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  1. WTB

    WTB 20$ = 2x TERA +9 ARMLET PM ME HERE
  2. WTT/WTS

  3. S> DSHOP Coins

    357m for OA will? PM ME IGN: EarthSplitter
  4. WTT/WTS

  5. WTT/WTS

    PM ser
  6. WTT/WTS

  7. WTT/WTS

  8. WTT/WTS

    200 scythe is 10b right? you can add 10b more?
  9. WTT/WTS

    WTT/WTS -> DK Tera SET w/ 195 Weap & SB v2 +10 = ALOKEN|$$|Dils PM ME HERE
  10. [Patch 13.6] Crystalline Weapons, New Costumes, and more!

    HAHAHAHA who wants to go DG?
  11. 1. Hoping that Illusion Fragment's drop rate increases ???? 2. Does Shadow Akris in Parca and Arcadia still present? 3. Does Siege Emblems also a 360 days? 4. For Example: We're the Castle Holder and we already have Siege Emblems and Kona Robin, then the next Siege other Guild Won. Siege Emblems and Kona Robin remain? (Are they also tradeble?) 5. Can you also please put the Siege Time in HOME ???? The rest is pretty COOL, keep it up Rising
  12. [CLASS GUIDE] How to Play DragonKnight

    @Riku can you screenshot your 3 line skill bar please
  13. Buying

  14. Buying

    BUYING - VS TERA Set w/ SB (Prefer Clean or Random) - Twin Blade (LightSIG,Blue or Red) FV PM ME HERE or IGN : HumbleDrifter
  15. WTT/S