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  1. I guess I'm back again?

    Hi and welcome back! I, too, have the same Dekaron addiction. No matter how far and long I stay away from it, I always find myself coming back Now, to get started answering your questions... Player activity really depends on the time of day, and what time of year it is. Summer and winter seems to be our peak in activity, as players are no longer busy with school/on break during these times. Our player base can range from 200-700+ at all times of the day, it really just depends on when you're most active! For me, our player base peaks around 11pm-3am - but I am an American, so my timezone is a bit in contrast with the majority of our players We have quite a bit of active guilds. To name some quite notable ones, you can commonly find guilds like Royal, kpop, Pentagram, and S N O W online throughout any time of the day! At the time of this post, Pentagram currently holds the siege castle. However, I personally think that Royal is the stronger guild. And to assure that I'm not picking favorites: You will not find me in any of these guilds, I am the leader of my own guild I have quite-the-many friends in both Pentagram and Royal. New classes will not be available until Dekaron Korea releases them and we translate their files. In the future, yes! Although, there is no specific timeframe in which we will have them. Patience is a virtue, my friend. The other class you missed, also, was the male Segita Hunter. Crespo, Draco, Python Castle maps are no longer the hot-zones for random PvP encounters. This is due to dungeons not being all too worth doing, so not many players will be around to fight one another in those specific maps anymore. Instead, you can find the sporadic battles in maps such as Egutt Desert (for new and ungeared players), Parca Temple (for the old heads that still check if players are there since a recent update, such as myself ), and Crespo Abyss (Under Crespo). Crespo Abyss seems to be the hottest zone for random encounters because there are six Shadowkris located there, which drop five million dils and argates ranging from copper to gold. It seems to be quite the money maker And due to this, you can find many players of all different ranges. Perfectly geared players that are completely maxed out in every shape or form, semi-geared players still trying to farm the Shadowkris in hopes of further enhancing their items, or gearless players trying to make a quick buck! If you have any further questions, do please ask away! I'll do my best in answering them for you, and if I can't - I will mention someone who might be able to, or ask them myself for a guided response. Thank you for taking the time to read this - and, once again, welcome back to Dekaron! More importantly, welcome to Rising
  2. [EXP] Event

    Finally got this sweet deal: Thank you very much sir GM Fayth
  3. New Player!

    Welcome to Rising! We're glad you're here Dragon Knight is most definitely a good pick!
  4. [GM] Accounts and Siege

    Stuck*/Stickied* hehehehe
  5. [Guide]: Sealing Binded Items (Simple)

    If you need any help, shoot me a PM
  6. [Guide]: Sealing Binded Items (Simple)

    I'm loving these guides, keep them coming! This one is especially nice, I've had to direct multiple players to Sealer Bosea and sealing powders in the D-Shop on multiple different occasions. It seems like it's not the most widely known aspect of the game
  7. Screenshot Event

    I am not judging the entries based on their lighting, effects, or whatever else. I'm judging these screenshots based on their aesthetics and creativity So far, an unedited entry is in the lead.
  8. Hey there ladies and gentlemen So, there's a recurring event in Deadlands. I'm not exactly how long the time frame is between the event, but it feels to be about 2-3 hours or so. The event, however, lasts I think an hour. Unfortunately, this event isn't so event-like. All it does is remove the weaker mobs to replace them with their stronger forms. No big deal, right? I disagree. These stronger versions of the mobs in the Deadlands actually do not drop anything. No 145 weapons, no mithril, no argates, no dils, no nothing. You can kill them all you like, but you'll only receive minuscule experience points. If you'd actually like to keep this event - I recommend at least adding drops to the stronger forms of the monsters there so players can continue farming their gold argates. Now, this isn't the biggest ordeal in Rising, but it is kind of annoying when you want to farm gold argates and are forced to go to Space of Pilgrimage Especially considering the drop rates there feel like they're significantly lower than at Deadlands. Thanks for reading!

    Actually, most people know that. Most people also know of the server's time change.
  10. Screenshot Event

    Ready your cameras everyone, because you will certainly need them! Hello and welcome to the screenshot event! This event is rather self-explanatory, we just want you to take some very cool screenshots in game and post them here. However, be sure to make your pictures as cool as possible, because you will be competing with a lot of players; and you will not have unlimited entries. This event is a bit nifty because we get to see the community in action, and pictures will be here to stay! It's always nice to see what the community's characters look, them battling with their friends, and so on. The screenshots you take can be of literally anything. It could be your Aloken simply standing at Ardeca, it could be you in a massive PK war at Parca. Just anything you think is cool and will get you that #1 prize! A great thing about a simple screenshot event is that anybody has equal chances of winning, this does not rely on gear. A level 1, completely new player to Rising, has a chance at winning this event if their screenshot is so aesthetically pleasing. So come on down and submit your entries! How many screenshots am I allowed to enter? Everyone is limited to two entries per-person. However, if you'd like to replace one of your previous entries - just edit the comment that has your submissions and mention @Sweet Mami to get her updated on your screenshot change. How long will this event last? The screenshot event has already started since you're reading this! It will continue to go on for another two weeks before we decide a winner. August 22nd at 12:00PM GMT +8 is when this event will end. Unfortunately for me, that's a bit late for my time zone! Event Prizes: 1st place: 20,000 D-Shop 2nd place: 8,900 D-shop 3rd place: 100M dils
  11. Sick of AK's

