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  1. regestration account

    The registration server is currently down. It will be fixed asap
  2. hey someone telling me that im scammer QuQ

  3. hi sir can MM us at karin now ?

    1. slasherx21


      I am sorry I was in university :/

  4. Atlanti OPR Application

    +1, Good luck bro
  5. Suggestion for posible next patch DF revamp

    Yes ofc they shouldn't be too op, just a bit better. It's not a problem if we set them at max lvl because if there is a need to implement something new, we could just lower the lvl of these accesories and make the new ones lvl 200:)
  6. Hello guys, Idk about u, but I would be really excited to see people doing df again,pt-ing up and fighting each other in the end So here is my suggestion what it could look like: Lets say the normal Mobs give a bit less exp then in arcadia (since there are tons of Mobs in Df), ppl would Need to make 6 ppl pts though cos exp bug, which is aight cos they go in only for the exp. Bosses should give (first 50, last 100) gp/pp to the team who kills it (only the killing pt, rest wouldnt get anything!). These Teams ofc would get 7 members to get the boss. Now at the end, after the pvp in the boxes there should be items dropped that can be gathered (something like naruke),lets say 3 from every box. You Need 1k from those in order to Exchange it for a new ring/neck which has the req to be worn that u are elite sentinel and 2m Points (or 5?). Also make lvl 200 def necks which u cant upgrade and are better than 170 +9. They should be able to purchased for pp aswell. Like that ppl would have 2 reasons to get lvl 200, they also need gp and pp for the new accesory and ofc the collectible items. Also after first boss, the treasure boxes should drop the collectible items, so also the weaker Players get a Chance to collect them. Also make the mobs much more powerful and stronger, so only 1 pt wont be able to solo it Would love to see too many pt-s at df, that way not every would get IN after application time That way there would be 3 main Goals of ppl doing the df: exp, owning the boss for pp/gp, and winning in the end with the most Points for the collectible items.
  7. [Trailer] Transup 3 Preview

    Good job!:)