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  1. {VIP}SexyRexy WTT/B/S List

    Bumpy Dumpy!! <3
  2. {VIP}SexyRexy WTT/B/S List

    Bumpy Dumpy!
  3. Fun's Wish List (WTB/WTS)

    What about +10 Crystalline Perfect Katar for you HB?
  4. {VIP}SexyRexy WTT/B/S List

    Updated Bumpy!
  5. {VIP}SexyRexy WTT/B/S List

    Edited. Bumpy Humpy!
  6. {VIP}SexyRexy WTT/B/S List

    Updated bumpy!
  7. {VIP}SexyRexy WTT/B/S List

    Bump! <3
  8. perfect bagi

    10% armlet + 4b thats it..
  9. Last Man Standing Event 10/09/2017

    Thanks They are so OP that's why my Rexy wasn't able to endure the pain xD
  10. Last Man Standing Event 10/09/2017

    Can't wait to see how you gonna hit others with your op damage xD
  11. {VIP}SexyRexy WTT/B/S List

  12. Last Man Standing Event 10/09/2017

    Indeed. Haha. I've tried my best to endure the pain yet they were kinda op xD. QQ. I was like uh oh. Panic button alert. What to do what to do They need to get rid of the HB first that's why haha... Thanks man. Thanks sir. Danny did a great job setting up the battle arena Haha you should've come bro. Tried hard to raise Royal flag but can't do that much :D. Thanks!
  13. Last Man Standing Event 10/09/2017

    Please try it again . I did some edition and placed all the background sounds from my previous videos so it should be okay now.. Enjoy!
  14. Last Man Standing Event 10/09/2017

    This video clip shows the event happened earlier hosted by [GM]Dannyboi. With all my efforts, I've tried to put the parts together because I really had a hard time recording it Dying from the hands of our players makes me come back and forth stop and play xD. Hope you guys like it. Enjoy!