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  1. Nerf UC was probably the worst idea ive ever seen, ty for that. after majority of players hit legend lets fuck up the newbies 'lets make the game more newbie friendly mission failed'
  2. [Feedback Needed] New Custom Skills

    Heya, im also completly against adding some kind of custom Skill it will make it just unbalanced imo other than that we still have alot to do with the current balance so i dont think that idea is any good in the near future
  3. dragon knight

  4. Patch 14.7: New Weapon Skin System + New Boss Arenas Pt.1

    nice skins looking dope
  5. 1 Vs 1 Overall Best Player Tournament

    AboveEveryone Wizzard
  6. [Major Update] Rising 2018 Patch

    Great update papa @Nitex i promised i make a post, rly love the br / ptm ranking much love to u and happy new year to all
  7. 3v3 PvP event

    Team Members: Dycee Shaura Yaxuan
  8. Patch 14.2: Winter Contents Patch!

  9. Crashing after ptm,br ends

    not so often after br / ptm but its annoying after almost every DKSQ
  10. Patch 14.0

    my client loaded in like 40sec before now in 24s so cant blame =o
  11. Patch 13.9

    Crystalline Gauntlet - fixed bug causing the left gauntlet to be reversed. <3 great update
  12. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    Azure Knight: Zadyz/Kianni Concerra Summoner: Riku (Poisenflora or so :s) Vicious Summoner: Murmaider Segita Hunter:FirePrincess / Shes 13 Segu Reaper: NightBlue Bagi Warrior: {VIP}Roasteed Dragon Knight: Snooki Half Bagi: KingObito Aloken: Djloa / xIndependent Segnale: {VIP}Chrystella Incar Magician: Bone / Tairi Dark Wizard: {VIP}Delac
  13. EXP Event [Complete]

    Great Exp event <3 specially when it gets announced a week before so everyone can participate love it!
  14. Screenshot Event

  15. Patch 13.4: Egutt Revamp, Crespo Abyss Warzone, Siege Revamp, TeragraceMC Helms, and more!

    Lets be honest Draviss was already there and this change wont help them at all - but what do i know i have everything already