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  1. HumbleDrifter

    Connecton Failed

    Maintenance or problem on my internet?
  2. HumbleDrifter

    Patch 14.1: Save Parca!

    Those 8 Akris have seized rivalry with hundreds of people lol better to back the Akris in UC in C1 and C2 a total of 12 akris thanks
  3. HumbleDrifter

    Patch 14.1: Save Parca!

    Misunderstanding Arcadia rather Sorry
  4. HumbleDrifter

    Patch 14.1: Save Parca!

    How about the Akris in Mitera? Did you also back them?
  5. HumbleDrifter

    Remove the EXP Roulette event?

  6. HumbleDrifter

    [Funny] When Rising Staff finds a hacker...

    Hunt More hacker and Ban them so that many people will back on RISING
  7. HumbleDrifter


    +1 <3
  8. HumbleDrifter

    S> DSHOP Coins

    357m for OA will? PM ME IGN: EarthSplitter
  9. HumbleDrifter

    [Patch 13.6] Crystalline Weapons, New Costumes, and more!

    HAHAHAHA who wants to go DG?
  10. HumbleDrifter

    Patch 13.4: Egutt Revamp, Crespo Abyss Warzone, Siege Revamp, TeragraceMC Helms, and more!

    1. Hoping that Illusion Fragment's drop rate increases ???? 2. Does Shadow Akris in Parca and Arcadia still present? 3. Does Siege Emblems also a 360 days? 4. For Example: We're the Castle Holder and we already have Siege Emblems and Kona Robin, then the next Siege other Guild Won. Siege Emblems and Kona Robin remain? (Are they also tradeble?) 5. Can you also please put the Siege Time in HOME ???? The rest is pretty COOL, keep it up Rising
  11. HumbleDrifter

    [CLASS GUIDE] How to Play DragonKnight

    @Riku can you screenshot your 3 line skill bar please
  12. HumbleDrifter

    Successful rate +8-+9+10

    @Nitex can you INCREASE the Successful rate on (+7 - +8) (+8 - +9) (+9 - +10) So hard to make weapon coz yesterday I have 3x +9 195 Falchion with used of OB and no one got +10
  13. HumbleDrifter


    @DevilDildo Are you really going to school for the knowledge or for FOOLISHNESS? duhhh! Online Harassment directs multiple repeating obscenities and derogatory comments at specific individuals focusing, for example, on the targets' race, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation. This often occurs in chat rooms, through newsgroups, and by sending hate e-mail to interested parties. This may also include stealing photos of the victim and their families, doctoring these photos in offensive ways, and then posting them on social media with the aim of causing emotional distress Electronic harassment is the unproven belief of the use of electromagnetic waves to harass a victim. Psychologists have identified evidence of auditory hallucinations, delusional disorders, or other mental disorders in online communities supporting those who claim to be targeted. as far as I know and I learned from the school I attended HARASSMENT is "Your Threatening someone, Your giving a Limitation for a person." and Please to all have a Power please don't use your POWER for revenge, GOD threat us EQUAL, in this GAME you have POWER or NOT we're all EQUAL(I mean we're all player, we all experience the suffering to reach what we all have NOW) Did I explained it well? Damn, School First before Doing STUPIDITY!!!
  14. HumbleDrifter

    Server Down!!!

    @Nitex Server Down?
  15. HumbleDrifter

    Hi Champs :D

    Op Op Op OP
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