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  1. After 1 hour of playing the game become unusable, constant freezing and stuttering, just by moving camera fps drops to 2. Restarting game don't fix the problem, only restarting PC every hour helps. Didn't happen before update, may be related to new graphic engine.
  2. They could simply make them stackable like pots example 50 per stack would be perfect, it would save so much inventory space and unnecessary clicking million times when you try to get them out of pet inventory to stash, its so annoying.
  3. If it was possible, someone would have done it already years back, but nobody have. I think it have something to do with client limitations, the way it's made, costumes never meant to have effects in the first place so that's why it won't work probably. Now how the effects work it's hard to explain it all, but i'll try to explain basic stuff for you in case you want to try it yourself. We do it backwards to make it easier to understand hopefully. Also i suggest using some kind of csv editor. So first you need to find all these files, we gonna edit them all if needed. da
  4. Actually i did not, this is armor so you can give any effect to it, same with weapons and everything else except costumes.
  5. Made a new set, i call it Eyes Of Darkness! It even have custom effects like eyes are glowing, every red part have slight red fire effect and other stuff. I also used weapon mod i previously made but now with new effects. What you guys think?
  6. Only way i can see it happen if effect is added separate item like emblem/wings, but that defeats the whole purpose of costume as 1 item.
  7. Nice costume! First of all effects don't work with costumes. Second what comes to trans, "" is what you looking for.
  8. Interesting way to do fonts, never seen it. It looks like too much work, esrgan can do it in few sec if you want to make hd.
  9. Well, now you know . Btw what happened with armor skin exchange system, is it ever coming?
  10. I'm total noob at making effects but i got something cooked up Example: Blood armor set
  11. All default, only fps limiter i turned on, rest unchanged. I suggest not to play around settings too much it may cause conflict with reshade.