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  1. Godly used it first, long before enigma came back
  2. Azure Knight:{VIP}Skylander Concerra Summoner:{VIP}Lines Vicious Summoner:SnowBoy Segita Hunter:??? Segu Reaper: iHmoobMN651STPaul Bagi Warrior:Bon3Crush3r Dragon Knight:Eunji Half Bagi:{VIP}BoomBox Aloken:{VIP}Sharpee Segnale:{VIP}Voudou Incar Magician:Ximena Dark Wizard:iHeatBreaker
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    happy new year. u got 2hrs left, 10hrs has past
  4. Stinson

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    bro ur bow trade to my alo sb
  5. i need mm plsΒ 

  6. i think u should announce this to ardeca time to time, cause ive talk to most people ingame and they dont even know that there's an event like this. people need to prepare and gather people for an event like this
  7. we need mm <3