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  1. Stinson


    Can you jail voudou too? When i enter dksq/br,ptm and sometimes random places he pks me he always aims for me first. I think its harassment. Its been happening for a year now. @{VIP}Voudou
  2. Stinson

    Hi Champs :D

    Yea like 1-20 win once brag the shit out
  3. Stinson

    Hi Champs :D

    This nigga is the worst dk. Ive seen this dude lost to all geared dks. Never saw u win againts virginity4sale,hammered,eunji. Idk why u bragging. U the worst full geard dk on this server man
  4. Stinson

    Remove D Shop Buffs

    atleast remove all candies if dshop buffs were to stay
  5. Stinson

    Anyone have a Nice VS Summy TB pvp guide?

    awesome editing skills quadro
  6. Now maybe we could have Tattoo costume for Wiz?
  7. Stinson

    Download Discord Apps Fast !

    Godly used it first, long before enigma came back
  8. Stinson

    OP pics of my chr!

    Inori is the fashion queen of the server. really likes how he combines the wings and costumes it really sink well together PS: And thats a fashion statement
  9. Stinson

    [Guide] How to fix Latency

    ive tried it. but it only last a few mins, then goes back to my original ms again. this happens to you?
  10. Stinson


    cant stay 5 mins ingame
  11. Stinson

    Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    Azure Knight:{VIP}Skylander Concerra Summoner:{VIP}Lines Vicious Summoner:SnowBoy Segita Hunter:??? Segu Reaper: iHmoobMN651STPaul Bagi Warrior:Bon3Crush3r Dragon Knight:Eunji Half Bagi:{VIP}BoomBox Aloken:{VIP}Sharpee Segnale:{VIP}Voudou Incar Magician:Ximena Dark Wizard:iHeatBreaker
  12. Stinson

    Sick of AK's

    Bars! Damn..
  13. Stinson

    Sick of AK's

    hazardous is OP in all class he plays, hes god of Segu aswell. so i think hes Just a very skilled player. idk about kianni, so theres 2 of them that does it well with AK id count Asmo in there but still. idk if a class deserves a nerf just because of these players.
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