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  1. Getting vit on DIvine Noble

    Pray hard bro thats the only solution.
  2. Patch 14.3: Hotfix

    This update represent simpe yet elegant. Well done!!
  3. Segu SB "V3" All Resistance Value

    Only the V3 maam.
  4. Crashing after ptm,br ends

    Yes i do add dkrising.exe to firewall and windows defender exclusion , i am running on windows 10 and i run it as administrator. I am running on win 10 compatibility. basically once i run on win10 compatibility , the crashing frequency has gone way lower compare to win7, win8 and win xp compatibility. But the issue with win10 compatibility is i encountered graphic problem with some costumes and TransUp which appears all pink , however i don’t mind having this graphic issue over crashing rate.
  5. Crashing after ptm,br ends

    Same thing happened to me , normally its right after BR or PTM match finished when it supposed to load back to ardeca. On DKSQ its random , it could happen halfway , when u ressurrect from dying , and upon quitting dksq when its finished. DKSQ is much more often though.
  6. Segu SB "V3" All Resistance Value

    Well, If it is really random then we can only blame our luck though i’ve never encountered this low AR on any other classes SB that i made. Sad bro sad
  7. Segu SB "V3" All Resistance Value

    Yeah the price doesn't concern me bro. My concern is on the All Resistance Value
  8. The first time i get Segu SB V3 , i made it AR it was 131 AR , after a couple of days i decided to remake it to get higher AR , so i did get 7 times All resistance before i decided to stop at 140 AR which i am currently in. Those 7 tries was : 110 , 112 , 114 , 120 , 130 , 132 and finally 140 On the course of making it i spent around 90k coins and 4B dills ( it hurts!! ) I asked several players who has AR Segu SB V3 that i know of , the highest value being 142 AR which is weird because other classes value is much higher. My question is , Is low AR on Segu SB V3 is intended? is it bug? or am i just being unlucky af??
  9. Patch 14.1: Save Parca!

    So i have tried the mobs in Parca Temple , overall the update is superb , but u might wanna decrease the exp down a lil bit , if i am not mistaken the mobs in parca gives the same amount of exp as in 190 dungeon , unless u are considering dungeon revamp , now 190 dungeon will be totally dead xcept for the people who are farming plume.
  10. [Funny] When Rising Staff finds a hacker...

    *chanting prayer* for the dead , may he rest in pieces.
  11. Is DW op?

    Once u see many people using certain char , means that class is considered strong.
  12. Loading Poll

    Windows 10 64-bit, SSD, 16gb RAM, Intel Core i7 6700 at 2.6GHz 1 minute 43 seconds
  13. Patch 13.9

    Crystalline Gauntlet - fixed bug causing the left gauntlet to be reversed. Finally my left hand isn't twisted anymore , Hurray!!!!!
  14. Patch 13.8

    This is probably not a big concern , Bagi Crystalline Gauntlet is still both right handed. Might wanna look into that. Thx
  15. Patch 13.7: Content, Client Upgrade, Server Upgrade

    Was kinda hoping Boxing Glove fixed T_T