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  1. My Point of view Segnale: i think most if not all people can agree that segnale is a char that wins over time slowly but surely but now the thing is they deal as much dmg as any DamageDealer Class i would suggest to nerf all dmg related skills drastically
  2. My point of view: i think DK got abit tankier than it already was. imo making tunreis lasts 12s with a 35s cd would balance it completly or making it 12s/12s but instead of 15% -> 7% thats still 15% together with preventer which now lasts 60s instead of 21 (overall the buff durations got buffed which allows dk to fight back way more than before which i like.) I also think that they deal more dmg than before timing it perfectly with Dragon Heart which gives 10% fire dmg everyone knows that 10% armlets are a huge difference that goes for that spell aswell but i truly believe in that dk tank capabilities are abit to high if u consider their dmg output potential. Overall i would like to see Tunreis 2 nerfed abit in 1 of the 2 ways i mentioned
  3. yo what are u smoking those debuffs always hit maybe dont use them when aqua is triggered or the enemy has resistance up
  4. way to much imo maybe 12-13% if anything
  5. gives way more than 5% need to fix it. havent checked all other changes yet will report more if needed needs to be fixed aswell cant learn it unless ure Senior Deity
  6. and i think balance shouldnt be on how much the class is being played or the average player skill is it should always balance around the top players its none of my buisness if people are hardstuck bronze players if they cant improve they should stick to pve. And that being said EasyPeasy might have trouble killing people here and there in his pvps but thats mostly regarding to the rng of his stuns hes capable to kill everyone in a pvp but at the same time we all have to deal with that kind of RNG
  7. I think the same CS is a Assasin and it fits his Role really good before they made those reworks with summy and cs those classes had to spend way more on str/dex to deal dmg now their skill dmg is so high that u can basically camp on full heal and still have insane dmg compared to what it was before ofc thats why the chaks were nerfed they wanted cs/vs be able to fight without camping in those. Im 100% positive that u can win every match up on what i have seen so far if rng is on ur side which we all have to pray for even in the pvps against me ofc there were a few which are highly one sided but there were also some where i was super low plus u won 1 if i remember correctly, but in the end i have resistance that makes it super rough for ur class but u still manage to make it a always a close fight
  8. that class its not suppose to be stomp class in 1v1s those buffs has its reason to be a party pvp class not a i go stomp every class in 1v1 but we can talk back and forth the entire time without coming to a agreement