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  1. [Major Update] Rising 2018 Patch

    Thank you so much for this AWEEEESOME update Happy New Year!
  2. DKR Holiday Screenshot [Event]

    Happy Holidays Rising Community! All the best to all of us and our families. IGN : {VIP}SexyRexy
  3. [Promotions] GM's

    Thank you so much..
  4. Patch 14.0

    Rock N Roll <3
  5. Patch 14.0

    Server up now?
  6. DKR Halloween Screenshot Event

    Happy Halloween Rising Community! #LONGLIVE IGN : {VIP}SexyRexy CLASS : Half-Bagi GUILD : Royal
  7. Patch 13.9

    Love it!
  8. Patch 13.8

    Current SB V3 Options are : 10k Max PK shield, 4% Crit Resistance, 2% PK/PVP Damage Tolerance.... After this patch, there should be +1000 Critical Added. GREAT UPDATE for the Upcoming HALLOWEEN : Buwaahahaha
  9. I Just Noticed! OMG

    Yeah. I was what???? I just keep bumpin it almost everyday but wasn't that aware of its 20k+ views hehe.
  10. I Just Noticed! OMG

    More than 20k views and counting. LOL
  11. 3 vs 3 Party PvP CHAMPIONS

    Congratulations <3 Thanks for this awesome event [GM]Blaze
  12. Screenshot Event

  13. new wep

    RIP claw and falchion wahaha #LongLiveRising

    You need to farm 900k Purchase points from either Undercrespo or DKSQ and go to Lowe (Merchant) and exchange it for Squama. Or You can buy from a seller using dils or donations. (Price varies)
  15. PvP bet with my dear lord Azanezz

    I'll buy pop corn to eat while watching you guys fight. XD