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  1. TA13OO


    Inviting all plebs. PM Me ingame - CripplezTV - RipplezTV - RapplezTV
  2. TA13OO

    PK, 7v7s and 5v5s

    I recorded everything the title says. I would love to do this more often :D, Lets make this a usual thing!
  3. TA13OO

    7v7 PT PvPs

    7v7s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gngNLguAJeA&t=1s
  4. TA13OO

    Weekly PvP Event Video & More!

    Pretty late to say thanks buy no problem xD, Had fun hosting it
  5. TA13OO

    dekaron 2018 10 09 20h 58m 29s 0351

    Everyone who showed up to attend the DF Event hosted by [GM[Inevera
  6. TA13OO

    DF Event

    3 of the winners and a seg wanted to take a screenshot with us :D
  7. Weekly PVP Event - Dekaron Part 1 Tutorial Playlist - There's an English and Tagalog version! More tutorials and guides will be coming soon with events being posted regularly now! Enjoy!!!
  8. Hello guys! I've recorded the entire class tournament and spent 4 days preparing the videos for you all Enjoy!!!
  9. TA13OO

    dekaron 2018 08 26 10h 52m 50s 0598

    2nd day of class tournament
  10. TA13OO

    dekaron 2018 08 23 00h 54m 40s 0608

    Dead front event held by GM Adori
  11. TA13OO

    SIR connection failed!

    The server is up now. They had to shut the server down for a few minutes to fix the monsters. If you are unable to connect, Try using the manual patch. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VpwWdYRZK-3C_VVRCe0en4HPN2rar3VG/view
  12. I decided to record the entire Weekly PVP Event. I missed a few because some people ran away and I wasn't able to either find or make it to the Party Match portal. I managed to get pretty much all the interesting ones though I'd like to know if people are interested in seeing me do this weekly. If so, let me know and I will put a lot more work into it next time!
  13. TA13OO

    Rising Weekly PvP Event

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