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  1. Patch 13.9

    Crystalline Gauntlet - fixed bug causing the left gauntlet to be reversed. <3 great update
  2. Bon3y smacks weak Thori :)

    such a good video, penta at their best performance losing vs a random mage h4h4h4h4

    @{VIP}GoZiLa maybe u wanna tell ur story with ur Bagi SB which took u 70k coins & 14b just to make them Perfect (AR) I mean lets be honest even before this change it was a real pain to make items Perfect it wasnt EASY or CHEAP but now i dont even think about to make any of my items DN i wont even touch those Wizard SB above mentioned cause if i wanna just throw my dil away i give it to new players
  4. Return old castor or more Akris in parca

    I agree please bring castor back gm danny
  5. Balance Application

    Q. What is your IGN? A.Roasteed / Delac Q. What is your Discord name? A.Roasted/Delac#2087 Q. What class do you play? A.Wizard and Bagi Q. What timezone are you in? A.GMT +2 Q. For how long have you played Dekaron Rising? A.Started in Juli 2015 Q. For how long have you played Dekaron in general? A.Started when 2moons came out on and off some private server in 2008-10 then started with Rising in 2015 Q. Why do you want to be part of the Dekaron Rising Balance Team? A.Cause i enjoy the game itself all i want that is to keep that feeling Q. Why do you think you are suitable for this role? A. I showed already in the Past with the Balances we made Q. Have you ever been part of a Balance Team on any other Dekaron server or even any other games? If so, which one(s)? A. Kinda we were a small Group also here in Rising we worked on one Balance Patch Q. Can you give an example of you making a positive contribution to a team and what the outcome was? A.Idk if it was positive for this opinion i need feedback from others players, But like i said we were working on one Balance Test back in 2016 Q. Taking a look at Vicious Summoner in game. If you could change something about the class, what would it be and why? A. Right now the dmg output and the tankiness are a thing either way lower the dmg or reduce Soul Link (would make VS more vulnerable) Q. Taking a look at Dark Wizard in game. If you could change something about this class, what would it be and why? A. Currently Wizard is so Crazy strong cause of his hits which are not Guardable that would be a thing i would change Q. If (insert the class you play) was to recieve a new buff to a skill, what would it be and why? A. (Wizard) there wouldnt be a buff in first case i would make Wizard Guardable but at the same time he would recieve a DMG boost Q. If (insert the class you struggle the most against) was to recieve a new debuff what would it be and why? A. (Dragon Knight) i would Higher the Cooldown of Aide Rush (dk's speedbuff) and most likely reduce the dmg / change some skill overall since the skilllock they currently have cost u the whole shield just with 1 combo Q. If (insert the class you play) was to recieve a nerf what would it be and why? A.(Wizard) Like i said before i would nerf it by doing Wizards DMG Guardable. Q. If (insert the class you struggle the most against) was to recieve a buff what would it be and why? A.(Dragon Knight) there wouldnt be any buff since this Class lacks of nothing more than that it has everything, so absolutly no Buff needed for this Class
  6. [Guide]: Dragonic Items and End-Game Accessories

    Good guide, but please play without bloom lmao
  7. Last Man Standing Event 10/09/2017

    like i said this guy is a legend couldnt make the lms but ofc a video is there
  8. Commotion At Mellias Spot 10/08/2017

    @Ybarro not gonna lie i love u no homo everytime i miss some action u have a video from it, keep it up. love ur videos
  9. DEKARON RISING PVP with Bet 10/01/2017

  10. WTT CS = Segu

  11. WTB / WTS List

  12. WTB / WTS List

    WTT/S: Perfect 200 Gaunt +10 = 15b / 60$ / Perf 200 xBow Clean 200 Scythe +10 = Dil / $ Tera Wizard Helm +10 2x HP Recover 1x HP 1x MP = 2B WTB: 2x OSM / Tera Armlet 4% Poisen Donations 10$ = 2,5b / up to 50$ = 12,5b
  13. As we leave in this server.

    Rip DK Champ wish u the best in life, still the best DK in my opinion
  14. @w@ Interested in Rising @w@

    tbh something is wrong with u and ur desu, brb throwing up
  15. Price price priceee

    full vit gloves as long its not Segu 10-12b / 50-60$ Tera MC Helm 6-8b / 30/40$ for example i tried to sell mine for 8b for days no1 wants mc since its not a huge upgrade compared to a full hp helm which cost 3,5-4b =)