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  1. Update! Changed color tone for all textures, slight tweaks for some weapons! Added more pics:
  2. Just a idea, let me know what you think :D!! (it's not final version)
  3. I wonder same, haven't heard anything from Nitex for long time.
  4. Purple armor with actual half-transparent crystals. Any thoughts, let me know?
  5. Download full size image Golden Dragon Weapons , zoom in to see every weapon in detail! All textures are upscaled and have increased details compared to originals that were really bad in quality. With effects:
  6. Looks like there is lack of dark colored skins for lvl200 weapons, so i made one (p.s. may not be final) With dark red glow effect!
  7. indrek888

    Rising 2020

    Armor skin system is really exciting, if you guys can make it work and add custom effects for sets like weapon skins have, that would be sick!!!! P.S. - Can't wait to make armor mods xd
  8. Wasn't meant to be green, but i can make completely green one
  9. What you guys think? Icy Wings Poisonous Wings Cursed Wings
  10. Funny thing, wisegon mod is completely based of legendary drake pet I bet you guys worked hard on new map, don't want to ruin already existing ideas. Diversity is always good.
  11. Made few mods while i was bored, let me know what u think! Do you think any of these should be added in game? Fire Wisegon Alternate version. Ice Wisegon Victory Motorcycle