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  1. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Taiwan 2/4 2/5 maybe we can
  2. WTT 195 dual axes=maces

    pm me
  3. Cannot connect to other channel except DDos

    Carlot same the problem
  4. Miss The Old days

    Perhaps because DKSQ is always delayed, no one wants to join i think For example: I MS every day 700up more rollback and switch weap so slow If can improve this, I believe many people will join PS:ASIA
  5. [Forum Event] Holiday Screenshot

  6. Do not need any language, only need to kill, this is the war
  7. They will only hide behind the screen out of the mouth, especially the BR34STM1LK
  8. You do not understand it because you're weak
  9. hahahaha Draco dont fish now
  10. WTS/B

    WTS 180+10 2h normal axe full 7% ice=5B WTB 3x 170+9 curse damage ring pm me offer
  11. 12.2 Taiwan got more delay always bug skill rollback MS600~1000 when im switching weap need 1.5sec its so bad It's worse now
  12. LV.170 ring where to get?

    ty all mods? you know ice poison curse what mods drop?