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  1. Hello Rising, I have a few ideas I think will help new players. I have only posted a few times before in my own topic, a long, long time ago.(I think around patch 10.9). I have played this server for a long time, and recently I have returned here to play again and see what has changed. I have also brought a few new players with me. As the topic states, I will post some things I feel would help Dekaron Rising be a little more "new player" friendly. 1. The most complained thing I hear about from new players is how to get decent gears. Getting good gears here on Rising is tough, as it has always been. When new players initially start this server they get to 180, get all the 170 +9 gears from Eggutt Desert, they see the drops in Mitera, and they think "Oh wow the second best set drops here +7! Dang this must be a fun server!". They see how copper and silver argates are very cheap in shops and think "Oh wow, maybe I will be able to make a set here." Then they get to asking around, and figure out the truth. Gold Argates only drop really well off of ONE boss in the game that only spawns ONCE every couple of hours and only on ONE server(that I know of.). They also find out about Parca Temple and the Shadowkris, and how they hardly ever drop gold argates.(This is why the other argates are so cheap.) This is a MASSIVE WALL for new players, as gold argates DO drop in other maps its really not significant. As I have said in the past, nobody wants to farm all day long for a few argates, to fail them all and get nothing. My suggestion would be to put gold argates somewhere else (90 Dungeon, 115 Abyss @ 90 Dungeon(the one with the different bosses), or maybe even Tower.), as well as keeping them as a drop from this boss that way new players can get a significant amount of them, not just one or two after an hour of farming. Also, put shadowkris back in Arcadia with higher % on gold argate drop. It would also benefit new players if you could make it a bit easier to obtain the Blacksmith Talisman's from Colloseum(8% I think). Not a lot of new players run Colloseum, that I know of, maybe put this as a reward at Lowe for DKSQ, but make it maybe like 200k points, so it still takes some time to achieve. 2. The second is how time consuming it is to farm items needed to make a little bit of DiL. New characters, have a hell of a time trying to farm things to sell, especially when they don't start out with any DiL. Initially they will probably try to farm Dragon Bones. Dragon Bones sell pretty well, and are worth farming if you have the time, they drop "OK" at a few places on this server: Draviss Field, one of the Eggutt bosses(drops 3 I think) 160 and 181 Eggutt from what I have seen. While this is a hell of a lot better than it used to be I would maybe suggest giving a few more options for attaining Dragon Bones. Maybe change the drops of the bosses in Mitera from 180 Gears to a decent Dragon Bone drop or even add them as a drop in Deadfront. That would make players actually want to kill these bosses for the drops. The next thing new players farm for DiL is Dream Powders. I think the Dream Powder exchange that was added recently was a VERY good idea. I feel the way it is now is pretty solid, I know your team said something about changing the cost of the rewards to double what they are now. I think doubling the amount of Dream Powders needed would be fine if they are added to a few boss drops or maybe even Deadfront, just like the Dragon Bones. Farming Dream Powders is a pretty dull gaming experience, considering the room where the most Dream Powders drop, is still bugged not letting anybody inside, only allowing a few select players(who are already in the room, or have a summoner friend in the room) to farm them in LARGE amounts. Another suggestion I would like to add here would be to make Naruke tradeable. The way it is right now, with the Noble Soul being an item that everybody wants, this will definitely benefit new players, as they can obtain Naruke at a decent rate. This would also help them obtain the rings needed later on (Tower, etc) easier than having to farm 900+ Naruke, which takes quite a while. Maybe you could add them as a drop in Deadfront as well, or maybe Tower. Numbers 1+2 are the reasons people want more DiL to drop in this server. DiL is the only for sure way to get +10 gears and items(especially if you cannot donate). If you fix the way these things are, you won't need to increase DiL drop, as the new players will actually have items to sell for DiL. 3. Third, experience, is the last and final thing I hear new players complain about. Once a player has reached 180 the experience slows down dramatically. I recently helped my friend get to 195 the other day, and boy did it feel like a 2moons grind. While I myself, don't mind a little bit of a grind, some people here feel like it is a little bit excessive. At level 188 is where the experience really slows down, at this level you have 3 different choices, run deadfront all day long, grind in 181 Eggutt, or grind in Arcadia. Deadfront and Arcadia are the best bet here, as 181 Eggutt is really bad experience at this level. Arcadia, gives more experience but will still take you forever to get 190. My suggestion here would be to add the shadowkris back to Arcadia(with better gold drop) so its not so dead, and increase the experience from the monsters in these maps. Not so much that you will get to 190 in 30 minutes, but grinding all day for a level and a half isn't fun at all. Once you reach 190+ the BEST way to get 200 is to run the 190 Dungeon for experience. This includes, killing the monsters inside the dungeon and then failing the same round over and over again for the experience. I would also like to say, the first time I ever ran the 190 dungeon I honestly thought this is what it was for, I had no idea that's where you get GOOD rings/earrings/necklaces and other items of the such, as nobody I have ever been in a Raid Party with is ever trying to actually run the dungeon to get the items. Not to mention there is literally no information on how to run the dungeon (pretty much trial and error or a mess if you're with a bunch of new players who really have no idea). The only way to run this Dungeon in its entirety is with overpowered players, from what I have heard. This, to me, is not a good thing. I was sorely mistaken thinking that a few full +10 players could finish this dungeon. I would love being able to actually finish this dungeon in a raid party and not have to have a player who has the best of everything, to actually finish it. This is the BEST place to get experience at 190+. A few other things I would like to add, I think it would be a good idea to give the new players a Guide of sorts, maybe in the game(help feature) or maybe even a player who has a {GUIDE} tag next to their name, that new players (and returning old players) can chat with to help them get a good idea of how this server works. I myself came back to this server and had to figure a few things out, as some things have been moved, changed or added. I have also run across countless players who are very new and have no idea what to do, or where to go to get items, or even how to level. Having a couple dedicated players with a tag that identifies them as a Guide for newer players(or old), I feel, would definitely benefit new players here on Rising. That's all I have for now, maybe some of these things will be considered, maybe not. I honestly tried to give a good opinion of how it is for new players here on Rising, and I hope I am heard! Thanks for your time! ~Aerious