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  1. TA13OO

    WTB/S List

    WTB > 2 Tera Armlets +10 Without the new dragon eye gems, I already have 2. Must be 5% Random elements, 0-1% fire WTS > +10 Tera Bagi Helmet, 4X HP Recovery = 3.5b or offer +10 Tera Bagi Pants Random = 2.5b or offer
  2. TA13OO


    Inviting all plebs. PM Me ingame - CripplezTV - RipplezTV - RapplezTV
  3. I recorded everything the title says. I would love to do this more often :D, Lets make this a usual thing!
  4. TA13OO

    7v7 PT PvPs

    7v7s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gngNLguAJeA&t=1s
  5. Pretty late to say thanks buy no problem xD, Had fun hosting it
  6. Everyone who showed up to attend the DF Event hosted by [GM[Inevera
  7. TA13OO

    DF Event

    3 of the winners and a seg wanted to take a screenshot with us :D
  8. Its a simple suggestion. I think there should be a farmable item to choose the glow your weapon has. It would probably pair well with the weapon skin system as well. Maybe create some custom glows and make certain bosses drop weapon glow stones. I'm not sure if this would have an effect on PVP as I think some players look at certain glows on weapons to determine which necklaces to use.
  9. This has been getting a lot of attention lately, Considering moving my aloken into the guild. If you want to join the guild, please send me a message using the mailbox ingame, RipplezTV