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  1. i have the same stutter after the update after 10 minutes ingame whenever i change the camera angle with right click it drops my frames nothing i can do against that ? redownloaded all latest drivers, pc should be able to run 50 clients at the same time without any frame drops
  2. unplayable with the server being that poorly optimized cant even play 30mins before the stutterfest starts anyway i think u guys fucked the dog on this last update i havent seen any1 that is happy about the new sets except for those 3-4 peoples on discord (those sold their shit in time to make most profit) the rest simply is disappointed. Wish yall the best. Long live Rising
  3. u wont be able to compete with tera set anymore GL&HF guys
  4. Mc2 : 4x Fire Armor : 4x115AR, 160AR Pants: 4xHp, 154AR Gloves: 181Vit Sbv3: 175AR 2x Weps full DMG (no bad lines) NOT Looking for (DK,Segu,DW,VS,AK) (CS / Mage only with 2 weps) Offer Here or Discord, Roasted#8918 Dont ask to show set ingame all informations are provided here
  5. Yea the first one cause in that video there is some sort of effort looked like the guy spend more than 10 minutes to edit the videos unlike the others, the others are just garbage
  6. well the problem which i see here is the normal behaviour from people that think that their own class is underpoweder / balanced but everyone that have eyes see whats wrong with the class, anyway i dont blame u everyone wants his class to be the strongest thats normal but in the end u have to face that ur class is the busted one. I Hope the (balance team) considers this cause thats *not* how it suppose to be sitting on 500 heal and critting people for 10-13k. And yes in ur perspective all ur stuns fail but in real they hit 90% of the time... anyway i hope people that are in charge of bal