    Bagi is extremely fun! Their meisters got nerfed, but their older skills like carnage, mad blood, and so on got buffed so that they rely a bit more on their KBs instead of just spamming 170/180s. I currently am maining Bagi and the only complaint I have is that they still might be a little too strong
  12. Screenshotted - will inform on Discord. Thanks! EDIT: Yep, the quote is completely accurate for anyone else reading this! The visual bug only occurs in the upgrade screen and nowhere else. Once it's fortified, the helmet will be displayed correctly. Here's a screenshot provided by Ynaa: Happy MC farming!
  13. Someone reported on the Discord that MC helmets still revert to Tera upon fortification. I haven't tested it myself though, so it could just be speculation
  14. Picking up the game again?

    Like the last time you played, Bagi, AK, and Aloken are all very strong 1 on 1 classes. Vicious Summoners are more designed to be in larger scale fights due to their AOE abilities However, Concerra Summoners (female summoners) are also very strong 1 on 1 classes because of their cc abilities. They're able to keep you silenced for quite a long time all while dishing out a lot of fast paced damage. Another strong 1 on 1 class would be the Half Bagi (female Bagi) because they can potentially deal the most damage out of any class with their reflect buff. They also have great cc and the resistance buff like Bagis have. Furthermore, when Half Bagis use their vital drain - they still do 100% of the reflect damage, making is a nasty combination if you time it right. Segureaper (male Segnales) are another very strong 1 on 1 class because of their very high damage. They also have numerous debuffs and one sleep to assist them in their combat. They also have two healing abilities and one shielding ability, making them tough to kill when they get low. They're good at switching between an offensive and defensive role when they're fighting. This class is also great for large scale PvP due to their wide variety of AOE abilities. Black Wizards (male Incar Magicians) are also very powerful because of how fast they can dish out damage. On top of this, they're able to silence the opponent and I believe they have two abilities that make your enemy lose their target. They can also silence the enemy using an ability that dashes towards their opponent - making for a nasty combo with their bio skill (the dark tornado that surrounds them). Personally, I hate fighting them because of how quickly they can deal out damage; all while dashing away from you and maintaining distance. Segnales can also be quite the threat in a 1 on 1 battle because of how much healing and debuffing they can do. While in HP, they're very hard to kill since they have many healing skills. They might be the strongest defensive-style class there is due to this. When they get low, they can easily just sleep their opponent multiple times all while healing during the process. They hold a great number of debuffs that will last longer than most class's debuff skills, movement impairing abilities, and have the potential to stack damage on their opponent very fast if they land the right combos. Incar Magicians can also be extremely strong if you know how to play them right. They have the most slowing abilities of any class, by a good margin too. They've got skills that can stun their opponent, silence them, and drain their mana. Utilizing the Incar's cc abilities is a key component to their gameplay, as they rely on keeping distance. A nifty feature Rising offers for these Magicians is that while in their shield of siege ability (the notorious triangle shield), they can still cast abilities. However, they do take a bit of damage in this. Notwithstanding, the damage is reduced quite significantly. I'm not sure the exact percentage of reduced damage, but it looks to be around 80%. On top of this, they can also deal 100% of their damage to opponents while in stasis orb (the quite ugly yellow box that ensnares your enemy), which is quite strong Unfortunately at the time of this post, Segita Hunter is probably the weakest class in Rising. That doesn't mean they can't be strong though! They've just kind of been left out of recent balance patches, which makes them a bit weaker than the rest of the classes statistically. Regardless, if you are good with the class - they can be quite powerful! I've had a number of Segita deal tons of damage to me in short time with some rapid paced combos. They also have amazing kiting abilities because of all their dash backs and skills that will make the opponent lose their target. And we can't forget the very strong Dragon Knight (female Azure Knights). They can dish out tons of extremely fast paced damage, and have a nasty stun-lock combo. I've had experiences where Dragon Knights will take half to all of my shield with just one combo - depending on how many crits they get off during their combo, and how many guards or blocks I get. They also have a lot of "pulse damage", which is similar to Bagi's blue fire skill (I forget the name ). I think they have two of these abilities, which can stack a lot of damage if they're both active during their stuns. All in all, any class has the capability of being a very strong 1 on 1 class. It all just depends on how well you play the character you selected Hope this helped!
  15. Buy staff/wand 195+10

    I have a +10 lightning staff, blue sigmetal, of which I'd be happy to tell you! It's noble though, 2x increased magic damage and 1x vitality. If you are interested, I'd be willing to sell it for 5b