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  1. {VIP}SexyRexy WTS List

    Humpy Bumpy! <3
  2. {VIP}SexyRexy WTS List

    What weapon? @padronia
  3. {VIP}SexyRexy WTS List

    Bump It Up! <3
  4. {VIP}SexyRexy WTS List

    Bumpy Dumpy Humpy!
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  6. {VIP}SexyRexy WTS List

    Updated Bump!
  7. {VIP}SexyRexy WTS List

    Updated : Added stuff to the List.. Check it out Bump it!
  8. {VIP}SexyRexy WTS List

    Bump It! <3
  9. {VIP}SexyRexy WTS List

  10. {VIP}SexyRexy WTS List

    Updated Bump it up!..
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  12. {VIP}SexyRexy WTS List

    Bump it! List Updated.
  13. {VIP}SexyRexy WTS List

    Updated the list. Bump It!
  14. Mage Tera Set 90% Perf = Dils / Dshop

    Can I trade my +10 Mage Tera Gloves 3x Vit to yours.. I'll add 10k worth of D-shop item or 2b Dils.
  15. {VIP}SexyRexy WTS List

    Okay. I got only 1pc left for 5B dils