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    I would like to know about dropping system of Cheru if it's 100% or not or Bug Because today we did ran like 5 times in a row and we got only 2pcs Plume Will appreciate your anwers And btw Cheru's gate won't open sometimes.
  2. Patch 13.7: Content, Client Upgrade, Server Upgrade

    why still connecting failed :/
  3. Rising became Strange

    That could be mean drugs...
  4. Under Crespo map(for Shadowkris)

    you can just call out some help there's couple OP's in ardeca, yes this is sad but hey this is a part of the game everbody experience this shit
  5. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    Azure Knight: Kianni Concerra Summoner: never seen one Vicious Summoner: SkinnyAmazingLuv, he rekt carlot earlier in 2 rounds so I realized carlot is good only if full dshop buffs Segita Hunter: Rooster but probably would go ItsShaman the guy is a legend Segu Reaper: Cocaine Bagi Warrior: Bon3Crusher or Roasteed both is equal Dragon Knight: Eunji (maybe) Half Bagi: never seen one Aloken: inde said the best aloken he knew Is Sharpee Segnale: Kimian hope he will comeback Incar Magician: I still consider Ximena the best mage here and hoping a comeback, probably Bon3y, he's my idol as of now Dark Wizard: so far its AzaNezz, the guy is an asshole but pretty entertaining guy
  6. WTF NEW HACKER !!!!!

    you are dumb if you were Pked in map crespo

    Can you nerf the boxing gloves already, I mean I lost my motivation to farm since the last update
  8. [Patch 13.3] Balance Pt.1

    i think bagi is okay sir. idk why so many bitching about bagi's when you can just wait til Resistance buff run out
  9. WTS / WTB

    i got osm armor,helm,pants for mage 500m per parts and 180 wand+10 900m
  10. WTB VS SB+10 = DILLS

    Just leave your price....
  11. Class PvP Rankings

    just nerf the acceleration of Ak's like the Ak's in Global
  12. 22

    AKStandsForKickAss file:///C:/Users/Admin/Documents/DEKAA.png
  13. Suggestions

    I agree with the removing of Osm+7 drops
  14. Seou's Patch Preview

    Yo. add some new dungeons/maps that are farmable, tbh im sick and tired just doing vending and afk, I love this game and I don't wanna quit like my friend did last month
  15. CLOSE

    do you still have 3% fire? I have 3% poison dn