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  1. Delac / Roasteed

    Top player all time. All class

    Summy: Skinny Ak: KIanni / Independent / Zeshin Seg: Hexxed CS: Katnip Bagi: Bon3 / Roasteed DW: Delac HB: SexyRexy Mage: Bon3y Hunter: Huanna / Unicorn Segu: MecuryRising Dk: CatMeow Aloken: Independent / Djloa
  2. Delac / Roasteed

    Let's work together: DCs/Crashes

    Also that doenst matter i played so many chars already here in rising and it appears with every class i played, anyway im playing bagi right now
  3. Delac / Roasteed

    Let's work together: DCs/Crashes

    Character Name: doesn't matter for my crash atleast. Map Location (of DC/Crash/Disconnect): DKSQ Map Does the client say any message before the game closes? Sometimes it does say client does not work / sometimes it doenst and it closes just the game Description (what happened? the more detail the better):Mostly just random Crashes out of nowhere while running through the DKSQ Map, sometimes while opening the Raid / Map, alot of times after u died and try to click the revive button. It also crashes when i try to enter DKSQ or Leaving the DKSQ Map Can you reproduce the issue? (can you make it happen again?: i dont think that works like that it just comes out of nowhere i dont think there is something what triggers the Crash just seems for me like this thats completly random what i actually figured out is that people crash way more often if there huge dksq matches everything below 5v5 works fine for me
  4. Delac / Roasteed

    [Complete] 2018 Class PVP Tournament

    Vallarhi , Shinko Bagi , Wizard 200 Both
  5. Delac / Roasteed

    [Class Guide] Seguriper

    bla bli blub
  6. Delac / Roasteed

    [CLASS GUIDE] Bagi Warrior GUIDE

    0815 bagi Maybe use skills like Sepereate Carnage and Dellacar aswell and u might get good
  7. Delac / Roasteed

    Patch 15.0: Contents Update

    Hallo fellow Rising players once should be said no1 is buying a box for 2,75m where u cant even choose what u get, 1m for that box is more than fair enough. according to what u get for being max rank in DKSQ even after the new rework of PP / GP it is still a mission of weeks grinding unless u host 24/7 dksq events (max ranks) to get with high chance something u dont even need, my luck (mana stone, some kind of resistance gem), i like the ideas u have tho but there should be done something PS: i love the visual remake of DKSQ also love the dshop buff duration
  8. Delac / Roasteed

    Braiken Castle Guild Wars Poll

    20v20 is more than enough otherwise it will end up like a 2nd siege where everyone tries to invite half ardeca, 20v20 otheriwse i wouldnt even concider to join
  9. Nerf UC was probably the worst idea ive ever seen, ty for that. after majority of players hit legend lets fuck up the newbies 'lets make the game more newbie friendly mission failed'
  10. Delac / Roasteed

    [Feedback Needed] New Custom Skills

    Heya, im also completly against adding some kind of custom Skill it will make it just unbalanced imo other than that we still have alot to do with the current balance so i dont think that idea is any good in the near future
  11. Delac / Roasteed

    dragon knight

  12. Delac / Roasteed

    Patch 14.7: New Weapon Skin System + New Boss Arenas Pt.1

    nice skins looking dope
  13. Delac / Roasteed

    1 Vs 1 Overall Best Player Tournament

    AboveEveryone Wizzard
  14. Delac / Roasteed

    [Major Update] Rising 2018 Patch

    Great update papa @Nitex i promised i make a post, rly love the br / ptm ranking much love to u and happy new year to all
  15. Delac / Roasteed

    3v3 PvP event

    Team Members: Dycee Shaura Yaxuan