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    Lucky Bump
  5. Leveling

    you two just lazy asf
  6. xDeva Shop

    WTT set+wep=offer
  7. xDeva Shop

  8. [Patch 12.9] Costumes, Siege, & Bugs

    @Nitex nxt time pls tell that you lower the manual patch size tnx and nice update
  9. Some oldskool stuff

    something just not right hmmp..
  10. Hunter SKILL BUILD

    i advice you to watch youtube just dont forget to kite and your hunter is good PS:skills is more important than gears
  11. Narukes

    should not change? but you added items so the drop of narukes lowerd if im not mistaken and we mean we need to farm narukes for buffs and all we can see is gears and few narukes in every lure and its hard to pick since there are lots of gears down PS:dont suggest me about pet
  12. Some oldskool stuff

    tnx i hate too much white
  13. Purchase Points?

    1st of all you cant make separate geared/ungeared because lets face it geared ppl tend to do dksqr than farming and geared ppl is the only hope for newbie to gain more/fast ppoints since its 2x dksqr now its easy to farm squama for 3% pk gems its not rly important me myself tend to use crit gems than pk gems because less crit=less dmg not minor dmg=more crit about market price wait like 1-2 weeks or a month the price will go down since the castor dungeon is down and dils wont increase asf. about your suggestion on ice castle try under crespo i think ppoints there are same with low rank and last rank given
  14. socketing sucks

    hahaha soon bro i can see +10 cost 100m bwuahahaha with the fortify/other ups cost like 1m+ dils will go down in just a weeks or months hahaha PS:remove dropping of dils pls
  15. socketing sucks

    close but i mean i cant fs my shits ser i saw someone selling terra=5b near 4b xD