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    1. i remember back in the day mixed gems were purple like on that screen, it got changed few years later to that whiteish glow
    2. u just get fucked, u didnt donate u dont get any compensation thats my concern aswell those who farmed all their shit anyway lets wait
    3. if anything i would say 1 month rollback but even that will upset so many people cause there so many that didnt donate me included and farmed all the way up and i dont think u can compensate the time people spend playing ur server.
    4. As the title says im trading hb 100% perf rondow + 2x weps = Shooter 1 wep OR 100% Perf Rondow HB with 2x weps +30b = Shooter with 2 Weps Discord: Roasted#8918 or respond here
    5. 380k coins will be transfered to ur account
    6. i have the same stutter after the update after 10 minutes ingame whenever i change the camera angle with right click it drops my frames nothing i can do against that ? redownloaded all latest drivers, pc should be able to run 50 clients at the same time without any frame drops
    7. unplayable with the server being that poorly optimized cant even play 30mins before the stutterfest starts anyway i think u guys fucked the dog on this last update i havent seen any1 that is happy about the new sets except for those 3-4 peoples on discord (those sold their shit in time to make most profit) the rest simply is disappointed. Wish yall the best. Long live Rising
    8. u wont be able to compete with tera set anymore GL&HF guys
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