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    1. please help..

      Screenshot 2021-01-19 19.18.48.png

    2. seems he is new generation especially his weapon, not fair to other old style weapons.
    3. okay scenario; i get 30$ membership...yes i will get free same worth 30$ which is coins. 1 at the end of the month i must maintain to pay 30$ membership? to get another free coins? or not? 2.what if i pay more than 30$ for a renew membership a next month . still i get same amount or percent advantage as member for free coins? or not? 3.what if ill pay below 30$ for a renew my membership do i get same amount or percent advantage worth free coins? or not? 4. If in case my VIP tag still remain if i cannot renew? 5. what if i well register as a member of gold category but
    4. okay..so to renew after 30 days in any amount you can still avail your 30$ worth? then what if i renews after 30 days an amount below 30$, still i can get my 30$ coins?
    5. im newbie here how to download..pls help
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