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    1. resu pls segnale needs resu , 2 resurections .. be generous. skill bar op but needs resus fast
    2. can we move braiken guild wars to may? hehe im not prepared.. this is history in the making.. number 1 .. long live rising.
    3. team name: k.o.s. 1.XXXCHRIS01GWAPINGS 2.HELIONSCYTHE / Kalbu 3.XXDEADSPEARXX 4.xxzenxx / xxxkaizenbaixxx
    4. On 1/1/2018 at 5:24 AM, Nitex said: Comprehensive Skill Balance Part 2. The biggest skill balance patch ever made in Dekaron Rising! This balance patch was made to fit the new Gear Balance, which was really necessary not only for end game PVP but also for new players to be able to compete in the game without having all the best items, which was our goal all along. If you haven't read the Gear Balance notes yet I suggest you do that before reading this! Besides this balance patch being made to fit the new Gear Balance we a
    5. HOW TO MAKE FULL VIT GLOVES. carefully
    6. we need mini events as well once a day or twice a day ^^
    7. Basic guide how to forge +7 items... im not complete so i cant win ^^
    8. , anybody want wings permament lvl 3 just pm and offer me and we will farm the wings permament. like dshop is only 1 year ...
    9. cool ill ask to my donators nice gm great work
    10. awesome.. nice to see gm is innovating the game. lvl 195 weapon please..
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