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    1. RIP Hunter..you will be miss in this server
    2. Azure Knight: i don't know yet Concerra Summoner: {VIP}LineS (if he's still playing) Vicious Summoner: {VIP}MaseratiShunTw Segita Hunter: ZHuntress (i hope you're still in the guild bru) Segu Reaper: MercuryRising Bagi Warrior: Bon3Crush3r or XXXCHRIS(my idol bagi XD) Dragon Knight: i don't know yet Half Bagi: i don't know yet Aloken: {VIP}Sharpee (if he participate) Segnale: i don't know yet (it will be a tie again lol) Incar Magician: Ximena or buuchan(idk the spelling and if he is still playing) Dark Wizard: i don't know
    3. khen naa ko question..


      diba nag manual patch ta daun pag extract nako naay bag.ong folder nigawas na manual patch folder, pwede kato ra na folder ang ako e copy sa usb salpak nako sa laing computer mogana nato noh? dli na nako copyhon ang dekaron folder..reply ty

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      2. F E R O C I O U S
      3. XXXCHRIS01


        ate tagai ko bagi items weap lang 180

      4. jerbsbo


        kat papasang bin folder mo kapag natapos na ung download mong update

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