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  1. Really

    i saw people buying them from facebook. i am a member of black market that's why i am aware of this.
  2. Really

    @Nitex are we forgetting something here?

    taylored with those egutt free items? OMG you are so op

    i made your bagi run with my bagi. =) why did you switch channel? let's play.
  5. Really

    so you are saying that hacking has been running for years and they can't do anything about it? hhmmm... okay i guess it's legal now coz they can't ban the culprit. i rest my case.

    how come you cant still play bagi?

    please help me with these chars. all my life i was a mage and now i switched to these 3. can you help me with their skills and how it works? what's good for pvp and pve? i'm a solo player coz when ppl saw you w/o a costume and wings they will just ignore you even if your set is worth a thousand bucks. an SS of your skillbar is pretty much appreciated. long live rising. PS: nitex pay me a good amount of dcoins and i will kill personally these cheaters. =D jk
  8. Really

    so you think this is a name hack? his forum account,facebook and rising? and a name hacker can perform public chats now and can even reply tou you? wow! just wow! not worth donating/playing anymore. i think these are GMs too trying to tear down the server coz they are making a new server. clearly rising is about to die now. no wonder most donators left.
  9. Really

    same guy or no?
  10. one of the cancers to this server

    explain these.

    really? @Nitex @MrFisty i have more if you need an SS.
  12. one of the cancers to this server

    okay. how about now? I just confirmed it was him. and that DK dragon and bagi Run is his also. @MrFisty
  13. one of the cancers to this server

    thank you. i will catch more then post it here.
  14. @Nitex @MrFisty @Roasteed is this even allowed?
  15. DK Square

    Geared players = Arrogant. Let's see how those forum keyboard warriors attack this reply. Cheerio!