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  1. Better Be Late Than Never! Happy Holidays Warriors! * ^ _ ^ * IGN: LaFlamme LEVEL: 200 CLASS: Half-Bagi
  2. Assuris


    Read my pm sir. Thanks
  3. WTB : +9 Tera Belt (Perfect) = 15b Dils LEAVE REPLY here or PM me in game. Thank you! IGN: FuryShock
  4. Azure Knight: Kianni Concerra Summoner: PoisonFlora Vicious Summoner: SkinnyLuv Segita Hunter: ItsShaman Segu Reaper: FunkyGhoul Bagi Warrior: Roasteed Dragon Knight: QueenInori Half Bagi: Natsuke Aloken: DjLoa Segnale: xPindarus Incar Magician: Bon3y Dark Wizard: Delac
  5. Assuris


    Sir I pmed you my offer for Armlet
  6. Assuris


    For your armlet sir, is it the fixed price?