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  1. T>CS Set 100% perf

    Trading Cs Set 100% perf Helm=3x max Hp 1x HP recover A,P,SB=AR with good options G=Full Vit Wep=Full Vit 300+ =VS Same Pm me here if interested
  2. B>Mage Staff FV FS

    B> Full Vit Staff FS or Full Vit not FS Pm Me Here
  3. GoZiLa's Shop

    how much is ur full vit sycthe sir?
  4. cs perf set

    T>Cs perf set/wsb/wep= Segu/Dw same pm me
  5. T>Alo Set 99% perf/CS Set 100% perf

    Trading Aloken Set H=3x Max HP 1x HP Recovery A,P,SB= AR good options G=1xDmg 3xVit Wep/GA=Full dmg 4x Light +7% dmg/1x Def 3xAR =Seg Perf/Mage Staff add if need pm me. Trading Cs Set H=1xHP recovery 3x Max HP A,P,SB=AR good options G=Full Vit Wep=Full vit 300+ =Vs/Dw Pm me here or IGN WhoreWrecker if interested
  6. cs perf set

    Trading cs 100% perf set=vs/dw pm me
  7. cs perf set

    No ty, ill only trade it for summy and dw thanks for ur offer
  8. cs perf set

    yes it is with SB evrything is perf
  9. T>Aloken Set 99%

    Trading my aloken set H=3x max HP 1x Recover Hp A,P,SB= All AR G=1xDmg 3xVit GA=1xDef 3xAR Wep=Perf Need=Segnale/Hunter/Mage Staff Pm Me ill add if needed
  10. T>Aloken Set 99%

    Trading my aloken set H=3x max HP 1x Recover Hp A,P,SB= All AR G=1xDmg 3xVit
  11. cs perf set

    Trading my cs perf set w/sb/wep all perf=DW pm me
  12. T>100% perf hunter set

    No sir im so sorry Just trading
  13. T>100% perf hunter set

    100% perf hunter Tera set w/sb/x2 perf wep = DW same pm me here
  14. T>100% perf hunter set

    No ty i saw his set and its not even perf
  15. T>100% perf hunter set

    Trading My Hunter set perf w/sb/2x wep both perf = DW/VS pm me if interested
  16. Emblem

    Buying body Emblem Blue/Green pm me here ur price
  17. T>100% perf hunter set

  18. WTT

    WTT My VS set 100% perf w/sb/wep full vit= DW/Mage staff/segu same pm me here
  19. B>DW perf set w/sb/wep

    Buying DW set perf 100% with wep and sb pm me here your offer
  20. T>VS perf set

    Trading Vs set perf w/sb/wep full vit = Aloken perf set with wep/GA perf or Dw perf set same pm me here
  21. T>VS 100% perf set

    Trading my VS set 100% perf with SB and Wep full vit = DW same pm me here if ineterested
  22. WTT > DW tera+10 set/wep = ??

    is it perf ?
  23. T>Bagi 100% perf set w/sb/wep = VS

    Im trading my Bagi perf set w/sb/wep for VS perf set wep full vit pm me here for any offers
  24. B>GA perf

    Buying GA pm me your offer need perf
  25. 100% Perfect

    can i buy just the gloves?