Mage is back ofmg ^.^

    4. Atlanti


      hahaaha :D see you in game and Welcome Back :)

  7. Hello! 2017 is almost here and as we know it is not always about eating , shopping and oh yep go on a party stuffs.c: It is a time to reflect on the whole year, a time to appreciate what we have, and a time to help others in need. -- Hi sir, where can i level up -- Sir,can you mentor me? -- Sir, where to find this -- Ever heard these questions? Of course, you did. We all did.These are only some of the messages we get in game on a daily basis.In many cases, these people are instantly ignored or blocked by us,even if they don't belong to the category of 'beggers'.But there are those few times when these questions reach the ears of the solemn,yet tranquil and kind-hearted souls who are anxious altruists.These are the people we would like to requite for their supplementary service and these are the people more in need of.Confused enough? Good. The beauty of this event is players got to win in this with their kindness and helpfulness towards people who either needed their guides or just pretended to be stupid and not know anything about the server and game, had no even clue or was aware that this event existed. They just helped newcomers without the expectation of receiving anything in return. Anyways, hello to all my friends here c: Advance happy new year and I hope you guys doin great! -Prettybunny
  8. Sir Please

    LOL son hahah i always help son xD
  9. Sir Please

    I can help you if i able to download the game again and ii i still got my weapon xD
  10. Torrent download

    Is there torrent download for rising?cause if she/he fail downloading in browser it will back to 0 % on torrent only pause but still continue on downloading the game, if theres something happen to his/her connection just suggesting,THANKS (example:UTORRENT)
  11. New Idiot on server...

    That's OP name hack.
  12. Who's your favorite player

    These Guys @Bimmer @Atlanti / BloodyBunny @[GM]xBellaTrix @Funky Gh☯uL ツ @Gozilla@akxfolife @MeOwnYou @{VIP}Sharm -Pretty
  13. Check this one :D

  14. Ohmygod. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello Rising !!!! <3 <3 <3 how are you all! :wub:

  15. can I see your tera mage items in game?

    IGN: Trilux