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    1. Can you mention the prices of the items individually?
    2. Nah, I don't think so. Same thing happened to me
    3. I wanted to know if the HP/MP recovery rate mentioned in the options of certain items like helmets were based on recovery rate per second or per minute. For example: If there is an option of "300 HP recovery" mentioned in a helmet, is the recovery rate, '300 HP recovery per minute' or '300 HP recovery per second'?
    4. Which mob drops illusion fragments and in which map?
    5. Why do some classes (AK, DK, Bagi, Alo, etc.) not have all Vit in their weapons as their main go to stat?/ Why are their perf wep not vit focused?
    6. I'm new here and this seems like a pretty good guide for me. Sounds really fun and easy. Will follow through it . P.S : Hopefully one day ill be able to say "Started from the bottom now i'm here" xD. Thank you Sparky
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