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  1. Gm nitex is a pay nitex he like $ or some real money. he not pair to all player real money. nitex i give you this ./. if you interested me and you i will fight boxing. nitex always becarefull your family ok.
  2. I give you this ./. you wait dekaron rising is down i chat jerbo ay facebook. i help jerbo to dekaron risng is broken ./. gm nitex payment gm your face is sound is $ or real money ./. nitex real talk you wait.
  3. You wait how to broke dekaron rising
  4. Oo bobo ako sa english nutex pero mag hintay ka sa pab ka band mo ky roasteed and you not pair to all player dekaron rising always down. i give you this nitex ./.
  5. Fuck you all sir gm roasteed is a good person why he band gm nitex i give you this ./. you wait at jerbo for he broken dekaron risng gm nitex you payment gm fuck you so much see soon gm nitex you wait dekaron rising is broken
  6. Sir GM Nitex why you closed my ticket?
  7. 1st SCAMMER ALERT -> {VIP}RichKiddos 195 L.sig hammer +10 max gems 4x +7% fire tera helm +10 DN hp recovery- max hp- hp recovery- max hp with gems 4x +164 guard tera armor +10 DN AR with gems 4x +105 all resistances tera pants +10 DN AR with gems 4x +123 defense tera gloves +10 DN full vitality speed boots +10 DN AR tera armlet +9 DN +3% fire DN slot +2% damage with gems +1534 max PK Shiled tera armlet +9 DN +3% fire DN slot +1% ice damage with gems +1534 max PK Shiled tera belt +9 DN +1 movement speed +1% movement speed +2% ranged damage tolerance +3% damage reduction with gems 2x +3%Pk/PVP tolerance I had my set on march 29 2016, {VIP}RichKiddos steal my set on march 30 at 10 am GMT8 from my character {VIP}Maria28 we located in Karin spot. 2nd {VIP}Voudou he make bad image for me. Tak tsk tsk. Wow so nice. tsk tsk tsk i love this game but other player always envy to my all characters. tsk tsk tsk plss dont make a bad image for me. Sir GM nitex if u have consern to all your player plss can you check in your DATA BASE for u know and other player he know what im doing all day i play dekaron rising.
  8. GM pls pm me! but now i go log out. i need to rest. im so sad today tsk tsk tsk
  9. wow nice. happy valentines sir nitex and to all guys
  10. yeah hide & seek for pair to all player newbie or not newbie join the event