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  1. oh how i fucking LOVE YALL will SUCK DICK for MYSTIC UNICORN
  2. fucking FUCK yes! FINALLY! so fucking excited for this
  3. whats the percent chance for each emblem in the premium emblems randombox??
  4. Looks annoying with 5/11 chars.. can u imagine that shit with Risings Ardeca? The whole ground would be blue.
  5. honestly its nice and all that you guys put effort into this but it's really unnecessary and only fucking noobs use "omg gm abuse power" as an excuse for losing a fucking pvp against a staffs personal char personally id rather not let everyone on the server have a peephole into my characters wardrobe just because trolls will be trolls... next they will say staff personal chars have extra stats
  6. ms before: 280+ sometimes spikes 400+ ms after: 150~200 never higher now
  7. midas77


    who told you rising was dead ? let me guess, the 12 players online in Prime? LOL
  8. how much u offering per set? I have perf DW set and perf VS set
  9. Teragrace has been in game for too long and it seems like everyone has it now.. I think it's time to add a new set