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  1. WTS mage gear /w 2 fv weps

    dunno what went wrong, del double post ty
  2. WTS mage gear /w 2 fv weps

    WTS mages gear with 200 fv lightning 7% gems staff and 195 fv ice 7% gems staff, gloves fv, helm all hp, pants all resi, sb all resi, armor not ar pm ur offer here
  3. How to use NPC

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onnyGrcZ3vY&feature=youtu.be Hope u enjoy <3
  4. [Winners] Screenshot Event

    OMG yayyyyy Gz to all other winners also <3
  5. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    Azure Knight: Kianni Concerra Summoner: PoisonFlora Vicious Summoner: Murmaider Segita Hunter: SHES13 Segu Reaper: NightBlue Bagi Warrior: Roasteed Dragon Knight: Snooki Half Bagi: SexyRexy Aloken: xIndependent Segnale: me <3 (egotripping) Incar Magician: tairi Dark Wizard: Delac<3
  6. Screenshot Event

  7. Good mornjng

    omg those last entries lost me XD....wth u talking about? XD
  8. Good mornjng

    No No, its too early....go back to sleep!
  9. .When I See Low Lvl Player

    lul...i have no words XD
  10. New Forum Signature [Event]

    U should totally wait for xIndependents artwork!!! Using his sig myself, Master of Paint XD
  11. May take a Break/temporary/Forever

    Cass, u make me so sad...<3
  12. down?

    just kindly asking... if server down?
  13. WTS list by Chrystella

    Offers offers :)
  14. WTS list by Chrystella

    WTS Segnale tera set +10 with SB, red sigwep+10 7%gems 2 +9 armlets 4% curse Mage tera set +10 with SB, 4vit staff with 7% lightning gems 2 +9 armlets (cant say stats cus server is down) also 2 +9 tera belts (cant say options cus server down) summoner ligth tb +10 , 3 vit Offers here or when server is up then in game {VIP}Chrystella