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  1. GoZila Buy / Sell / Trade

  2. GoZila Buy / Sell / Trade

    I keep only 2 sets for my main Bagi and Segu bro , that segu set i am selling is an xtra. Don’t know if there’s any new set anytime soon though.
  3. GoZila Buy / Sell / Trade

    i'll pass bro cozi need other stuff right now
  4. GoZila Buy / Sell / Trade

  5. GoZila Buy / Sell / Trade

    bumpy buimpy
  6. Yna's WTS List

    Hello id buy ur Seg MC +10 = 6B so please PM me ingame when u are online ^^ thx you so much

    70B for all thx u very much ser!!!
  8. Any tips for making AR?

    Normally , i would only use protector if the 1st 3 options is good and i wanna keep em , alchemist will 2x and occasionally Ossuary of alchemist will . But i think there is no certain way of getting AR stats coz its really random , best you can do and what i always do is pray XD , all depends on luck.
  9. GoZila Buy / Sell / Trade

    Bump , Last Set For Sale , U won't find this kind of deal till next Year , Grab it FAST!!!
  10. GoZila Buy / Sell / Trade

    Last set for sale , Grab it fast!!!
  11. Segu SB "V3" All Resistance Value

    Only the V3 maam.
  12. Returning FrozenTank LF Eng Guild

    Welcome back , though u played before my era in Rising , always nice to have returning player. PS: i do sell Bagi perfect high end gear if u ever needed
  13. Siege Participation Rewards

    1st u need to win the siege to gain access to the dungeon
  14. GoZila Buy / Sell / Trade

    Updated , Price reduced a bit.. 2 More Days till sales Over , Come and get it!!!!
  15. GoZila Buy / Sell / Trade

    Come On Guys. U won't regret it.