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  1. Finally my long visit here is now over , Its time to say goodbye and thank you for everyone here who spent time with me. It was more than fun , more than just a game to me and i hope Rising company stays successful as usual. Happy New Year ~Nissan was here
  2. He looks cute , my bagi is waiting for him muhaha
  3. 800 hours to get 400b ? If you see many people are playing in the place where are u planning to farm then you must switch to other one. You can farm some egutt buffs and sell them in ardeca shops , you will make 2b daily by easy farming. You can farm argates in 181 egutt desert. You can farm dream powders by openning 3+ clients to use them for luring mobs in python castle and u could farm like 1k in 2h. Those tips for new players who wants to reach +10 full osmi set. Once you get +10 osmi set , you must lvl up to 210 because when you reach max lvl you gonn
  4. WTB 2x +9 Tera Armlets with 3% mag attack stats (doesnt matter what elemental on first 2 lines). Just PM ME the price you want, and dont ask for offer.
  5. First video deserve to win because of the hard work of creating this long video with much editing. 2nd place is the 5th video (Just because of that ending he made me cry ). But if Fawn had better idea for the video I would vote for Fawn because he succeeded creating video without the abilities to show high level game play.
  6. I agree. I would nerf the crit rate of it by 10% if easypeasy claims that the damage is fine. but in general the class is so fucked up
  7. I like to share some thoughts here about increasing the PK Fun in game : Its been while after that DKSQ REWORD people spamming dksq battles everyday for hours , in other hand PK is affected and we barley see some parca pk wars nowdays. So How About Getting Siege Back ? I don't mean once every 2 months , I mean every week siege caslte is under attack. Siege is used to make 2 sides in game which increase the pk and some chilling which leads to personal problems between players xD. This way I think people will get online everyday and not sitting afks in ardeca b
  8. Nissan

    CS Balance

    Okay bad example but still hard for segu ! I would ask how about Hunter ? Wizard ?
  9. Nissan

    CS Balance

    Well , after playing a lot of pvp in channel 2 against you EasyPeasy , my opinion is this : CS has to get some good buff for increasing the defense/resistance for few seconds to manage healing the hp of it after receiving some good damage , and in the other hand crit rate and atleast one of her stuns skills should be changed. Most of the pvp of cs against a character which don't have abnormality resistance like segu , hunter , mage.. (consider of both perfect geared players) CS got higher chance of winning the fight. But against character who has the abnormality buff , cs
  10. We meet a lot of DKs In game but tbh there are no good players nowdays as DKs , Most "Good Dks" are inactive and I think it is hard to get correct feedback about it. And in my opinion DK is almost balanced (Maybe you can change cd of some buffs if necessary)
  11. Such a decent update , don't need to prove that hb and aloken were a bit higher level than other classes since they are used to rule the pvp events. And as segu player , finally I don't have to fk my fingers up and sweat like donkey just to win a signle random fight.