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    1. ZeuSy


      This b*tches crucified.
    2. ZeuSy


      Aight xD
    3. I played dk for a few days before I change class again. I think it's balance. Like the other comment said. It's all about the players skill and risk build. Str build is quite risky but very effective as dk. Probably many think it's op cuz it has also 2x speed buffs but it's dk's nature to defend its self due to limited buff time. DK = strength and speed
    4. ZeuSy


      This is ViesSummy where are you?
    5. ZeuSy


      WTB +10 DK Mc2 WTS +10 DK TERA Helmet (2x HP max 2x HP recovery) Pm me price IGN: ViesSummy Discord: MeCutie #1475
    6. I can assist you pm me RoyaleScepter IGN
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