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  1. Trading goodSegu = good CS

    Would you just sell the set?
  2. WTB Perfect Mage Tera Set

  3. WTB Perfect Mage Tera Set

    As title states, looking to buy a Perfect Mage Tera set. PM me your $Price$.
  4. WTB Mage Perfect Tera +10 set/parts

    As title states, I'm looking to buy Mage Perfect Tera +10 set/pieces w/ speedboots (not Tera boots). PM me here, I will pay $$$. Or PM me in-game: CherryBomb
  5. Hi there! I'm pretty new to the server, but I am not new to Dekaron, and I am DEFINITELY not new to the Mage! I've played Dekaron since 2007, and I've actually stuck Mage ever since then. I've dabbled a bit with the Hunter and the Seg, and I actually like both of them, but there is just something about the Mage that just makes so much sense to me, and I have always loved her! Now, I'm not some bigshot like some people are, and there's no content of me showing off my skills in PvP like there are for some Mage players (like Ximena or Oceania), HOWEVER, I like to believe that I am more than capable to play the Mage at the max potential. My in-game name is CherryBomb, and I've been pretty well-known on other servers, but I really wouldn't be surprised if not many people know me here. Anyway, the point of me making this post is because I noticed two things since playing here (I've only been playing here for like 2 days): 1. There aren't really any mage guides on the forums, and 2. there are a LOT of people playing Mage that I don't think understand how to play the mage at full potential. SO... I've made mage guides before on previous servers where I was staff, and although I didn't save it, I would be more than happy to make a fresh, updated one. My question is, would anyone be interested in seeing something like that? I only ask because it would take quite a bit of time (at least a few hours), and I don't wanna waste the time if no one is really interested in it. So I've added a poll; let me know if you would like to see a Mage in-depth class guide!
  6. Issues...

    Well it's good to see that there's at least some good support available on the forums!
  7. Issues...

    Well.. First off, hello. I've had an account on Rising for... Well since forever, although I never really got into the server, for one reason or another. I've been a Dekaron server hopper for years now, playing almost every single major Private server ever, many of which most people may not even know existed in the first place. That being said, I haven't really found a "home" Dekaron server in awhile. I decided to try out Rising, because why not. Now I know this is a first impression, but I just cannot allow myself to stay silent. There are some real issues that I feel must be discussed here. As a seasoned Dekaron player (I've been playing since release), but genuine newbie to the server, never have I felt so unwelcomed in a Dekaron server. I followed the leveling guide that is posted to the forums here, and I must say it is a good guide in theory. However... I hit Egutt up as soon as I hit level 60. It was pretty rough, but I managed to solo it. I continued on solo and then whenever I got to the 120 map, I was constantly stalked by a particular player (I don't remember the name. The class was Hunter), that would just follow me and flag on me as soon as I used an AoE and make me flag back, then kill me. It was impossible for me to level up anymore. I asked for help in Ardeca, but NO ONE OF THE 3-- PLAYERS WOULD HELP ME. After waiting a bit, I decided to go back to the map and thankfully the stalker was gone, but it wouldn't last long. Whenever I got to the 160 map, I was able to level up to 177 until this would happen all over again. I figured oh well, I had my full set and weapon so I was good to go anyway. At this point I decided to try and do a DK Square, because someone told me that you got the new Meister skills from doing DK Square (this is the most help I have gotten out of someone on this server so far). Anyway, I decided to go to DK Square, thinking I would be surrounded by people that are around the level that I am on. I was absolutely wrong; I was against decked out characters, and I was told to relog by someone that was on my team. After experiencing that epic fail, I decided to follow the leveling guide and go to Crespo Abyss. Only to find out that it is 100% IMPOSSIBLE for me to survive there on my own. Feeling defeated, I asked people in town to help me. Is it any surprise that again, no one would even respond? Then I tried to go to Mitera; maybe if I could get better armor I could survive better in Crespo. Well same sad song; I couldn't survive in Mitera alone either. I went back to town and basically pleaded for help, only to get the response "Stop being stupid..." from someone. What does that even mean???? Someone PMed me and told me to "hit up the Deadfront in 45 minutes" so I used my time to go farm Mithrils and got my wings (honestly doing that is the most fun I have had in this server so far...). Anyway, for the DF, I got a party, only to be kicked, then partied by someone else, and get kicked again, and then ANOTHER person partied me. I felt lucky that I actually was able to get in in the first place, however the Deadfront was anything but successful. The first beginning waves were okay, I got a few levels. But as soon as we got to the middle, I got little to no experience, all the way up until the final room. There were simply too many decked out characters that were in the same DF as beginners. I got extremely frustrated, because I truly feel like this is set up for new players to fail. What exactly is it that a new player is supposed to do in order to get an advantage if they 1. cannot do anything by themselves and 2. have to constantly compete with decked out players? Needless to say, my first impression of this server is extremely negative. I usually log off of a Dekaron server feeling pretty nice; especially after the first day of playing. But after a day of playing on this server, I am logging out feeling like shit; and that's not what I look for in a Dekaron server. I have never had a first impression of a Dekaron server that feels so unfair, and that consists of an opinion that the community is one of the worst out there. Dekaron communities, at least in my experience, have always been relatively friendly compared to communities in most MMO's. But the community here is cold, selfish, and brutal. I'm not begging for help, I'm just wondering why everyone refuses/makes snarky comments to beginning players. I know First Impressions aren't everything, and I have every intention on giving the server some time for me to get used to, and also trying to recover from this awful, bitter taste this first day of playing has left in my mouth. But I am disappointed so far, Rising. Hoping it gets better...