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  1. CLASS 1v1 PVP Tournament PREDICTION as per: Azure Knight: EYEDENTITY Concerra Summoner: POISONFLORA Vicious Summoner: CARLOT Segita Hunter: ITSSHAMAN Segu Reaper: YOOJAESUK Bagi Warrior: BON3CRUSH3R Dragon Knight: QUEENINORI Half Bagi: SEXYREXY Aloken: DJLOA Segnale: VOUDOU Incar Magician: BON3Y Dark Wizard: SEXYREXYV0
  2. iRaid


    PM ME idol.. Look @ my armlets.
  3. Up! To those who messaged me, kindly pm me again, I accidentally deleted em that's why I wasn't able to make a reply..
  4. TRADING my: +9 Tera Armlets 10% Poison = +9 Tera Armlets 10% Curse PM ME HERE
  5. At Parca I saw the legendary HB returned. Might as well try SexyRexy
  6. Pitiful Rexy! Too Lag, stop watching porn LOL!
  7. iRaid


    Do you still have the L2 set for VS by any chance?