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  1. *** [FIX] [GUIDE] Slow Loading Windows 10 ***

    change compatibility to win xp service pak 3
  2. [FIX] Slow Loading Issue

    yeap, i turn off my windows update and the suggestion above (GM NITEX)
  3. [FIX] Slow Loading Issue

    i have problem with windows 8 before i cant do some administrator setting, cant stop some sevices in sevices.msc and registry.
  4. [FIX] Slow Loading Issue

    try to turn it off. off firewall add dekaron to exclusion something
  5. [FIX] Slow Loading Issue

    anti virus?
  6. [FIX] Slow Loading Issue

    hahahaha just upgrade to windows 10, what anti virus u are using?
  7. [FIX] Slow Loading Issue

    what OS you are using now
  8. [FIX] Slow Loading Issue

    sorry dude but some windows update can be remove.
  9. [FIX] Slow Loading Issue

    try to uninstall hehehe you can remove that update or just disable essentials, and try.
  10. [FIX] Slow Loading Issue

    try to look for windows update history, and what is the latest installed update
  11. [FIX] Slow Loading Issue

    can we know what update is thatm if not that important we can remove that update or turn off the update just my suggestion
  12. LFG

    looking for GUILD active po ako xBewitch , xWitch
  13. patch

    done with the patch already created a character but when i Connect to the game, it goes back to login and tell to re-connect in 3minutes
  14. patch

    and i got this please help me with this